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  1. This didn’t age well even for 12 hours. Jeesh
  2. It’s all about recruiting. Whoever has the best recruiting chops hopefully will land the job. And I have no clue who that is. But I do hope Whitesell and Quarles are retained by whomever gets the job. I can’t imagine being left behind by a coach that you helped you go from a paltry 300k or whatever to a kings ransom of 2.5 M without any apparent concern by that coach. And whoever it is I hope they can do right by the players Oats stiff armed by high tailing it outta town.
  3. We should have a bonfire and burn a UBcoachBryan effigy since we’re all so peeved. TIC
  4. You may be right DB but as you say it’s all speculation.
  5. I nor any of us have any idea about the Oats, Alnut, Hodgson arrangement and behind the scenes discussions. I still think it highly unlikely Bryan did anything underhanded or illegal and there must have been some agreement between Alnut, Oats and Bryan to act as he has. In any event I have been advised by someone close to Bryan that he did in fact have an interview this week and it went well. Doesn’t mean he’ll get the job just that he’s interviewed.
  6. Wonderful thoughts and post! In my view it all starts with leadership/vision. It’s no coincidence that athletic success, while scattered in the years before, became a regular occurrence after Danny White was hired. His vision was big time athletics at UB as the next great athletics brand. He raised the expectations within the athletic department. He demanded more. FLJ was concerned she was going to get fired if her team did not start winning. The morale of the department was elevated with White’s leadership. We saw MAC championships in men’s and women’s basketball, women’s soccer and tennis. Take it however you will, but one reason Oats left is he did not think UB shared his vision and priorities. So for me anyway it all comes down to what UB envisions itself as and where it wants to be. Some said you could not win at UB, you could not recruit to UB and nothing was destined to change. Fortunately White, Hurley, Nate, FLJ proved all those naysayers wrong. I talked to various people and some of UB’s biggest donors as the season was coming to a close with the same question of how are we going to keep Nate. Sadly the response was from a few I don’t know that we can. My reply someone needs to sit down with him and ask him directly what will it take to keep you here long term. I would then have drawn up the plan to do so. I don’t know Alnut but have briefly talked to him a few times. I ran into one of his top assistants before the end of the regular season. I was told that there was an effort underway to get a new contract done funded by the university and with donations of 25k, 50k and 100k of boosters to raise Nate's salary and those of his assistants. I said I’d be willing to help solicit donors as I knew many that would likely want to help. The suggestion was made that we sit down for lunch sometime soon, which never materialized. I talked to my wife about this and we were prepared to donate 25k to help retain Nate. I am happy to support a mission of excellence. But have zero interest in supporting mediocrity or stumbling along without a vision of excellence. I think most of us having experienced what is possible at UB would like to see it continue. The question for all I believe is whether the university wants to do what is necessary to make it happen. If there isn’t a total buy in then it’s likely we’ve seen the golden age of UB basketball over the last several years.
  7. Great post. Even more so now that this board is out of control.
  8. Given all the consternation and legitimate concern about serving two masters, I'll re-post this. Shouldn't we be asking Alnut what the hell is going on instead of going crazy while speculating on what is happening behind the scenes??
  9. I don’t know where you get your info. But some of what put out there is completely wrong.
  10. The only thing that makes the remotest of sense to me is there is some sort of agreement/understanding between Oats, Hodgson and Alnut that Hodgson is gone and can act as an Alabama assistant while technically maintaining status as UB coach until head coaching decision has been made at UB. Likely a recognition that Hodgson is a candidate for the HC position but unlikely Alnut hires him.
  11. BAD stick to your Butler trivia.
  12. True enough. But for it to be worth millions it must have a corresponding direct economic impact on the university. Just one more reason making a commitment to excellence is the only reasonable path forward.
  13. The potential to raise donations by many multiples is there. I’ve heard people who are in the know say that contributions during UB hoops recent success has risen significantly. My family was prepared to donate a substantial sum, which we never considered before. It’s the chicken or the egg question. Can you raise huge donations without a record of success? Or must you first show success that invests people to the point where they’re willing to donate? I think the answer is obvious. Here’s another question to ponder; if it’s true that UB’s success over the last few years and the resulting positive coverage from coast to coast is worth “millions”, as reported to me by two senior athletics department officials, why cannot UB make a fraction of that commitment to do all that is necessary retain or hire a coach committed to the success of UB hoops?
  14. So who do we know if anyone that has interviewed? Lanier? Caputo? Whitesell? Battle? ?????
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