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  1. David Nickelberry 6’7 3 Star Josh Mballa 6’8 3 Star David Skogman 6’10 3 Star LaQuil Hardnett 6’8 3 Star Savion Gallion 6’4 2 Star Wow what a recruiting class the staff has put together. I’m a Whitesell believer now. With the players returning and this recruiting class, the future still looks bright. I had my doubts about whitesell, but it looks like he put together a great staff that’s helping him get it done on the recruiting trail. I’m anxious to see what Whitesell, Jenkins, and the crew can do with the 2020 class...
  2. I saw on Instagram, Jenkins was in Virginia checking out Zed Key. I wonder if he is gaining any traction
  3. https://247sports.com/player/nigel-john-46051905/ This kid is still available. I saw he retweeted one of Jenkins recent tweets and has favorited Quarles tweet. I dm'd the kid to see if he has a visit set up soon. From what I see we have one scholly left. This would be a great replacement to Perkins!
  4. I am hearing his Mother went to school at UB. Major Connection there! We will see if the staff can beat out the big boys on this stud!
  5. I believe he is the 2nd highest ranked JUCO player in UB history behind Jeremy Harris. This was for sure a major get for Whitesell, Jenkins, and co. The future is looking bright with this recruiting class they are putting together so late
  6. I saw it on twitter and I DM'd the kid and he said he will be playing for the Bulls next season
  7. I'm hearing that MBalla will be eligible next season with a waiver
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