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  1. Even on the minimal pro basketball salary, he will enjoy a very high standard of living in Hungary. I found the people to be pretty friendly; a surprising amount of English spoken in Budapest.
  2. Talk about a high-achieving organization with a single point of failure. Unplug the key person (HC) and it all unravels pretty quickly. Really tragic considering all the time and energy that went into building it. Not sure what the solution is -- UB Is not the first and won't be the last -- except to caution about not getting too emotionally invested in events and circumstances over which you have absolutely no control. Looks like the new HC will have quite a project on his hands. Wonder if interest from the WNY community will fade during the rebuilding years ahead.
  3. I pick up a real good vibe from Segu. He appears to be all about team. We sat behind the UB bench in Tulsa for the ASU game and — despite his non-existent minutes — was probably the biggest cheerleader, waving his arms trying to pump up the crowd. Team before personal glory — exactly the kind of player the departed coaching staff would have recruited.
  4. Some perspective on what might be considered Alnutt's lack of urgency in making a hire: As of today, UCLA has not had an official head coach for 91 days. And counting.
  5. I’m pretty sure you were in Tulsa, as were we. How many legitimate UB fans would you estimate were there? Legitimate = spectators wearing UB gear. My guess is around 500, give or take a hundred. A decent turnout I’d say, given the distance from WNY and travel logistics.
  6. As a possible scenario for the future, take a look at current Akron coach John Groce. Started by working his way up as an assistant over a ~15 year span, then eventually landed his first HC position at MAC school Ohio U. In terms of post-season success at Ohio, Groce has done better than Oats at Buffalo. In his second season, the Bobcats upset Georgetown in the NCAAs as a 14-seed. In his fourth season, he took Ohio into the second weekend, ie. won two games and earned a spot in the Sweet 16. Lost to UNC in overtime. He was that season's hot mid-major coach and got poached by Illinois. In his 5 seasons in Champaign-Urbana, he made the NCAA field just once. After Illinois fired him, he came back to the MAC with Akron. Not saying the same will happen with Oats at UA, but it's representative of coaching trajectories in the mid-majors. When coaches build up a program to the point where it can compete with P5, they invariably leave for more money. The departed program will suffer a setback and revert to the mean. That's why there is so much parity in the MAC and the other mid-majors (exception being WCC and Gonzaga). It's self-limiting in the same way as pro sports, except the salary cap is implicit instead of a league rule. I hope you are right that Buffalo continues to move forward in spite of the coaching carousel, but I think it's unlikely.
  7. A few thoughts... It makes complete sense financially. Worst case, Oats gets fired after a couple of seasons and still makes a generational fortune. Far more loot than even a lengthy stay at UB. So it’s the right thing to do if financial obligation to family is paramount. We all know there’s more to life than money. Especially when you have a ton of it. There are plenty of examples of insanely wealthy people who are thoroughly miserable. Will a family with roots in the upper Midwest adapt and be happy in the culture of the Deep South? It’s hard to imagine that transition will be seamless. And it’s gotta be so much harder with a young family. If things don’t work out on the court (historical precedence suggests that is more likely than not) and the endless social events with the Bama boosters become unbearable, will they draw sufficient contentment by checking their bank balance? I have heard it said many times that recruiting is — by far — the most important component of coaching at the D1 college level. Game management is important too, but it’s not nuclear physics. Hodgson has been on the bench at every game and I’d like to assume he’s been paying attention. He clearly knows how to recruit and must be connecting with the players. In my mind, he’s the first choice.
  8. As Charley Chan once said: “When money talks, very few are hard of hearing.”
  9. Don’t think so. We were standing at the tunnel and watched the players go in. Looked pretty subdued, sorta like they had just won a conference game that they were supposed to win.
  10. As a member of the Blue and White club back in 2015, I was given verbal confirmation by the UB ticket office that I had tickets reserved for the 2015 NCAA tournament in Columbus, Ohio. Travel day approached, but my follow-up phonecalls and emails were not answered. They eventually balked on me as well as many others in a similar situation. I no longer bother with UB tickets. We've had pretty good success with StubHub.
  11. I never quite understood why Greenberg is perceived as some sort of coaching genius. In 16 seasons at South Florida and then VA Tech, his teams managed to make exactly one NCAA tournament where they won exactly one game. I think he represents the “edgy” take in those pre-game and halftime rap sessions. Sorta throw out a contrary opinion just to make things interesting.
  12. More than a little uncomfortable. The hyped-up teams have a nasty habit of flaming out in their first game. This makes for great TV, as all the networks drop what they're doing to zoom-in on the upset in progress. It's the under-hyped teams -- the ones that don't seem to get much attention -- that seem to win games.
  13. I don't either. Jordan's season 3 PT FG percentage of 31.8% (27 of 85) is better than his FT percentage of 27.3% (12 of 44). Does anyone recall a situation like this ever happening before? This is a good shooter who has psyched himself out.
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