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  1. Getting a top 4 seed would be superb for everyone involved this year! We need to recruit more shooters. And earning a top 4 seed and causing some damage in the MAC tourney would go a long way in helping the coaches' recruiting efforts.
  2. He still has to work on strengthening his hands. He gets his hands in a lot of balls both in rebounds and in the lane but gets it knocked of his hands too easily. But all in all he has boat loads of potential greatness.
  3. He gave a defensive and rebounding clinic tonight as he does most nights. He held Teague to four points. Another huge double double. And without him turning the tide around in the first half one could easily argue this would have been a loss tonight rather than a huge W. While that is all true, at least imo, what I’d like to highlight is his defense on screens. It is truly outstanding and likely the best I’ve ever seen from a UB player. Unlike his teammates who are often times in no man’s land when their man sets a screen, Josh jumps on top of the screen and stymies the play’s design by stopping the dribbler in his tracks thusly the opponents offense altogether. Secondly if his teammate doesn’t recover Josh is athletic and tall enough to defend and give the opponent fits. When his teammate does recover Josh despite being out beyond the top of the key on occasion is still able to recover and get back to guard his man down low. To see this in action is a thing of beauty. His screen defense is among the best in the country! Look for it in the games ahead. One non Josh related item. I thought I caught Jordan looking at the floor just prior to his release on a foul shot. It could explain why he’s such a poor free throw shooter. I was always taught to lock into to your target before shooting.
  4. Fair points. But you don’t address the elephant in the room. We do not have any natural shooters. Johnson got some nice wide open 3s that you must knock down. But way too many forced and rushed shots. Terrible decisions by both Graves and Johnson driving into lane forcing shots into defenders and taking rushed shots. Both have to be able to see teammates for kick outs when they drive rather than come hell or high water getting to hoop and taking shot regardless of how many defenders are on them. I’m about getting better. And these are recurring themes. If you have a lousy defensive team then some of that works. But when you play better teams it is a problem.
  5. I hope we have a lot more rounding into form to go. The offense while a tad better in second half was still bleak. Defense and Mballa’s rebounding, offensive efficiency and outstanding defense was the difference maker. None of our “shooters” shot better than 33%. They all take way too many bad shots and forced shots many times early in the shot clock. A lot of work to do there. Despite all that huge win especially with Kent losing. We jump to 3 seed. Now have a ton riding on Friday night at Kent.
  6. Hitting some nice open 3s. He’s a disaster when he forces a drive though. He just isn’t athletic or tall enough to finish inside.
  7. One reason is his rebounding tonight any way is terrible. With Mballa out they had several offensive rebounds.
  8. I’d like to see fewer guards. Hardnett and Josh would be a nice combo. Balls doing a good job of clogging high post making it difficult for dribble drive and clogging lane. But we need Josh in for 20 in second half.
  9. Thank you Josh Mballa! Without him we’re down 15 or more at half. Shockingly we’re tied. Foul trouble on Balls. Whitesell needs to devise plays to attack the two with 3 fouls in second half and the guys can not afford to sleep walk to start second.
  10. We’re 4-20 from the field and 0-5 from 3. We desperately NEED someone who can shoot. Mballa on the bench. Can we score with him out?
  11. Pretty embarrassing so far with the exception of Mballa who is picking off errant shots for put backs and swatting shots while rebounding. Have no clue what the rest of the guys are doing. Grant tossing bricks along with everyone else. And Segu trying to drive through people. Credit to Balls for the quality of their D. They’re giving a text book lesson so far. Time to turn this baby around. UB should never ever lose to these guys!!
  12. I’ve seen enough. This one is over. Good road win with a lot of positives. Still some less than intense and intelligent play in second half with big halftime lead. Still much to learn and improve on. Onward and upward!!
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