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  1. Those are the cheapest tickets so tbqh I'd give them SRO if there's even a chance of a sell out.
  2. I'd rather go off on a usher. After all they're the ones that set the ticket sale capacity, control the refund policy, and all of that stuff. I think it's also locals not knowing/expecting what's coming. GA tickets are becoming common in MLB stadiums and some other pro sports, in addition to their popularity in college sports. Maybe sell a fixed number of GA tickets and then specifically sell standing room only tickets. GA tells me "if you want a good seat, come early", SRO tells me "I might be watching the back of somebody's head for half the game if I arrive late".
  3. Which means we possibly had the largest attendance of "butts in seats" in the conference this season. Good stuff. Let's beat it this year!
  4. Students that are smart already find ways to drink beforehand/get beers in. Nobody should be concerned about Bulls turning into Bills. I think we're at the point where it shouldn't be on anybody's minds. If we get a large enough fanbase that we have the flaming tables 1) I would be happy that we're a draw 2) we can afford to kick the crazies out. 90% of the tailgating happens on university property, there's a TON more control there.
  5. Buffalo: Fun game we had last year! Syracuse: Time to go back to losing, SUNYbros. We have an opening in the dome on X, Y, and Z. Buffalo: Loser travels, we're free in Alumni Arena around your schedule. Syracuse has left the chat
  6. Did we outdraw CMU this past year?
  7. If you download the app you get free articles.
  8. Central has a larger percent subsidy. Also of note UB has the largest revenue in the MAC.
  9. Thanks, seems to be similar to what Stubhub lists so I’ll buy through the ticket office.
  10. So 3 away OOC games will be expected occasionally going forward?
  11. Anybody know where the tickets UB is selling for this game (for poor people/non big $ donors) are located? Typically visitors sit in NKU or NLU but curious if there's non-VIP seats sold behind the bench too. Also if somebody knows the price for the ticket only? Assuming it's $30 ($85 tailgate/ticket - $55 tailgate only), but the AA page does not list it.
  12. Obviously the tape is his highlights but from looking at that I'm surprised he isn't getting power school looks at the very least.
  13. Looking at the site it looks like there's a bunch that is not accurate or updated. https://ubbulls.com/sports/2019/6/17/TeamUB.aspx UB is the ONLY school in the state of New York with a FBS (Division 1) football program UB competes in the MAC Conference and the football program led the conference in 2013 with an average attendance of 22,750! SUNY Syracuse and Army have FBS programs. MAC Conference (drink) UB is the largest public University in the Northeast with over 28,000 students UB is one of 22 state Universities nationally in the prestigious AAU Academic Consortium Rutgers, UConn, Temple and Penn State are larger There's 34 public (state) universities in the AAU plus 2 public Canadian universities The strategic plan has images of the cut sports. Yikes.
  14. There's a direct flight from Buffalo to Nashville now too. If it was a weekend, I might have considered it We just need a game vs Louisville and a game vs IU and you could do a full 2 hour drive in all 4 directions from Evansville (counting the SIU game).
  15. They fixed the expired SSL cert too
  16. Probably 50-50 is my guess. After seeing it for 4 years it became engrained as at
  17. For me it’s eye roll worthy when a recruit says “Buffalo University” but we are not unique in that aspect. Jamal Adams committed to the “University of LSU” Unfortunately for a lot of these kids the name on the jersey/helmet means more than the (name on the) diploma.
  18. Oh shit I forgot. Sorry, probably could have done without a lot of what I posted.
  19. SUNY designation. We're the State University of New York at Buffalo. The University is part of the New York system, located in (at) Buffalo. Just like how State University of New York, University of Syracuse doesn't make much they just shorten it to SUNY Syracuse University. Other states that have similar structures usually just drop the "at" like University of Illinois Springfield and University of Wisconsin Madison. If we did that it would look something like this: Now that I've opened that can of worms....we can all agree that our system is better than Indiana's which has two public university systems, Indiana University and Purdue University. Sometimes the public universities offer degree programs from both systems, so you get fun names like Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. Then there's Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne, which has now split into Purdue University Fort Wayne and Indiana University Fort Wayne. But they share the same campus. And we thought New York was bad.
  20. https://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo/news/2019/07/25/say-hello-to125-powerful-women-in-western-new-york.html Paywalled, but you should still be able to see the slideshow. #70 is Felisha Legette-Jack
  21. Are we a northeast school though? Sure NYS is "northeast" but Buffalo is closer geographically and culturally to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, even Columbus than Boston, Philly, and NYC.
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