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  1. Don’t think so. We were standing at the tunnel and watched the players go in. Looked pretty subdued, sorta like they had just won a conference game that they were supposed to win.
  2. As a member of the Blue and White club back in 2015, I was given verbal confirmation by the UB ticket office that I had tickets reserved for the 2015 NCAA tournament in Columbus, Ohio. Travel day approached, but my follow-up phonecalls and emails were not answered. They eventually balked on me as well as many others in a similar situation. I no longer bother with UB tickets. We've had pretty good success with StubHub.
  3. I never quite understood why Greenberg is perceived as some sort of coaching genius. In 16 seasons at South Florida and then VA Tech, his teams managed to make exactly one NCAA tournament where they won exactly one game. I think he represents the “edgy” take in those pre-game and halftime rap sessions. Sorta throw out a contrary opinion just to make things interesting.
  4. More than a little uncomfortable. The hyped-up teams have a nasty habit of flaming out in their first game. This makes for great TV, as all the networks drop what they're doing to zoom-in on the upset in progress. It's the under-hyped teams -- the ones that don't seem to get much attention -- that seem to win games.
  5. I don't either. Jordan's season 3 PT FG percentage of 31.8% (27 of 85) is better than his FT percentage of 27.3% (12 of 44). Does anyone recall a situation like this ever happening before? This is a good shooter who has psyched himself out.
  6. It will be a 9-hour all-night drive for us, but we'll be in Tulsa for Friday's game.
  7. What better way to prepare for two possible opponents....watch them play each other just a few days before one of them has to travel (again) to play you. I’m liking this setup a lot better than having to deal with #12 Murray State and Ja Morant.
  8. No way Turgeon is getting fired at Maryland. The Terps have made the NCAA tournament 3 of the last 4 seasons, which were their first years in the B1G. They are currently a Top-25 team. Yes, they had a bad loss to Nebraska in the B1G tournament, but are still certain for an at-large. A P5 school or two will be after Oats, but Maryland won’t be one of them.
  9. As of right now in the 2018-19 season, the UB Bulls and Buffalo Sabres are tied at 30 wins each.
  10. The booster bucks seem like a lotta loot for a mid-major basketball program. Does anyone have any insight as to how this happens? The alumni base is huge, so is the idea to get many small contributions? Or does it come from a few well-heeled boosters? Corporate sponsors? Alnutt seemed confident the funds are there, so I suspect some phone calls were made and checks with lots of zeroes were written.
  11. Defeating the 14th ranked team in the country probably saved Montgomery’s job.
  12. As UB head coach, Nate Oats has faced against Akron 9 times with a record of 5-4. He has never lost to current Zips coach John Groce. Here are the results: 2018-19 season: W 77-64, W 76-70 2017-18 season: W 87-65, W 80-68 2016-17 season: L 90-91, L 83-89 2015-16 season: L 71-75, L 70-80, W 64-61 (MAC tournament)
  13. I took a look at Wofford. Their losses were to UNC, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi St. There have been some nail biters in conference: 4 points over Mercer, 5 points over Furman, 1 point over Samford, and 2 points over ETSU.
  14. What I find interesting is the substantial minutes being given to freshmen Williams and Segu, especially in critical game situations. That's not happening with Fagan or Bertram. The coaches must truly believe in the ability of the first two to contribute and/or are willing to roll the dice with them for the sake of gaining experience. If Oats is willing to risk a game loss to get these guys some quality playing time, that speaks volumes to his long-term planning for the program.
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