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  1. Thanks. Didn't know he was on that committee. Now, what are we hearing on the ground? Are most players back in town? When will conditioning start? Percentage chance of the season starting in the Little Apple (Manhattan, KS)? We may all have our opinions and hopes, but surely some of you have connections that have actual substance to them.
  2. So, how is it looking in WNY? Any rumblings from the Athletic Department or football program?
  3. As I watched the highlights (thanks for doing that), I remembered the announcer in the Bahamas Bowl saying "That QB Vantrease, he's really good at handing off!" That was a great line. And true. If you have a prima donna at QB, it would take away from the excellence of the RB's. Lots of times we focus so much on a QB's arm (or running ability), but in this offense, we mostly just need him to see the field, read the defense, and make the right calls at the line. Vantrease seems like he is pretty good at that (and at handing off).
  4. Jaret Patterson || The Most Underrated RB in College || Official Highlights || "Bandit" You won't be able to use the same title this year. Patterson is definitely on the radar in Athlon's College Football Preview. Buffalo's RB unit is #1 in the MAC.
  5. The 12th at WR/TE was a real head-scratcher for me. Not sure we even know who will be playing for some of the other MAC teams.
  6. Just got my favorite magazine, the Athlon College Football Preview. They have Buffalo beating Toledo in the MAC Championship game! In the unit rankings: 4th for QB. Nice, I'll take it. 1st for RB. Yes, indeed. 12th for WR/TE. Ouch. 1st for OL. Nice package for the running game. 1st for DL. Always nice to be strong up front. 1st for LB. DL's and LB's helping each other. 5th for DB. Okay. Now, I'm pumped.
  7. Anyone hear any rumblings about prep for football this fall? Are the coaches or AD saying anything? Anybody hearing anything from players they know? Other programs are saying things publicly about the possibility of starting June 1st, but I'm hearing nothing about Buffalo.
  8. The Athletic provides such good articles. Well worth the subscription. I'm amazed at how much I learn from it, even about things I thought I already knew a lot.
  9. Interesting. Why would someone pay to do that? And at $20, it seems that it would be too labor intensive to make much money for the club.
  10. I think this proves the value of Pro Days for giving exposure to MAC players who are good, but maybe not so much on the national radar.
  11. Seems like he signed at just the right time for him personally. Has any other head coach signed an extension since then?
  12. Nice to see the Army games on the schedule. I would think that they would be a team that is in demand. Very interesting opponent.
  13. Would any school that would hire Mike Leach also want to hire Lance Liepold?
  14. That's what I meant by him keeping it quiet. However, even coaches who want to stay often have agents who put their names out there in order to get a better deal where they are already at. It all just seems strangely quiet. Perhaps, and hopefully, it is simply that he wants to stay and doesn't want to make a fuss about it.
  15. I'm not hearing Leipold's name out there. Is he intentionally keeping it quiet? Or does he need a new agent?
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