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  1. Women’s team nearly pulled off a “hold my beer” game one day after men won by 47. They were ahead of Ball State by 41 with 2 minutes left but couldn’t build their advantage to 48 points. Entire team played, and all scored except one. Good job, ladies.
  2. ubfan75

    Alumni Arena Jams

    R&RP2 should NEVER be played.
  3. ubfan75

    Alumni Arena Jams

    The Greatest by Sia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKSRyLdjsPA
  4. ubfan75

    CMU @ #23 UB (2/9 - 3:30pm ET)

    Having an outside shooter changes the visiting teams willingness to pack in their players down low to prevent easy baskets by Cierra and Morrison. This is why Courtney is so valuable when she is hitting her three's. The mystery is why Hannah Hall sometimes refuses to shoot, especially 3s since she is often in position and her mechanics are very good.
  5. ubfan75

    Alumni Arena Jams

    I was surprised and dismayed to hear Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll Part 2 played at a woman's game during the break. That song has been pulled from the play list of every pro, and most university, arenas for quite some time.
  6. Typo. MAC is 8th ranked. Not sure if that changes anything.
  7. With this loss we’ll drop out of the Top 25. That might be a good thing, but it pisses me off because we are better than the crap show we brought in the 2nd half tonight (and it also pisses me off that teams with 5-6 losses will remain in the Top 25). As for an at large bid, MAC commish said we are 8th ranked conference - that’s not exactly a strong argument for a second team in the tournament.
  8. I walked away from tv before the finish. I couldn’t stomach watching this team sleepwalk through the second half. And I honestly don’t understand Harris getting so many minutes, so not happy with Oats right now.
  9. It’s always been “have to win the tournament”. The immediate issue is what does Oats do with Harris?
  10. Brutal. Harris terrible on both ends of the court. Williams not ready yet. BG benefitting a bit from home cooking with only 4 fouls. Unforced errors. Ugh.
  11. Hate to be Captain Obvious, but Harris is killing this game.
  12. I agree. And I don’t quite understand the snark in the original post. Many of those empty seats belong to folks who drop up to $1000 over the cost of the season tickets to watch our boys play ball. And most of those seats are occupied when the all you hear in the student section is ‘crickets’.
  13. ubfan75

    WBB - Akron @ UB (1/23 - 7pm ET)

    Since UB gets possession of the ball after the technical FTs are taken there is no contesting for any missed FTs awarded for the common foul. Therefore, the common foul shots are taken first and all the players remain behind. As for the refs not seeing Cierra get hit in the head - no one should be surprised since MAC women's game refs in general (but especially Felicia Young) are atrocious.
  14. ubfan75

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    Agree with everything you say. Sadly, poor refereeing in the MAC is the rule and not the exception. And as bad as it is for the guys, it's even worse (believe out or not) for the gals. As for WMU's strategy, hack-a-Shaq might slow UB down, but the strength of our bench more often than not blunts that effort. Oats and Hurley before him (and to some extent Reggie) are credited with playing the bench as often as possible early in the NC season...WMU looked gassed the last 5 minutes...we didn't.