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  1. ChicagoBull

    Mabry enters transfer portal too

    It is also becoming a fallback league for players, especially QBs, who don't get to play much at the P5 level (e.g. Grant Rohach).
  2. ChicagoBull

    UB's Peers

    Seriously? Rutgers, Iowa, and UC Irvine? Why those? Especially Iowa? Has anyone from Buffalo even been to Iowa? Maybe they meant Ohio.
  3. ChicagoBull

    Mabry enters transfer portal too

    Interesting for the remaining QBs. They are given a great opportunity with Tyree leaving, but the receivers they have been waiting to throw to are also leaving.
  4. ChicagoBull

    OL Coaching Change

    DeKalb is an hour from downtown Chicago and a half-hour from Chicago suburbs.
  5. ChicagoBull

    Leipold Extended

    Agreed. It is quite naive for athletes and their families to think that the coach who recruits them will be there when they graduate. Of the coaches in the link below, exactly half have been hired in the last three years! 27 in 2019, 20 in 2018, 18 in 2017. Only 37 were hired in 2015 or earlier. Only 26 were hired in 2013 or earlier, but exactly half of them (13) were hired in 2008 or earlier. I In other words, if the coach who is recruiting you has already been there for a few years, but less than 10, watch out! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_NCAA_Division_I_FBS_football_coaches P.S. And that is the head coaches who are the most stable. To expect that an assistant coach will stay is downright dumb.
  6. ChicagoBull

    Leipold Extended

    Extensions are necessary to keep recruits interested. The buyout clause is what really tells you how likely he is to stay.
  7. ChicagoBull

    Starting QB for 2019

    So did Vantrease get the redshirt for last year? Seemed like he played a lot.
  8. ChicagoBull

    Starting QB for 2019

    I wonder if we will get any indications of what the coaches are thinking about QB prior to Spring practice. For instance, does it matter which QB coach was part of their recruitment? Position coaches tend to favor their own recruits, whereas the head coach may have a longer term view.