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  1. It erases a totally meaningless loss in a tournament that didn't exist. It improves their record, and that could make a difference in terms of team morale, recruiting, etc.
  2. I’d love to see MAC vacate the few games played by the women in the MAC tournament.
  3. There are plenty of other reasons aside from living in "Bills and Sabres country". If the Bills and Sabres left does anyone believe that AA or a larger venue would be packed with insane fans and a student section bursting at the seams?
  4. Solution: hold tournament at Alumni Arena. Keep Ohio refs in Ohio.
  5. The author has no appreciation of what real slavery is and the horrors of being a slave with no hope of another life. She, like so many others, cheapens a powerful word for her own benefit. Ms. Dickson, you CHOSE to play basketball at this level and you knew it was going to be 4-5 years of sacrifice and physical and emotional strain and even pain. I'm sorry it was too much for you. But you are free to do something that real slaves (and there are millions of them around the world even today) can never do - and that is walk away and lead a free life.
  6. The game is at 2 pm, right? Not 7 pm?
  7. Umm, yeah. She is the worst. But even worse is when one of the other two officials in the same game is nearly as bad. There's no such thing as "conference" on-court officials. Basketball officials are independent contractors (same as the rugby referee society I'm a member of). You'll see some referees like hometown boy Kevin Ferguson do MAC, MAAC, A10 (mostly) games. Some officials do 2-3 games per week, others less frequently. I'm unsure what refs make for MAC games, but Power 5 conferences can pay refs in the thousands of dollars per game; those refs are generally, but not necessarily, more skilled than the refs we get for our Mid-major games. One big problem I see is that our refs seem to think they need to call something/anything - especially where the players Speed, Quickness, Balance or Rhythm (i.e., incidental contact) has not been changed - in order to be considered a "good ref". That's simply wrong.
  8. Hopefully the ladies won't get Steratore for this game - he's fresh off screwing Razorbacks WBB with a criminally bad outing in Florida.
  9. UB women may not win another game from the looks of how they've played the last 5. Can't run plays. Can't shoot. No go-to player to be "the man" when things start to sour. Folks are fond of saying "wait until next year" but not knowing how Summer will play and with our most dynamic player graduating that is pretty much a fantasy.
  10. Is it over yet? Can I open my eyes?
  11. Women were outclassed today by Toledo. UB‘s poor shooting and inability to defend the 3 sealed their fate. Worse though is almost total lack of team chemistry. It seemed as if every possession began with a plan but then devolved into panicky playground ball. Granted, this might be due to youth and inexperience, but they are 21 games into the season and that excuse is wearing thin. A weak bench (only 8 points today, I think) doesn’t help, the unwillingness of Hannah to shoot 3’s continues to baffle (she has an outstanding stroke), Gaba’s slow hands (she can’t manage to gather rebounds that come right to her) are tough to watch. Fingers crossed that it’ll all come together before tournament time. Finally, it didn’t affect the outcome, but having game killers like Felicia Young and Frank Steratore officiating was not ideal. BTW, I counted 47 bodies aside from the band in the student section. Too bad.
  12. Links to TBN are worthless to those who have enough sense not to subscribe to this rag.
  13. Fair looking angry but focused. Extra pass to Christie was assist of the game.
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