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  1. ubfan75

    Alumni Arena

    I do want to complain about concessions - they are horrendous. Too few registers result in too long lines. The food is generally gross. Does it send fans running to the door? No, but it certainly doesn’t add anything positive to the overall experience. So, what about parking? It is completely inadequate, especially when there is an event at the Center for the Arts. Even worse, the pathetic attempt by campus police to streamline postgame traffic has only made it worse and is a frustrating experience. Despite these irritants, I go to every game with my family. Good basketball at a decent price is good enough reason for us. Speaking of H.S. gyms pretending to be NCAA D1 gyms, we went to the UB women’s game at Canisius. Ugh - it’s an ugly, tiny and hot dump. The concessions don’t even rise to H.S. level, and for some reason Canisius believes turning the PA system to 11 is a good thing (it’s not). AA is a palace by comparison.
  2. Agree on all counts, especially about the bench. Williams was ineffective last night; Segu looked confident, but created a few matchups he shouldn't have; Fagan looked lost for pretty much the entire 5-6 minutes he was on the floor. It's early yet...I'm hopeful.
  3. Great observations as always. Bulls looked disinterested in playing in the first half. Frowns on their faces coming out of the locker room to start the second half suggests they got blistered by the coach. Postgame interview revealed that the team was going to focus on allowing LeMoyne to score "one point a minute". Bulls certainly came through on that. I concur on the CJ comment - I barely noticed him one the court, yet he had a triple double. Conversely, it was difficult to miss how completely ineffective Bertram is anywhere on the court. The it was announced that Bertram was headed to UB, I watched some film of him online. My reaction then was "meh" and, sadly, it still is - slow footwork and slow to react. Fortunately, the rest of the bench is looking a bit deeper with each game. LeMoyne came in with attitude and more size that I expected. Obviously every team this season will have their date with ranked UB circled, with exclamation points, on their calendar.
  4. ubfan75

    Should MAC restructure?

    I honestly don't see the value of a "rivalry" in the MAC. I wouldn't anticipate that attendance would increase, and TV exposure wouldn't change either. So what's to be gained? As to changing conferences, UB is fine where it is. The MAC is favorable geographically (and thus financially) and a good fit in terms of talent. I used to obsess about the basketball team driving a change in conferences, thinking that our recent successes plus better competition in conferences other than the MAC would improve recruiting. But I now think that's a zero sum game (and obviously we can attract 4 star recruits). I vote to stay.
  5. ubfan75

    Women’s BBall Scholarships

    I had the same observations. Lots of player combinations resulted in some confusion and maybe expected early season lack of cohesive play. I had to laugh that player (new center) was given a technical for wearing the wrong number even though her name was sewn onto her jersey; she looked strong under the basket but slow running the floor. It was nice seeing Hannah Hall score, but being only a competent PG may not be good enough and I see maybe Finess taking over sooner than later. Nice to see all 15 active players on the score sheet (I think). As a side note, I don’t recall seeing the official with the darker hair on our court before - I could be wrong but she seemed to blow whistle as much as the other two refs combined.
  6. 16 ladies on the roster, but NCAA allows only 15 scholarships. What am I missing?
  7. Interesting first half. 21 points in the span of just a few minutes. Controversial clock reset at the end of the first half leads to EMU score.
  8. ubfan75

    UB @ Temple - Sept. 8 - 3:30pm (ESPN3)

    The “rust belt”? Is mh55 95 years old and senile?
  9. ubfan75

    UB @ Temple - Sept. 8 - 3:30pm (ESPN3)

    Not sure who these two announcers are but they are absolutely atrocious. The color commentator is particularly irritating, sharing his wisdom by saying, after every miscue, something like “the player needs to make that catch, etc”. Ugh.