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  1. Really? I kinda thought Hodgson was the heir-apparent when Oats goes, given his WNY lineage.
  2. sportscliche

    EMU @ #16 UB (1/18 - 7pm ET)

    Apparently lavish practice facilities — with amenities rivaling a 5-star hotel — are essential components of recruiting these days. I would think that sustained winning, NCAA appearances, and great coaching would be far more important. But hey I haven’t been 18 years old in a long time.
  3. sportscliche

    Ranking Prediction

    West Virginia is now 0-5 in conference and...wait for it...a sub-500 team. Big-12 cellar dwellers. Will their continued downward spiral diminish the UB win? They did have a healthy Konate back then.
  4. sportscliche

    MAC Chain of Command

    I work at a Carnegie I university and can assure you that this distinction is a big deal. Schools work fiercely to attain and maintain their position in the top tier. UB is the only MAC school with this status.
  5. sportscliche

    Syracuse beats duke

    That makes the Syracuse win a gold star on the UB resume. I think they can take a couple of MAC regular season losses and a 2nd round loss in Cleveland and still get an at-large.
  6. sportscliche

    Miami (OH) @ #19 UB (1/12 - 12pm ET)

    That thread shows ESPN giving Miami less than a 5% chance of winning. That seems ludicrous. Now that conference play is just underway, people seem to have forgotten how much parity existed in the MAC last season. Most of those games were coin flips. If UB is on their game, Miami should not pose a big problem, but that is far from certain. No MAC teams are pushovers.