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  1. I've stayed away b/c this board is basically being used as a narc fest by an entitled donor
  2. Is there a way to even see the poll? It says I don't have permission.
  3. Brock has to be the biggest bust of a recruit for the Bulls
  4. I'd much rather always avoid the top team(s) and hope they get upset. It's the motto to March Madness for me
  5. Yes. But then we need NIU to win on the last night of the year. We have the tiebreaker on just BallSU if tied 1 on 1. We lose it if NIU is tied with us at whatever record 11-7 or 12-6
  6. With Kent and Ball nipping at the heals, I can’t imagine going 2-1 gets it done. The first tiebreaker beside head to head might be record against BG and Kent will be at least 1-1 against them. If they win only 2, you want them to be Akron and BG. So at that point; go for three. I think they might go 1-3 down the stretch and get the 5 or 6 seed
  7. All i can think of after this win is: orange-vanilla-coke
  8. Oh my gosh i didn't even expect that, is it really that bad????
  9. Graves has been horrible. From his fadeaways to that lazy turnover
  10. NO Danny Pippen. He was awesome in the last game
  11. all possible, but need help. NIU would have to lose in that situation. Tied with them and another team will bring our tiebreaker down. If tied with BG/NIU we would lose to both and stay in that 4 seed. Either way, need some help and isn't control our own destiny
  12. Even with 5 more wins, 8 straight, UB doesn't even control it's own destiny for the 3 seed, let alone 1 seed. They'll need some help to dig out of the 4/5 seed area.
  13. Seems like it. I have never heard of a player leaving mid conference season and then coming back back 2 weeks later on "his own merit". Something sure is goofy with this story. It reminds me when Syracuse lost Frank Howard for the NCAA tournament
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