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  1. If anyone here thinks they would not jump at a good job that pays 2x to 3x more than they make now they are crazy. Alabama is good job and Oats believes that he can win there. Wish the man well and say who next. I hope the next coach has as much coaching and recruiting talent as we had before. This is life as a mid major.
  2. I was at UB from 80-84 The biggest win we had was a D3 win against Buff State, they were ranked # 1 in D3 at the time, the first year Alumni Arena opened in about 83/84. This whole sports year was a dream. Bowl game in Football, NCAA tournament win in both Men's and Women's basketball. Moving up in sports competition. Coach Oat and Coach Legette-Jack are both big time. Can both basketball teams go at least 25 and 9 can the football team be bowl eligible. This year was a dream to watch the men play and be in the top 25 all year. This game sucked but GO UB, GO BULL UB you Bet.
  3. UB gets to play with house money. They are used to being in front of unfriendly crowds. They can play free and easy the pressure is off. Play thier game they win. Go Bulls
  4. An 11 seed did not win yesterday. Stats say an 11 always wins one of the four 6/11 games. That worries me
  5. Should I go to Storrs and see Woman or watch both on TV
  6. This whole year has been fun to watch. Almost all year in top 25, MAC Championship, UB on the map who would have thought this. Go Bulls
  7. If we are 6 seed is it better to be in Hartford (better for Alumni) or Columbus(closer to Buffalo). Could have Men in Hartford and Woman in Storrs.
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