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  1. There are 10 known OOC games and last few years we played 13, so looks like 3. They were trying for one more big game - but only a few teams from P5 that have six or fewer games so still a possibility. Seems like one more home game may be possible.
  2. This seems like a much better team building / physical workout.
  3. I did not find full schedule of OOC games for Niagara. I also have not seen official word that we are playing them. However, I have on my schedule because of article on the Athletic "A collection of in-state rivalry games is also included in the slate: Canisius, Niagara and St. Bonaventure. “Those games are real battles,” Whitesell says, “more so than people realize.” The Bulls’ home opener will be against Dartmouth." Also barttorvik.com has Niagara listed.
  4. Here is my suggested top 10. Player Years PPG RPG APG Javon McCrea 4 15.7 7.7 1.9 Nick Perkins 4 12.8 6.1 0.6 C.J. Massinburg 4 15.3 5.9 2.4 Jeremy Harris 2 14.8 6.0 2.6 Blake Hamilton 2 15.2 6.6 3.4 Wes Clark 1 15.5 3.5 5.4 Mitchell Watt * 2 12.0 6.3 1.9 Zach Filzen * 2 13.6 2.8 1.2 Willie Conner 2 12.4 2.5 1.1 Will Regan 3 9.2 4.7 0.8 Note that I only show stats for this decade, and that is why Watt and Filzen only have two years. Shannon Evans and Lamonte Bearden would have made my list, but did not due to the transfer.
  5. Great article - if teams mentioned are accurate, I believe current slate of games is as follows: Updated* 10/24: UB vs Daemen (Exhibition)** 11/16: UB vs. Harvard (James Naismith Classic in Toronto) 11/21: UB vs. UConn (Charleston Classic) 11/22: UB vs. Xavier or Towson (Charleston Classic) 11/24: UB vs Missouri State or Miami or Florida or St. Joseph's (Charleston Classic) 12/3: UB at Vanderbilt 12/18: Canisius at UB TBD: Dartmouth at UB TBD: UB vs Niagara TBD US vs St. Bonaventure TBD: vs P5: Last time I checked Creighton, NC State, Minnesota and DePaul appear to have room in their schedules. Home / Home: Possibilities that I would like to see are Loyola - Chicago; Illinois Chicago, or Duquesne
  6. The biggest difference between Buffalo and Ohio/Toledo is Contributions. This has trended in right direction in past three years. At risk of being a broken record, winning should help continue revenue in favorable direction.
  7. I was poking around on the site and see another former Bull is playing over there, Javon McCrea, Yokohoma B-Corsairs. He only played in 14 games last year, but averaged 19.4 points per game and 9.1 rebounds during that time.
  8. Per Rivals.com, commit dates were late Sept/early Oct. Official announcement on ubbulls.com was on Nov 8th.
  9. I agree 100%, win and rest will follow. That is the surest way to keep your players from looking to play elsewhere.
  10. I was a bit surprised too. I decided to go back and see when we announced schedule and what top 100 teams were on our OOC schedule. We have announced OOC schedule as early as July 2nd and as late as Sept 6th. We had as many as 6 top 100 teams in our schedule (using Masseyratings.com). Here is the history. I also tried to compile a list of potential top 100 teams that have not filled out their OOC schedule. I used rankings and game list from Barttorvik.com and identified the following that currently had 6 or less OOC games: There are some opportunities for another top 100 program to be added to schedule plus potential from Charleston classic.
  11. Here is one youtube video. Shows good outside range and quickness. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=jalen+lake+basketball+youtube&view=detail&mid=48E344F785DEC888213248E344F785DEC8882132&FORM=VIRE
  12. Sadly, I will be forced to streaming first half on my phone during my commute home (don't worry I take mass transit so won't be distracted driving!) and second half from comfort of my living room.
  13. To be honest, I would be pleasantly surprised if he gets the waiver, as I wonder why his application would take so much more time to resolve than Hardnett - perhaps the extra time was due to request for additional support as his case for waiver not as cut and dried. Would be great if he does play this year.
  14. Could be... last year they were listed as Redshirt, whereas, Mballa is listed as a sophomore. Fingers crossed.
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