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  1. This definitely makes it seem like both Fagan and Brock are staying. Definitely will have a taller team than usual.
  2. My guess is that they are grooming him to take over after whitesell, we like to hire from within for the head coach.
  3. What are Fagan and Brock waiting for? Seems odd to wait if you know you are going to leave. You are just limiting your options.
  4. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2021-nfl-draft-trevor-lawrence-justin-fields-atop-preseason-top-100-big-board-receivers-littered-throughout/ 2 bulls made the list. Pretty impressive, let’s hope we get to have a season this year.
  5. I thought AJ was a better receiver and he went undrafted in a worse class for receivers. Maybe KJ transferring was the best move for him.
  6. I am going to love watching him lose to us for the next 4 years.
  7. Jeenathan shot 35% as a freshman in the MAC. 32% as a freshman in the SEC is not a reason to write off a player.
  8. I would take a shot on him, not great numbers but he was only a freshman so the potential is still there. He would be the highest rated recruit to ever play for UB I think.
  9. If this happens I would really hope that we don't lose our big games against temas like Syracuse, Marquette, Vandy, etc
  10. So no news on Bertram and/or Fagan? We kept hearing that one or both of them was likely to transfer, but I haven't seen either enter the portal.
  11. I will be rooting for him now, except for when he plays us obviously.
  12. If we get Graves back, I see no reason why we should not be the favorite next year. A lot of the best players in the MAC graduated this year and a few transferred.
  13. We are the best option of those schools, probably the hardest to get playing time though.
  14. I agree with most of what you said. All good on the rant, that’s what this place is for. Specifically on Whitesell, I also have questioned some of his decisions but I also admit that he knows way more about basketball than me. I think he definitely has a couple of major pros/cons that stood out after the first season. Pro: The players seem to really like him, I think it is a good look for our program to have no outgoing transfers at this point (not counting Bivens because I think he was non-scholarship) Con: the energy level is just not there. Maybe we are just used to Oats and Hurley who are firecrackers, but he is too quiet. Pro: In a year where we lost 5 of our top 7 players, we still came out with 20 wins and tied for the 3rd best record in conference. If this is our floor, that isn’t too shabby. Con: we supposedly had the most talent in the MAC this season if you go strictly off rankings. But our team didn’t play like it. Pro: He initially pulled in Chanse and Josiah who are highly rated. Josiah decommitted but based on leaving his high school it sounds like there might be other stuff going on. Con: I think we still haven’t replaced Hunter, not sure what they are waiting for on that front.
  15. Yeah, we might start seeing a bunch of Mballa's.
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