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  1. promotherobot

    SIU @ #14 UB - (12/15 - 2:00pm ET)

    Get Ch.2 to show the game on local TV.
  2. promotherobot

    Ranking Prediction

    Buffalo is a Sabres town after the Bills are done. But Buffalo hasn't been a college football town ever or a basketball town since Bob Lanier and Calvin Murphy. You can't expect minds to change overnight. Trust me, even though interest level is not comparable to the Bills or Sabres yet, UB is enjoying it's highest awareness ever in WNY right now. TV ratings for UB games are good. Fans watch games in bars like 716. It's gotta build some more. I hope the school can give Nate Oats another bump in contract and get more locals to buy tickets and/or make contributions to the B&W Fund. Another idea I had was maybe playing a game in Toronto? Might be enough of a carrot to get a marquee opponent.
  3. promotherobot

    Ranking Prediction

    #16 for sure. #15 maybe.
  4. promotherobot

    Who's going to Canisius?

    Nope. From Ticketmaster. Is UB selling tickets?
  5. promotherobot

    Who's going to Canisius?

    Only a couple of single reserved seats left. Then some GA. I got mine just now. Never seen a game at Koessler.
  6. promotherobot

    #17 UB in Olean, NY - (12/08 - 4:00pm ET)

    How much are you paying us? After all the Bonnies play in the vaunted A-10. We're just a lowly MAC team.
  7. promotherobot

    UB's Peers

    It's hard for me to answer. Like you said, we are sort of an oddball. We have the academic stature of a major state university with a flimsy athletic tradition.
  8. promotherobot

    UB's Peers

    As a conference I think we fit in the American quite well.
  9. This is actually a good sign. It means people are buying in and getting emotionally invested in UB. What stings for me is this season was the best chance we had to go undefeated. A chance to be ranked and go to a prestige bowl game. It's still a great season but it could have been magical. Even with 10 wins we underachieved.
  10. That was probably the toughest game UB played so far, save maybe for WVU. Lucky we came out on top.
  11. promotherobot

    Alumni Arena

    I don't get how football affects basketball. Both teams are doing pretty well, aren't they? Joining the A10 is not a solution. In fact it's even worse than UB in the MAC. UB doesn't fit with all the tiny private schools of the A10. Really, as an institution, we belong in the B1G Ten, but that ain't happening. So the AAC is the next best thing.
  12. promotherobot

    Bowl Games

    I would much prefer that to Boise or Mobile.
  13. Just checked into the Doubletree. About to walk over to the Detroit Beer Co. Seen some fans around town already.
  14. Me + 1. See you around 3:30
  15. Is that an official gathering spot?