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  1. UNLV is historically good enough to have a bunch of influential donors, but not good enough to be a quick fix. It's not a great job at any price.
  2. Gonzaga went to the elite 8 as a 10 seed, then the sweet sixteen as a 10 seed, then the sweet sixteen as a 12 seed. They finally broke through with an amazing regular season and earned a 6 seed....and they lost in the first round to 11 seed Wyoming. It happens. Still proud of our work, and upbeat...for as good as our recruiting has been, we're still wayyyyyy behind nationally, which to me means we are great at developing players. Our national recruiting rank over the past 4 years averaged (247) 115, and yet that team finished the year at #15, so we got our team to perform 100 spots better than they should.... If we end up ranked #75 for the 2019 class, our last 3 classes will have averaged #80...with our development, we could be legitimately top 10.
  3. Hurley brought the winning attitude we needed, the one that didnt try to win by 1, (and therefore opened us up to crushing upset after crushing fluke upset) and we became a team that tried to win by 50. Everything I saw this week was about how Oats and Hurley share the high compete level, although Oats isn't as demonstrative as Hurley, they both want to win big all the time. We owe Hurley big for teaching us how to win and bringing winners, especially Oats, to Buffalo.
  4. As brook said extremely soul selling long. no protection...but it seems the negotiation pivoted on a better deal with the grant of rights or worse without. 2024/2025 I think is when all the P5 agreements are up. Every team wants to be ready if they get the call. I assume after using the G5 to analyze success in driving ESPN+ membership, they’ll offer the P5 a kickback for ESPN+ games and raise the price. Get the SEC on ESPN+, raise the price to $10/month, give the SEC $1 per viewer... ESPN gets more subscribers and more revenue, SEC gets more revenue, G5 gets nothing and fans will pay which...I guess does open the door for any G5 program that is able to deliver ESPN+ eyeballs, we can’t be doing too shabby in that area
  5. Effectively true. Travel party for ncaa is 100 (I think) and there is basically only 24 hours from finding out where you’re going to departure so easier to just buy the plane
  6. 7 million a year. No grant of rights Most games on ESPN+ Seems like they traded ESPN+ for majority of football on Saturday. Some football and basketball on ESPN, ESPN2 & ESPNU and they can do a separate deal with CBS for some Basketball games. My take...lower than I thought, probably because of that grant of rights. Yet, still high enough to want in...not sure if additional teams would dilute the pot, or if ESPN would pay more to keep each team at 7 million... Football Championship - Host site top seed. Pro: we'd have a shot at hosting. Con: Not Neutral, and you can't plan your travel in advance (although you really can't anyway if you're waiting on UB to clinch) Men's Basketball Championship - Fort Worth, TX. Pro: Southwest hub. Maybe more accessible for NYCers, might be more convenient for students on spring break Cons: far away, no last minute trips, not drive able Women's Basketball Championship - Mohegan Sun Pro: Close to NYC Cons: Not combined with the men, UConn home court advantage Those three are pretty good reasons for me to be against going to the American...but we'd have to sell our Men's Basketball season ticket for $1,178/seat to make the revenue AAC teams are going to get from this TV deal... and the level of competition would go up...I don't know...
  7. The only replays they showed, were big dunks while the play was still happening. We had replay reviews of 60 secs+ with no replay. That was infuriating. Classic MAC. In my recollection there was a BG player out of bounds, as Brock started to inbound, he came from behind Brock to try to deflect a pass, Brock I think took a step, and recoiled, and that step got called....should have been a T on the BG player. All in all this will be one of my most treasured weeks of my life. I moved to Hawaii the Summer before the first UB Championship, so from watching alone with my wife not understanding why I'm so emotional about exorcising the demons of 2005 and every year after that, to being there with my wife and a large contingent of UB fans. My plan was to get out more and meet some more people, but I was just drained by the emotion of each game, (although it was nice to catch up with RMA again) Went to the Cleveland Museum of Art between the women's and men's semis...it was amazing, and I'm not a museum or an art guy, wife dragged me, but it was fun I recommend it.
  8. I like angry technical Perkins. Worst time to take one, worst situation (4 fouls), but if there is one guy who isn't happy to just be up by 6, it's Perk we need that edge.
  9. In scheduling, it takes two to tango. The question to me would be are there good games that UB is saying NO to? I assume no. If that assumption is true, then there is little that can be done to improve scheduling outside of putting more money into it. At this point, I'd rather money be put into facilities. I'm OK with UB going 30+ wins against inferior opponents while still putting better and better UB teams on the court for a while until we get our facilities right.
  10. We need internet fan name tags. I don’t know who anyone is
  11. Valparaiso (1995-96 thru 1999-00) During Run: Record: 111-50 (68.94%) NCAA Appearances: 5 NCAA record: 2-5 Coaches: Homer Drew Attendance Average: 3,939 Increase over period: 3.94% Five years after the Run: Record: 102-56 (64.56%) NCAA Appearances: 2 NCAA record: 0-2 Coaches: Scott Drew, replaced Homer Drew who resigned Homer Drew, returned to coach after Scott Drew left after 1 year to coach at Baylor Attendance Average: 4,263 Increase over previous 5 year period: 8.21% Overall Facility upgrade Arena: none Practice Facility: none Conference Change From Mid Continent to the Horizon league in 2007-08 (12 years after the start of their run) From Horizon league to Missouri Valley in 2017-18 (22 years after the start of their run)
  12. I am afraid of the cool 1 MM cause you still have to go incentives on top of that... so 837 + 150k for winning regular season and the tourney is 987k close enough to that million.... I also assume they intentionally came in under the 21% Trump excise tax on non-profit employees making 1MM+
  13. they sat the Akron fans across the court from the Akron bench... so I guess on TV it looked like they didnt show up, but they had a decent crowd....not a great crowd for a school just down the road however... it was funny they got pretty loud when Akron made a run, but by made a run it was made a basket to get within 15
  14. Figure he gets a 1/12 bonus for reg season mac champ and 1/12 bonus for postseason mac champ 833 + 69.5 + 69.5 = 972k a year if they take care of business. Not bad
  15. Hurley is a good coach and if he stays, we keep Nate as top assistant, so I assume we'd be better. So yes I think Hurley would have performed as well or better if he stayed...
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