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  1. I posted this earlier but I think she’d need around 3-4 years at the bottom of the conference or some form of misconduct to get fired here. Extremely likely she leaves here on her own accord
  2. And Watt, though he had a different medical issue.
  3. The only one that would be a clear step up would be UNC, which just formally opened up days ago. Of note Megan Duffy (formerly Miami U's head coach) replaced Carolyn Kieger at Marquette. Kieger ended up taking the Penn State job after Felisha Legette-Jack was reportedly offered it. To give some indication of how good of a coach we have.
  4. I hope that we could throttle them in football, but we're likely trending down (at least compared to last season) and Syracuse looks like they have the tools to put some continued success together.
  5. I wonder if that school down the road from us will do a home and home with us. They're already doing a home and home with another MAC school (WMU), and if they're worried about getting embarrassed they already got that out of the way with the basketball team.
  6. Alabama is close to UB in the US News & World Report rankings. Their academics have improved a lot.
  7. 1 scholarship spot left at Alabama.
  8. Tom Fox I believe is still video coordinater
  9. Considering the nearly non-existent barrier that the NCAA has for waivers, I think we have more or less entered free agency.
  10. Arena is open on Sunday. I'm kinda indifferent on who to root for in the finals, to be honest.
  11. Hope it's either us or Akron for the memes
  12. Spring game tomorrow!
  13. That's really unfortunate for EMU. They could go back to being old EMU if they can't get somebody good in.
  14. How far this women's basketball team has come. Congratulations to Cierra, I'm going to miss watching her play in person.
  15. My current perception pretty much. They have a young team that can make a huge run in the tournament. Much of Alabama's success was in the 1980's and 1990's - using that argument is like when Bonnies fans tell us that they won the NIT and made the F4 in the 16th century. Historical success is nice, but if your current team isn't great then it doesn't mean much. Miami U is the "Cradle of Coaches," has something like the 25th best win % in D1 football, has a toooon of conference championships, but has Chuck Martin on the slidelines. Is that more desirable than the Ohio job*? *Worth noting that Ohio has not won a MAC Championship since.....oh wow, 1968! Has it really been that long?
  16. "It's a down year for them, we'll finally play UB!" Proceeds to get obliterated by some walkons
  17. Which is very funny because he’s the big dunk guy on the court.
  18. Penn State reportedly offered her the job.
  19. FWIW it seems like Jim didn't interview until the Final Four. I gave my criticism for the process previously, but I imagine Mark didn't want to rush the process. It's his first big hire and you don't want to mess it up. You'll get more forgiveness over softball or volleyball than basketball.
  20. I was in the middle of the College Gameday pit with hundreds of people shouting "ROW THE BOAT!" The WMU community bought in and it was their rally. It's a gimmick, but a good one. Unfortunately, it was PJ Fleck's gimmick and has nothing to do with WMU. The blue collar thing resonates with Buffalo much more, even though it does not reflect the current state of employment in the Buffalo region. Plus it kinda strokes the egos of Buffalonians as hard workers.
  21. Tech is the better job too.
  22. Wow don't post John Groce's entire playbook on the internet.
  23. It might have been the Perk suspension game but there was a game this year where he played non-trivial minutes but didn't score. Didn't look bad.
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