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  1. I thought an article said that he declined a job last year - so I guess he declined Pitt? Would be surprised if x offered him
  2. rma

    Future of Alumni Arena

    I think we need another track added. 16 lanes. If we aren’t getting rid of the track anytime soon why not give more resources to the T&F teams?
  3. rma

    Mabry enters transfer portal too

    Another thing to add, transfer portal (and more frequent transfers) is a huge loss for academics. If you’re going to 3+ different schools for undergrad, your classes aren’t going to transfer. Wonder how many of these players end up graduating and how many graduate with a meaningful degree. I’m talking non-general studies, not even getting into the “football majors” that exist. I know a degree isn’t on a lot of these SA’s minds, but for the 99.999% of CFB players that don’t make life changing money in the NFL you’re going to need the degree.
  4. rma

    True Blue food drive?

    On a similar note. https://twitter.com/UBFootball/status/1095795019582189576/
  5. rma

    Mabry enters transfer portal too

    Look at what Toledo has leaving. This is the new normal.
  6. We’re one of two teams to beat Akron on the road this season. The second article doesn’t mention that and the first incorrectly states that Akron was undefeated at home.
  7. rma

    KJ to the U

    Per his twitter
  8. Post your favorite family friendly hype tunes played in alumni arena to get the fans pumped up coming out of a time out
  9. rma

    Alumni Arena Jams

    I'd rather play that than have Hammerhead by The Offspring be played at a game vs NIU (2011 football I want to say we played it in the stands). Great band, decent song, however some awareness/discretion would be nice. That's a good one. I wonder if DJ Milk/DJ Yes can put that on for the next game.
  10. rma

    2019 pre-season starts March 3rd

    I vote we make the exterior look like Furnas hall (the side without windows). Where's the excellence fund for this initiative?
  11. rma

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    It would also be correct if they said the first time an AP ranked men’s basketball team has played in the JAR since 06-07.
  12. rma

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Just jumped Iowa in Kenpom
  13. rma

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    I won't comment on the last time I saw a team that I was rooting for pull that kind of choke job... 0/2 (Rothstein, Borges) so far, but neither ranked us last week. Seth Davis is posting his ballot at 9. Not on Seth Davis' ballot, but his ranking of Cincinnati at 18 could hurt us. NR to 25 on Osterman's ballot (who bumped Iowa up from 20 to 15).
  14. rma

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Iowa down 6 at the half. I think we stay in, but I suspect votes will be tight.
  15. rma

    Alumni Arena Jams

    Don't know how it works now, but at least a few years ago game day ops would tell us what timeouts we could play. The "Mighty Taco" spirit timeout (now Tully's) would always be fight song, let's go Buffalo, cowbell. Now it appears that they added our fourth spirit song, the wobble, to the mix. Otherwise we could play whatever was next on the list, unless it was an opposing coach's timeout, which would be fight song only.
  16. rma

    KJ to the U

    So if he goes FBS he has to sit out a year. FCS would give him more playing time, wouldn't need to sit out a year. Interesting choice. Best of luck to him wherever he ends up.
  17. rma

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Kansas St will jump into the rankings this week. Would be very good if ASU beats Washington.
  18. Kent State playing like a community college team, which makes sense given their academics
  19. Cost was sunk before the ink on the contract dried
  20. rma

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    And I'd argue at this point in the season we're better off rooting for our wins to look better than try to figure out what teams could possibly be on the bubble. You can only start rooting against bubble teams in the conference tournament or maybe a week before.
  21. rma

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Odd, it says to root for Florida State over Syracuse. Maybe it's saying that Syracuse is competing with us for a bubble spot? Either way extremely odd.
  22. rma


    "Give credit to Toledo," head coach Felisha Legette-Jack said. "Tricia Cullop is one of the best coaches in the country in my opinion. They have a fantastic team, but we have a good team too. We kind of looked like we didn't belong out there and we talked to them a little harshly at halftime to remind them that they do matter and they are enough." FLJ is a hell of a coach, really turned the game around. CD got into her groove later in the game, having more turnovers than points for about half of the game, which is extremely rare for her. But she made a few clutch 3 pointers and sealed the W. Hannah Hall continues to be a huge asset on defense too.
  23. rma

    Vote for Nate!

    Nate's dropped into 5th place. Let's get him back up in the rankings!
  24. rma

    Leipold Extended

    $1m is the buyout then it drops to ~$800k, if I remember correctly.