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  1. bull_trojan

    UB at Ohio - 11/14 - For the MAC East title!

    Run heavy vs BGSU, Get to the Dome, and throw it 40 times. Play somewhere warm and southern, throw it 40 more times.
  2. bull_trojan

    Alumni Arena

    I think one of the issues with football and Basketball is that they don't look like major college sport venues. My theory is if you build a 10k bowl for basketball that looked like the venues the top schools have, you'd get more butts in seats. To the OP, I don't see expansion possible at Alumni. I think you'd have to (and honestly I think you'd want to) build a new building.
  3. bull_trojan

    UB at Ohio - 11/14 - For the MAC East title!

    The analytics hate UB. One reason is the special teams. The other reason is the bend but dont break defense The other reason is on offense we've won like 6 different ways (some games air raid, some games power run, some games nothing works but we still score 30.) That gives me confidence over the 2008 and 2013 teams that I felt had more weaknesses you could attack, I think this team is built to counter anything (even our own special teams deficiencies have worked for us by making Lance more aggressive)
  4. bull_trojan

    UB Athletics applied for liquor license

    Just when you DONT need to drink away the pain of UB Athletics.
  5. bull_trojan

    Should MAC restructure?

    Chuck Martin approves! MAC disapproves (too cheap)!
  6. bull_trojan

    Should MAC restructure?

    I took two trips east this year. One trip I drove from Buffalo to Cleveland. Another trip I drove from Cleveland to Grand Rapids, MI. Two similarly timed drives, but there is no denying Buffalo to Cleveland is boring. Your only major stopping place is Erie, and if you're a MAC man, there is no school or stadium to stop by on the way to the closest schools, Akron and Kent. From Cleveland, you're solidly in MAC country: close to Akron and Kent, a few hours west, Toledo and BGSU. When I was at UB, everyone dreaded the six hour bus ride football took to BG or Toledo, but from Cleveland, you're flipping off the Toledo Rockets sign on the I-75 in what seems like no time. A few minutes north from Toledo, you start to see a lot of 'Block M' which let's you know you're close to clocking into the Factory. From Ypsi, you can get to WMU or CMU in about 90 minutes. Anyway my trips made me think the MAC's divisional format is all wrong. Buffalo needs to be connected to EMU, via Canada, not to Kent and Akron, via Erie. BG and Toledo deserve to be together. You can't break up the Michigan trio. We need to embrace Miami and Ball State. So I created a grid-based Conference with 3 Quartets and 4 Divisons North South West East Erie Quartet EMU BGSU Toledo UB L Quartet CMU Miami Ball St Ohio Snake Quartet WMU Kent NIU Akron Each team would play their Division (2 games) and their Quartet (3 games) Then 2 predetermined games against a team from 2 other divisions, and a semi final/flex game against the third division. I think you have a quartet champion, for braging rights, along with double the division race, technically making each season more meaningful. So UB would play in this scenario Division: 1) Ohio 2) Akron Quartet: 3) EMU 4) BGSU 5) Toledo Predetermined (vs South and West) 6) Ball State 7) Miami Semifinal/Flex (vs. North) 8. WMU (semifinal game) MAC Championship 9) Winner of North vs East semi vs Winner of South vs West semi.
  7. bull_trojan

    Bucky Gleason article re Oats

    True but diminishing returns. I'd assume at 600k a year you could pretty much do whatever you want in Buffalo.
  8. bull_trojan

    Bucky Gleason article re Oats

    Would you rather be Oats with 1.1 million over 3 years with 2 Conference Championships, 2 NCAA Appearances and a NCAA win or Hurley with 4.9 million over 3 years with 0 conference championships, 1 NCAA appearance and 0 wins. It seems in the 1 and done era, you have as good a chance to make it to the final four as an elite mid-major than an average major. So why leave? That dynamic may change once the 1 and done era ends again, sadly.
  9. bull_trojan

    Should MAC restructure?

    AAC TV deal expires July 1, 2020, ESPN has a 30 day negotiation window that ends around the end of February '19. American can take ESPN's deal, or shop around, but they cannot take a deal for less than what ESPN offers. I'm reading people like Danny White saying the current AAC deal under-values the conference. They currently get about 1.7 million/year, double the MAC's payout, but still less than a third of the (new) Big East's payout. AAC has said they want a P6 payout. The P5 is getting: B1G 440 million/season: 220 from Fox, 190 from ESPN 10 from CBS (basketball) - 31.4 million/school SEC 380 million/season: 255 from ESPN/CBS and 125 from SEC Network - 27.14 million/school ACC 238 million/season from ESPN. = 17 million/school. Hoping for additional 140 million once ACC net launches would give - 27 million/ school PAC 225 million/season - 18.75 million/school Big 200 million/season from ESPN/Fox - 20 million/school Also the MWC deal is up at the same time, so the two top mid-major conferences will be negotiating against each other. If you were ESPN, what would you do?
  10. bull_trojan

    Miami OH beats Ohio

    Ohio still has a glimmer of hope. (UB losing out, Ohio winning out, Miami losing once) We can finish the job on Wednesday.
  11. bull_trojan

    Crowdfunding Campaign

    seeing as the Bama Band crowd-fund raised 40k in under 2 weeks, I'd assume a lot of people have affinity for the band I'd say 99% of that would be attributed to their relationship with the football team. If Bama went to their CFP game but said "the band couldn't afford to come to the game" Bama's fans would have a major problem with it.
  12. bull_trojan

    Kent @ Buffalo - 11/6 - Gamethread

    So I go to sportcenter to see some highlights. None. In a 60 minute show, of a game on the ESPN networks. I did get Stony Brook Basketball's comeback from a 22-0 deficit vs George Washington tho. YAY SUNY Anywho, Basketball moving their start of play back to Tuesday, along with election day, meant our MACtion game was very overshadowed. Which is a shame as a Saturday Senior Day Rout would have been great for our Seniors and our fan support in the season. (although temperature in the 30's high wind and snow might not have got too many more fans in the stands)
  13. bull_trojan

    Crowdfunding Campaign

    Alabama Football has enough money to buy their band 40k worth of instruments. The football program was apparently not concerned with the optics of their band begging for cash.
  14. bull_trojan

    Athletic Facilities Master Plans

    UConn with a weird plan for a 45 million dollar Ice Hockey Arena, gives us a taste of the cost to startup at UB. http://www.courant.com/sports/hockey/hc-sp-uconn-board-of-trustees-committees-discuss-financial-plan-for-ice-hockey-arena-20181029-story.html UConn Blog is not a fan however, if you're gonna do it, do it right they say: https://www.theuconnblog.com/2018/10/30/18042560/uconn-huskies-mens-hockey-new-hockey-rink-arena-ice-bus-freitas-ice-forum-xl-center-hockey-east
  15. bull_trojan

    Crowdfunding Campaign

    "Imagine Alabama doing crowdfunding" Don't have to, they did. https://crowdfunding.ua.edu/project/8324 Again I don't get the embarrassment of this, I think it's good that they are doing things slightly outside the box and engaging the fans.