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  1. Hardnett having a career game and then gets a stupid tech
  2. So every team should just give up if they aren't playing well a tenth of the way through the game? Good thing the team doesn't have the same mindset
  3. It is in MA, I think this is the first year they are D1.
  4. UB sports don't have a big enough dedicated fanbase to fill the arena/stadium unless they are a very good team. It is what it is. Hopefully the fact that it was a Monday night lowered attendance more than what it would be on a weekend. As we saw with those Top 25 teams, if you win, they will show up.
  5. Totally agree, very active hands. Good defense goes a long way
  6. Weird watching this team and not knowing most of the roster
  7. Need to pick it up if we want to beat them on the road.
  8. Starting the season off 0-3 seems to really have taken the energy out of this board. No one even talking about the game.
  9. We definitely look like the better team in this one.
  10. We might not be playing against Bates this year
  11. He was great. While not everyone agreed with his vision, at least he tried to make UB seem like it was an exciting place to be and tried to push us to higher levels.
  12. Oh he definitely did, I mentioned that in my post above. There was just a lot of negative talk about him because he never won a MAC chip, but he is still a great coach.
  13. Still can’t believe people wanted Lance gone. He has done the impossible and gotten Kansas to a 3-0 start
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