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  1. Congrats to Cierra. Good luck in the WNBA.
  2. I went to a Canisius game this season. They were doing the same “hand off” thing. It was as boring as I remembered.
  3. Agree. I'm over the gimmicky garage attendant thing. Fine that it was a motivator, but it was Oats' motivator. Move on. As far as branding goes, I'm happy with a BULL, the proud symbol my former (student) school and present (faculty) employer, and with True Blue, the provider of energy and passion for current students. As for Hogdson, don't let the door hit you on the way to Alabama.
  4. I should have said "That Alnutt MIGHT NOT have a plan...". Sorry, my bad.
  5. I'm not sure either way. It was mostly rhetorical question to trigger the conversation we are having.
  6. I'm not asking for much...just a backup plan. That Alnutt didn't have one is a bit concerning. Hurley leaving and Oats leaving are "just business". But the AD's job is also "just business", and good businesses have backup plans.
  7. Then maybe AD needs to go as well. ADs in mid-major conferences that have successful programs are required to have some measure of skepticism IMHO. I mean, it just happened right here only a few years ago. Is our institutional memory that short?!?
  8. Sorry if this was covered here already, but I'll take the chance and ask this anyway: Was our AD so naive that he didn't have a disaster plan readied in case this happened???
  9. Texas Tech. For me it’s always best to lose to the team that ultimately won it all.
  10. Captain Obvious says nothing many of us didn't already know or suspect. Please crawl back into your hole, Jerry.
  11. I was in my living room with the big flatscreen on the men's game and the small kitchen TV tuned to the ladies game. At the men's game half I switched - and never switched back. The girls were magnificent in their zeal and energy and toughness. Coach Jack has built a program based on sound basketball and positivity. Can't wait for next season. Go Bulls!
  12. Poor officiating? You bet. But mostly poor shooting by UB against an outstanding defensive team. And our coaching was disappointing; I never thought I'd ever say that coach Oats was badly outcoached, but there's a first for everything. I have high hopes for next year and wish that the new season would start right away!
  13. I’m a suspicious sort: UB has to play #2 seed and CMU would play #1 seed if they won. Feels a bit anti-MAC. Sad to see CMU lose in such a dramatic fashion. Happy to see Presley and Reina graduate.
  14. That was a textbook, training film, block. Defender was moving feet and body.
  15. A solid hooray for Jeremy looking more like Jeremy and Jeenathan looking like he belongs.
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