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  1. Cierra Dillard was the most entertaining Bull i've ever watched on any team. Im sure we can keep winning, Idk if we have that X factor anymore... Also the end of the era with CMU hurts, but I'm looking forward to continuing what we started with Ohio last year...im sure the Cats think it's their turn now.
  2. Based on cumulative winshares starting with the 2010-11 season C Perkins - 11 winshares (4 seasons) F McCrea - 19 winshares (4 seasons) F Regan - 8.3 winshares (3 seasons) G Harris - 9.5 winshares (2 seasons) G Massinburg - 19 winshares (4 seasons) Which is the OP's list with Regan inserted for Clark... Clark had a 3.5 winshare in his one season with the Bulls, which makes sense, as he missed a lot of that season and because Oats' style meant a lot of guys contributed to each win... 3.5 winshare is tied for 18th best single season in the decade. CJ has the top two single seasons with 7.1 in 18-19, and 5.9 in 17-18. McCrea has the next two highest single season winshares with 5.6 and 5.3, tied for 6th best is Harris and Moss with 5, and at 4th best, Darkhorse candidate for inclusion because his senior seasons was 2010-11....Byron Mulkey with a 5.1 winshare that season... 2nd team would be C Watt - 7.5 winshares (2 seasons) F Hamilton - 6.8 winshares (2 seasons) F Caruthers - 7.3 winshares (3 seasons) G Filzen - 6.7 winshares (2 seasons) G Evans - 6.2 winshares (2 seasons) 3rd team would be Skeete 6.1 (4 seasons) Moss 5.9 (2 seasons) Watson 5.7 (3 seasons) Connor 5.5 (2 seasons) Bearden 5.4 (2 seasons)
  3. Because Moss was a beast and I think would have been an all time great if he didn't have sticky fingers... and because you gotta bring Perk in off the bench, I think I'd go C Watt F Moss F McCrea G CJ Massinburg G Wes Clark 6th Perkins 7th Hamilton 8th Harris 9th Caruthers Coach - Nate Oats
  4. It was the final home game of the season '05. My Jared ("don't call me Jaret") Patterson figure still travels with me from office to office.
  5. Tyree being deemed UDFA, makes AJ's value even higher in my mind. Everything changed once AJ was on the field and things got worse when AJ was off. I'm incredibly shocked he didn't get drafted. The Bosa kid got an injury sat out most of the year got drafted #2. Ed Oliver nursed an injury all season, got drafted #9. Hawaii's Ursua had two monster seasons in the run and shoot offense, but tore his ACL in 2017 and had a lingering injury in 2018 similar to AJ this year...however Ursua skipped his bowl game to prepare for the NFL, and got healthy enough to get drafted in the 7th despite below average NFL size... Hawaii's offense sputtered in the bowl without Ursua and UH got blown out by La Tech. Meanwhile AJ kept coming back when he had nothing left to prove, almost won us a MAC title on one leg, yet ends up UDFA. Message seems clear the NFL only pays lip service to the character part of being there for your team, but ultimately they only care about the 40 and cone times... AJ vs 6th round pick Scott Miller 2017: AJ 8 for 160 2 TDs - Miller 10 for 108 1 TD 2018: AJ 4 for 26 0 TDs - Miller 4 for 115 2 TD (Miller caught a 63 yard TD while BGSU was down 44-7 midway through the 4th)
  6. My takeaway UB women more or less > than Bona men?
  7. Ah my math was very rough but should be 50 x 11 sports treating men’s and women’s xc, indoor and outdoor as one team... = 550 football = 300 wrestling is no change... cost +850k Track possibly lower as, my niece ran indoor/outdoor at Cuse and they mostly ran in- the northeast outside of the ACC champs and the NCAA regional everything else in a conference change is subject to negotiation and a vote. UB would need to negotiate around all the “but what abouts” which means we’d need to be in a place where the aac needs is more than we need them, which I only see as possible if UConn leaves and espn Tells the aac to invite ub
  8. Agreed, UB's pace was 16th in the nation. UAB's 297th. I want to keep playing fast.
  9. Well who is getting more than 2.6 M in the PAC 12? Oregon - Utah - Arizona. So the premier team in the conference pays 4th. USC doesn't disclose but they are probably in the neighborhood. ASU pays Hurley 2.1 million. UB went to the round of 32 and we moved to make Oats the highest paid guy in the conference. UCLA goes to final fours and they are OK with their coaches being paid 4th/5th in conference
  10. I'm biased, but there are schools that will figure out what everyone is paying and add a zero and there are schools like UCLA that figure out what everyone else is paying and remove a zero and then say you should be happy to work here for a paycut. They offered a coach a 1.2 million paycut to move to a higher cost of living city and rebuild a program instead of staying at his program that is on elite 8 autopilot. That doesn't scream power move... to me it looks like they offered it to show they are willing to spend, all the while hoping he declined the offer...they can then hire someone for cheap but tell there fans we didn't cheap out, we offered someone 8 million.
  11. Yes. They paid their old coach 2.6 million. They offered Coach Calipari 8 million a year, problem is it's 1.2 million LESS than what he currently makes. So either they don't have the resources to compete with Kentucky, or they have the resources and they are cheap.
  12. No I actually didn’t count trips to UConn as I see a UConn exit as our most likely path in... It’s a dilemma but there is no real honest principled reason to give a new team a smaller share. I’d reject any offer to join a conference that wouldn’t give a full share immediately
  13. UCF = Disney... easier to convince the family to let me go. I think the American is an imperfect solution to the fact that our alumni base is more east coast than mid-west. Using LinkedIn Alumni I count 10,419 alumni in the AAC footprint if you don't count NYC, 35,866 if you do. I count only 3,315 for the MAC footprint. I did rough math on a AAC Basketball conference schedule vs the MAC, and I came up with AAC 46k more expensive...I rounded that up to 50k, mulitplied that by every sport minus Wrestling, and put 300k for football and came up with 900k. Which, with the old AAC contract, would have left UB about 450k in the hole. With the new deal, we'd still come out +5.2 million.
  14. 2007 Jacobs here what up! 1) We lived through the worst, and even our most uninspired times (i.e. quinn) we haven't gone backwards. So that keeps me happy, we've stumbled, but we've moved forward, faster than I thought possible. 2) Win. In the era before us, there was nothing to capture hearts and minds. We had the '05 Basketball team and the '08 Football team. This year will capture a lot more, eventually it will be enough. 3) Personally, I think every fan and donor should be pushing for a plan...if we had a plan, I don't think we'd feel so lost...even if the plan said we'd get our arena renovated in 2030 we'd at least know we're working towards a goal...if our goals were Fieldhouse -> retain coaches ->???, we're now: done -> failed - > ????, and that's a very rough place to be.
  15. Gonzaga of the East is an aspiration...that's like saying I'm done being top 25 that was Oats' thing. Be done with the Blue Collar shirts. We're a University not a trade school. UCLA has the resources to grab almost who ever they want, but they won't SPEND the resources on Athletics that's why they suck. Neither an endorsement nor a denouncement of Hodgson, but I wouldn't make decisions based on emotion. Reminds me of when NIU told noted row enthusiast and alum P.J. Fleck to go elsewhere (because he had previously signed to be OC and then quit after a day to go NFL) worked out well for Fleck and WMU, not as well for NIU. Alnutt was hired via Parker...so this was...expected.
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