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  1. bull_trojan

    Ranking Prediction

    If we're a top 10 team we should be a 3 seed. 😠
  2. Well Jacobs doesn't seem to be hurting for money so I'm sure you're right. I have never really dove into it, but I always think about how concessions are a very big touchpoint for fans, yet most orgs at the NCAA and pro level outsource it to companies that offer generic, boring, and often bad food. I think the Delaware Norths and Aramarks and Sodexo's have recently gotten better at being less generic and more regional in their offerings... Campus Dining and Shops was nothing special when I was a student, which is a shame, cause I'd walk from the Union to NSC outside in February to get to Berts, but I wouldn't leave my seat to eat anything at Alumni...granted my last game was 12 years ago, so it may have gotten better since then...
  3. There is however 22 million for the Utica Nexus Center, but I kinda think that money would be more wisely used in Amherst as the Nate Oats Basketball Center
  4. In my experience, whoever is in charge of concessions will do their own estimate of concessions needed based on expected sales...I think they usually budget conservatively margins are small, labor costs high...so better to send a few fans home thirsty or hungry than to over-order and have to eat thousands in unused food. So you'd really have to blame I assume A) Campus Dining and Shops and B) Fans for not buying 6,100 season tickets for a team that beat freaking Arizona and brought everyone back.
  5. DC7 made me change my mind about needing a 10k arena...I do worry about students being shut out..BUT that is good for business. A lot of the mystique about the Cameron Crazies is that it is impossible to see games, don't even try to get to the UNC game. If you're in the arena, you better go nuts cause you can't take it forgranted.. So lets keep our games intimate and keep the value high. UB games become a privilege. If we could get our games off ESPN+ and on in all the local bars that would help. Anyone who can't get in, put the game up at the student union and start having watch parties.
  6. bull_trojan

    Ranking Prediction

    WVU still 100 in NET, better than all MAC teams outside of us, Toledo and Ball State. So the win will still help on selection sunday.
  7. You wouldn't have to shuttle students, they can bus to south and then take the 'subway'! Good point about the impact of student tickets on the flip side, if they are willing to pay, then the University gets double paid. If we had 6-7k area fans interested in going, + 10k students for a total of 16-17k people, Keybank would be a good way to get everyone in the building, at AA, only a third would be able to get in. But risky, if people dont show it's embarrassing (i.e. the ralph game in 2013) If we lose at Keybank we'll be pissssed about giving away our home court advantage (i.e. ralph game 2013). At this point it seems all the risk is taken by UB and the upside is not that great. I wouldn't do it.
  8. bull_trojan

    KJ to the U

    I'd argue if I was KJ, I get 1 year of free grad school and 1 year competing with and against ACC players. This tells me a lot: 1) Do I enjoy uprooting my life and learning new systems? 2) Do I have what it takes to beat out top players at the next level for playing time? 3) Do I have what it takes to beat top defenders on the field? If yes to #1, then going NFL with no control of my next move is OK, if no I might want to stay in grad school in south beach and keep control. If yes to #2 & #3, then going to the NFL and fighting for a job is OK, if no, I might want to stay in grad school and try a different career. Staying at Buffalo and dominating doesn't answer either of those 3 questions. I think some players are at their best when they are comfortable, some are best when they are challenged... Seeing how we performed against our best opponents, a lot of our guys were probably better comfortable than challenged.
  9. We lost to 4 teams: 2 seem to be lifers (Ohio, Army) the other 2 went to a better job...and a guy we outcoached got a P5 job too... Temple - Ga Tech Troy - W. Virginia NIU - Temple
  10. bull_trojan

    Lewis Caralla (S&C) to Georgia Tech

    Our players aren't used to playing more than 12 games. lol.
  11. bull_trojan

    KJ to the U

    So if KJ stayed and at next year's camp Lance said Charlie and Nunn were better and were gonna start over KJ, would you be talking about how we invested 4 years in him and how he deserves to start? No. Nothing is guaranteed, you just want to win, that's fine, we all do, but don't drag down athletes who are just living their lives. Like your argument is we gave him four years of training, he owes us the 5th year. KJ would probably counter that he gave you four years of his life, battling to put this team in a better position. Now, he's taking the 5th year transfer he earned by graduating to do something for himself. He owes us nothing. And you keep saying transfers makes us look JV. I think crying over individual players makes us look JV. You think we dont have another QB or WR on the roster...Look at Bama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State...they have the top QBs in the nation and back them up with even better QBs... If you're not stocking your cupboard like that (at whatever level you are at) then YOU ARE JV and that is what it is. This year we'll know if we're JV or not.
  12. An old guide to the (it will always be Air Canada) Centre in Toronto sets minimum rental rate for public events at Air Canada Centre is $25,000 or 18 percent of the net ticket proceeds (whichever is higher). Tack on 42k in estimated expenses. Capacity is 19,800. If you sold out with $30 CAD tickets: Ticket Revenue = 594,000 Rental rate 18% = 106,920 Expenses = 42,000 Confetti clean up fee = 4,000 (lets treat ourselves) Parking concessions etc = 0 (house keeps it) UB profit = 441,080 CAD = 332,407 USD If the baseline was to make 200k USD, you'd have to either sellout (19,800) @ $19 CAD OR sell at least 12,500 at $30 CAD both seem do-able. I'd imagine Keybank rental rates are similar...
  13. bull_trojan

    MAC Chain of Command

    UB #1 in Game Atmosphere, is pretty cool.
  14. bull_trojan

    KJ to the U

    If the coach cant improve the level of talent, so he has to cling to the kids who signed to play for Jeff Quinn, then our problems are bigger than KJ 'Oscorp' Osborn.
  15. bull_trojan

    KJ to the U

    So in a two years after his RS Junior season, Charlie Jones goes to Clemson. Yes I will be saying the same. We'll have had 4 recruiting classes to get a guy with more upside than Charlie Jones. That's the goal of recruiting, to get players better than the ones you already have. If Charlie gets his degree he won't impact our APR. I won't be mad he redshirted a year because he was a freshman and he wasn't going to get any playing time anyway over Anthony Johnson and KJ Osborn. And yes, if you in 2022 want to take a don't wanna be here Charlie Jones and put him up against my (current High School Junior) to be recruited to UB later who is all about the Bulls, I'll beat you 99 out of 100 times in 2022.