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  1. Anybody have any notes from the scrimmage on Saturday?
  2. I'd like the Independence Bowl because I think I can travel to that one!
  3. So, were we just early and got him? There doesn't seem to be much interest by other strong programs.
  4. This was very impressive. And I hear that it is even better than they make it seem on the video. Great job UB.
  5. Probably good for him. Too bad for us. I like having him in the RB room. He is a proven talent and had such impact two seasons ago. May be much more to the story. Sorry to see him go.
  6. Athlon's prediction puts us within easy reach of the championship game. This line sums it up for me as I hope for good performance as a QB steps out from Jackson's shadow. The O-line and ground game should help loosen up the passing game (at least a bit). "The Bulls can lean heavily on a standout line and ground game to ease the transition on offense."
  7. Get a lead in State College and the TV numbers will be huge!
  8. Am I reading correctly that the Bahamas Bowl is the very first bowl? Edit: Never mind. I found a site with a complete list.
  9. Is Tyree sticking around campus to work out for himself and/or with others who are still on the team?
  10. Semi-serious. Is there a rule against scheduling MAC teams for the non-conference? Perhaps only teams that aren't already on the schedule for that year.
  11. Seriously. Still waiting for more informed explanation of what happened.
  12. More and more, we see that the NFL is a cold-hearted business. At least in college, we still have some semblance of team loyalty, although it really got stretched this off-season by UB players.
  13. "Hopefully they can be healthy and show off their skills and we have a few on rosters/practice squads come September." Agreed!
  14. Are you really arguing about this? Tyree and AJ woke up yesterday expecting to be 4th round picks. Here are the facts: The first pick in the 4th round: $3,324,499 with $804,499 signing bonus. The last pick in the 7th round: $2,594,288 with $74,288 signing bonus. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/draft/
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