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  1. Hurley was supposedly a front runner for the DePaul job before turning to Arizona State. I think DePaul ended up bringing back a former head coach.I don't follow college basketball enough to know if that coach is still around, but it looks to me like DePaul has come further than Arizona State since the respective coaching changes. Just sayin'...
  2. $32 mill. Wow. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28199490/source-rutgers-bring-back-greg-schiano-second-stint-coach
  3. I kept wishing Massingburg was there to take control at the end of the game. Instead it was wild shots, forced shots and just terrible panicking shots. It's a long way to March though.
  4. After the bye week, anyone have any sense on who will be the starting QB going forward?
  5. Nice to see the old alma mater up in lights.
  6. Maybe it's time to start a rumor of the large NE public universities, with solid athletic programs, starting their own league of like minded institutions. Buffalo, UCONN, UMASS, Temple, Ohio ... Others? Pretty large TV markets. Lots of alums nearby. Easier travel. Like the old ECAC. But better. You heard it (made up) here first.
  7. I'm mildly surprised that there was no talk of any of the St Johns players considering UB after Whitesell's time there. Maybe it was just too long ago.
  8. Or even worse to the school that loses their coach to Big Blue
  9. Does Oats now wish he'd waited a while?
  10. Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero Buffalo QB Tyree Jackson is working for the #Bills at their local day today, source said. If they’re looking for a big, athletic QB to pair with their big, athletic QB, Jackson certainly would fit the ... bill.
  11. Some more Tyree stuff from Profootballrumors.com Buffalo quarterback Tyree Jackson recently met with both the Lions and Dolphins, tweets Tom Pelissero of NFL.com. Teams are interested in Jackson primarily due to his “rare physical traits,” per Pelissero, and the three-year starter certainly offers intriguing size at 6’7″, 245 pounds. Detroit could be searching for a developmental passer to play behind Matthew Stafford, while Miami simply needs warm bodies under center.
  12. https://www.nhl.com/news/acha-seeks-to-shed-club-hockey-label-as-national-championships-begin/c-306098996
  13. Tom Murphy was mentioned somewhere in another forum a while back. Well, he was just picked up by the Giants and may make the opening day roster. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/03/giants-claim-tom-murphy-waivers-rockies.html
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