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  1. Maybe you guys are related.
  2. I actually don't think he's a low recruit. Anyone who's had multiple D1 offers is good. Can't compare to CJ since he only had 1 other offer. Illinois State also plays in Missouri Valley which is a step up from MAC, so I think he's a quality recruit. CAA and Horizon are also pretty comparable to the MAC.
  3. We can cross off the Giants for Tyree. I guess it was wishful thinking (Giants addressing the QB position on Jackson after the 3rd round). On that note. What a horrible pick by the Giants on Jones. You could have waited till the 2nd round.
  4. Going to order something. Will take suggestions for glass plaque. Is there anyone here that knows CJ and wants to present the gift on behalf of the fans? Only caveat, you have to take a pic with CJ getting the award. I can ship directly to that person.
  5. Looks like Thorpe was Whitesells recruiting coordinator at Lewis. Looks like a solid hire.
  6. You missed 2 other places. Slacking off man.
  7. Look at this. ESPN now thinks we are in a power conference. Ha. We are now in elite company. Hopefully they don’t fix this error.
  8. We're not paying much attention to football, but opening the fieldhouse is a huge deal. Facility looks awesome! http://ubbulls.com/sports/fball/2018-19/videos/20190326-jopwts9l I wonder if UB can add extra revenue by renting out the facility during non-use times to local HS and club teams (lacrosse, soccer and football in winter). Is this something we are considering?
  9. This is great. Looks like TT going all the way to the finals helped us stay in the top 25.
  10. Yes, you're point is good. Its that sometimes we're lazy cause we're posting on the phone somtimes. I'm guilty of it two.
  11. First workout. I see Jeenathan Williams, Graves, Segu, Antwain Johnson all there. https://twitter.com/UBmenshoops/status/1115619855498137600
  12. I was supportive of the hire. Now I love it after watching the broadcast. Rewind 4 years. http://www.ubbulls.com/sports/mbkb/2014-15/releases/201504165a9prb To replace Hurley, oats hires 3 whitesell - is the brains and mentor (interesting that JW references NO as his mentor today, show you his humility) Marshall - is the big name to replace Hurley. Name will be used in recruiting. He is later replaced by Lindsey Hunter. Hogdson - is the young hungry guy who will need to outwork everyone else in recruiting We know Oats is good. Oats thought that highly of Whitesell to bring him here as his Associate HC. It was Oats selling Whitesell on Buffalo and that was a huge underrated coup at the time.
  13. To be fair TT has made almost every player look bad. The best player against TT was Perkins in the tournament. That is something. I still don’t think Perkins has quite enough to play In the NBA but he might be really really good in Europe. Also great job by Perkins and CJ participating in the Final Four event. That’s good publicity for them and the school.
  14. We opened the search. We got the best candidate. Best candidate means the best person we CAN get. We only took a week and people are complaining that we could have just hired Whitesell last week? I think this hire makes a lot of sense. We will see in 4 years if we made the right move. There are plenty of coaches who grind all their lives and then get recognition later on in their career. I think Whitesell is one and I am hopeful that we celebrate him in 4 years. Let’s get to work. Despite the negativity, the core is there. We just need couple extra pieces. Also don’t discount guys like Fagan and Bertram. I’ve seen this over and over again. Guys just look like they don’t belong but all of a sudden, things click in their junior or senior year.
  15. I’m thinking of getting a glass plaque for the greatest player at UB as voted by the fans. Anyone have a preference? Any other ideas? https://www.edco.com/all-glass-awards
  16. No sorry to Javon. I always messed up his name even though he was my favorite player when he was here.
  17. Ha. What a crazy new idea
  18. I personally think he'll do well. Definition of well is that he'll have a close to winning record in the SEC, have 20+ wins and get a 4 to 10 seed in the tourney most years. Once in a while his 4 seed team might be good enough to reach the Final Four. The problem he will face is that he'll need to compete against the Dukes, Kentuckys of the world. I don't think he can go after the 1 and dones. Maybe lucky if he can get 1 one and done per every 2/3 years. Not even sure the one and dones give you wins anyway (Wait as I write this, I think NBA is changing anyway, but ...). He'll need to win with 3-4 year guys. Similar to how Virginia/Villanova is doing it. So not the top recruits, but good enough to play in the SEC. So he'll need to develop and outcoach his opponents, guys with much more basketball knowledge. The other problem he's going to face is that once his team has success, the guys will leave early for the NBA. Man, it doesn't get easier outside the MAC now that I think about it.
  19. Ok so he says “those players” so that would be a true statement if he told at least 2 players. He doesn’t say “all those players”. Not sure who to believe at this point.
  20. I’ll take down my tweet. I tweeted at 10:11pm and he tweeted at 10:44pm. 30 minutes later. Coincidence? Sounds like I was misinformed. Sorry.
  21. I try not to use social media for madvertising, but in this case, it had to be said.
  22. I’m still very surprised by this. Can’t believe Oats went on recruiting trips without addressing his team. There really is no excuse for it. I still want to believe that Oats was a high character guy. Players must feel so used. He basically used these kids to get millions. Oats ditching the school and fans is one thing, but the kids? Uggh I’m not a bash the NCAA guy but there is just something really wrong about this. Big name guys like Durant and LeBron are really vocal about this issue and I see their point more and more. I can see why they don’t see taking money as an issue. Everyone else around them is making money off of them.
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