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  1. How hard is it to find a kicker that can make 75% of his kicks? My local high school team has a girl soccer player kicking for them that hasn't missed from inside 40 yards all season. This is a colossal failure on Leipold. We've never had reliable kicking in his tenure.
  2. It's hard because Temple gave us a bunch of points. But we still shoved it down their throats. Wish they weren't so sloppy at the end.
  3. I went in hoping to just see UB look like they belong on the field, and they did. Very optimistic for the rest of the season now. They were just playing possum vs RMU.
  4. And Cam just signed with the Bills PS. Tyree, no. No word if another team signed him.
  5. Quite a whiff by the Bills to take Tyree over Dolegala. Especially when they worked out side by side in their own facility.
  6. Myers didn't look like a QB that beat out two older established players. He looked like a deer in headlights at times.
  7. We are going to get killed. We did not look sharp against RMU.
  8. That isn't possible since practice squads aren't officially formed until today. Was that a projection?
  9. I fully expect Cam to be signed to the Bills practice squad. Tyree not so much.
  10. Any chance of a home+home with Alabama?
  11. Actually there is a SUNY forestry school on the SU campus. https://www.esf.edu/
  12. Best concert I ever saw was Talking Heads at Millet Hall.
  13. I can't see the poll. Says I'm not allowed to see it. Any idea why? I'm guessing the questions was "Did you cancel ESPN+ after UB basketball season?" My answer is yes. They let you switch it on and off, why pay for it the 6 months UB football and basketball aren't on?
  14. I can see the AAC wanting us. We bring an alumni base in NYC, a major Northeast TV market, AAU accreditation, solid programs in three big sports. If the AAC intends to maintain a northern presence, we make much more sense than Middle Tennessee or Boise State. I have to wonder if AD Mark Alnutt already spoke to anyone about our chances?
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