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  1. Looks like they want to move it to spring
  2. Any ideas on pay? I hope he can make a decent living out there
  3. Any idea how many open scholarships we have left?
  4. Im speaking mainly for high revenue sports like football and basketball. Smaller sports could always be one offs in other conferences if the travel budget was too much. You can't argue that a jump to the American would be a big boost to our sports programs in terms of competitive and probably revenue.
  5. Yea it makes sense from our point of view. It seems like its really early in the process though. Any more details besides inquiries were made? Did we ask the AAC or did they reach out? And are the seriously considering us? I really hope we can get in.
  6. Im sure we would all be in favor of that. How realistic is it though?
  7. Haha. Unfortunately im not expecting much from Brock. We know what he is. I love his attitude and all but csnt keep uo at this level. Im hopeful Fagan can get something going. This is his last year of eligibility right? Skogman looks good, albeit from workout videos and high school games.
  8. Also maybe Skogman can contribute after red shirting last season. I'm worried we are a little small with those 4 even though i know we are usually guard heavy.
  9. Now that our roster is set (seems like Fagan and Brock are staying), what do you guys think the starting lineup and rotation will be?
  10. He wasn't going to get drafted. He made the right move. Im glad he didn't consider transferring.
  11. Do we have a spot available? Only if Fagan or Brock transfer? Or if Graves stays in the NBA draft.
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