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  1. I heard last night that they may already be oversold as in excess of fire code for the bowling green game.
  2. UB85

    Who's going to Cleveland?

    So let’s correct the title of this thread! Who IS NOT going? Absent a written excuse from your doctor your UB fandom will be revoked!
  3. It was indeed 6200+
  4. UB85

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Louisville got pounded at Cuse by 20+
  5. Avery did not play against the Chips last night. I believe he injured his ankle perhaps knee in the previous game. Walker shot horrendously last night going 2-16 from field while scoring 14 Whittington had 18. Both Akron and the Chips D’ed Walker up very well. No reason we shouldn’t.
  6. UB85

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    The Hoosiers are off the bubble per ESPN after their loss last night.
  7. Jayvon has to work on his consistency. Some of his inconsistency may be due to him deferring to the upperclassmen. But with his athletic ability he can and needs to be a force every game on defense and with his rebounding. His shooting is definitely vastly improved from last year. I've never seen it before, but he had an east/west rotation to his shot rather than the north/south rotation every tremendous shooter has. That has disappeared and he now has the right rotation/spin on the ball. That's how you get the so called shooters touch. Now he has to advance his shot from an effective catch and shoot man to being able to take his shot off the dribble. With a lot of hard work, which he brings, there is no reason he cannot develop that. If he does watch the frea# out.
  8. Hurley back up to 10%, Nate still at 6% and the Buckeye head man at 4%. Gotta get more folks voting!!
  9. “Where is the cheerleaders?” WTF!! Idiots. Ridiculous idiots!
  10. That’s some history I would seriously like to see repeated Friday night.
  11. It is a new day. Vote again today! I just did.
  12. He’s had some great games. But he’s been more or less absent in some games. With his athletic ability he should never be a non factor especially now that he’s basically a college junior. There’s an excellent video on Twitter with the post game presser where Nate said Jayvon had his two best practices of the year Sunday and Monday. I think it was posted by ub Athletics check it out.
  13. Here’s the obvious Mr. Graves was scorching hot tonight. That is superb. Great for his confidence. He and the team needs that. Good sign going forward. Harris still struggling though. Still has time to figure it out. He shot poorly OOC last year before flipping a switch. He’s still looking for that switch. I remain hopeful he finds it. Onto Kent State who is coming off a loss tonight against the chips. Let’s blow them away like we did in 2015 when the game got moved from Saturday to Friday night like this year. Go Bulls!
  14. From your lips to Nate’s ears. Please whisper into his ears that he is staying at UB. 🙂
  15. Cannot wait for the game either. Good to have the boys back home!