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  1. Looks like it was worth it, Mballa is a stud and is worth a year of probation IMO. Smart move by Whitesell and co.
  2. Heck of a first year by JW Losing Jordan Hurts
  3. The team next year doesn’t look much better either
  4. I saw him post recently they he was getting rid of some girls clothes and some UB clothes on his story. Also his commitment post/video is not on his page anymore. I haven’t seen anything on twitter about him not coming to UB but it does seem odd that on his Instagram
  5. I heard Freeman is no longer going to UB next year. Can anyone else confirm?
  6. Yeah I knew something was up when we haven’t had any new offers out in the past month. But I’m sure Whitesell’s replacement will do a great job with the national name UB has now I was at the Blue Bull this weekend and overhead some UB coaches talking about an FBI and NCAA with Kansas and LSU. Not sure if it is related to this or not
  7. Freeman and Robinson are two nice pieces that have both signed now. I love what Whitesell is doing! Now let’s add a good Center
  8. I checked the papers and it doesn’t seem like he is in trouble with the law (DUI or Arrest) So it seems to me it either has to be he really has some family or personal issue or him and Whitesell aren’t seeing eye to eye. I don’t see it being a Niagara type situation since he isn’t married.
  9. David Nickelberry 6’7 3 Star Josh Mballa 6’8 3 Star David Skogman 6’10 3 Star LaQuil Hardnett 6’8 3 Star Savion Gallion 6’4 2 Star Wow what a recruiting class the staff has put together. I’m a Whitesell believer now. With the players returning and this recruiting class, the future still looks bright. I had my doubts about whitesell, but it looks like he put together a great staff that’s helping him get it done on the recruiting trail. I’m anxious to see what Whitesell, Jenkins, and the crew can do with the 2020 class...
  10. I saw on Instagram, Jenkins was in Virginia checking out Zed Key. I wonder if he is gaining any traction
  11. https://247sports.com/player/nigel-john-46051905/ This kid is still available. I saw he retweeted one of Jenkins recent tweets and has favorited Quarles tweet. I dm'd the kid to see if he has a visit set up soon. From what I see we have one scholly left. This would be a great replacement to Perkins!
  12. I am hearing his Mother went to school at UB. Major Connection there! We will see if the staff can beat out the big boys on this stud!
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