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  1. And here I thought that BG win locked up 4th.
  2. I was ready to run him out of town after Dartmouth. But what a turnaround since. The Bulls team I watched Friday could win the MAC again.
  3. So it's must-win @BGSU, or NIU can do us a favor.
  4. At first I didn't like having 3 home games in a row, especially when we only have 5 all season. But those are 3 good October weekends.
  5. I prefer 2 or 3. Avoid Akron until the final.
  6. Man, I wasn't going to go to Cleveland. Now I'm getting the itch.
  7. Hard to believe this team was 13-5 not long ago.
  8. https://twitter.com/UBFootball/status/1230887177971814400 Congrats Lance. But is this also a sign that he could be on the radar of a larger program?
  9. This team started so badly. To see where they are now is a tribute to the coaching. I was freaking out at first, but these guys are peaking at a good time.
  10. @ChubbyHubby It's true. There is a 9th XFL franchise based in Dallas. They practice but don't play games. Their sole purpose is to provide replacement players to the other 8 teams. Don't forget the entire league is owned by one man: Vince MacMahon. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/18/xfl-will-have-a-team-nine-of-players-who-remain-in-shape-and-ready/
  11. Three years in a row we throw up on ourselves in DeKalb. WTF. This team can't hold a lead anymore and goes to pieces late.
  12. I can watch every game on replay with ESPN+. Just look under the schedule tab, then select replay.
  13. What a wasted opportunity. I know Fair is our big scorer but she took so many bad shots. Really killed us.
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