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  1. While I generally prefer to post positives and when I do post feedback for improvement, I avoid singling anyone out and talk more in terms of what the team needs to do. However, I agree 100% with you. If I don't like a post, I simply move on and think... hmmm, I would not have said that. My only suggestion, for what it is worth, is to think about if that person were you or a friend / family member, would you want your comment to be said about you.
  2. This team is gelling and I am optimistic with their chances from here on out. One thing to remember, is this team is much younger than last year's team. That team typically got contributions from one to several seniors (out of the five) game in and game out plus contributions from a junior and a sophomore. This year's team just recently is getting reliable contributions from two seniors, and a junior. However, they are also getting contributions from several sophomores and a freshman. I do like what I am seeing.
  3. I like your enthusiasm. It certainly seems like the team is starting to come together. Let's take it one game at a time. Need to take it up a notch against Kent State.
  4. Six turnovers for the whole game! Nicely done! Also 75% FT shooting. Both are big improvement over earlier in year. Still need together the D, although 19 turnovers is a positive. Also Hardnett had a nice night 8 points on 4-4 shooting and 6 rebounds. The Bulls need to be ready, Kent St should be motivated.
  5. Glad to see his play continue to be good. Now let's play some D in the second half.
  6. No way of knowing for sure, but there were some good signs recently that the team will be a handful for anyone in the MAC. I look for Graves to rebound as he gets over the flu, Williams has developed into a legitimate scoring threat. If you add Jordan, Mballa, Johnson (playing better recently) and Segu, the offense should be there. The key as others have said will be their defense. That will determine how well they do the rest of the season. Play solid d and they will be a strong contender.
  7. Bass Pro Shop Highschool Basketball Tournament Paul VI vs Oak Hill Academy - CBSSports 10 p.m. eastern. Josiah Freeman's Paul VI team beat Booker T Washington 74 - 60 to advance to finals against Oak Hill Academy. Thought I would share as offers a chance to get a glimpse of Josiah in action. Last night he had 9 points, 2 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal http://stats.statbroadcast.com/statmonitr/?id=290716
  8. What John Orogun's story? His stats seem good (other than FT shooting), all of the offers seem to be from last year, except Manhattan.
  9. I liked the way they took better care of the ball in second half - thought those turnovers were going to cost us. What can you say about Williams development on offense. He is looking very comfortable out there. As for Johnson, let's hope he can build on this and be a contributor for the rest of year. Mballa added another solid performance with 9 pts, 9 rebounds and 4 blocks. Looks like it will be grind 'em out most of the year, but good to come out with the win. Edited to add: I would be remiss if didn't acknowledge good performance from FT line 11-14
  10. Agree with the comments made that Segu should be starting. Team has best chemistry with Graves / Jordan / Williams/ Mballa / Segu. They will need to get bench minutes. I am comfortable you can get some good bench minutes from Hardnett and Bertram... One or two of the others will need to step up. We shall see.
  11. Related to this comment, is there an opportunity to encourage certain players to change their mindset as to shot selection. For example, Johnson, has not had it from 3 pt range this season. His three point attempts are down last few games. From 2 point range he has had mixed results. I don't have his shot chart in front of me, but I wonder in the games where he shot better than 50% from 2 point range, what were the shots he took. If for example, they are when he is being aggressive driving to the hoop. Perhaps a combination of that with an option of pass to an open teammate? I am not a basketball expert - so I may be way off base here - but is there a way to find a way that he can be a better contributor (i.e. make lemonade from the lemons)? Have to look for ways to play better as a team.
  12. Sorry - I thought this was a common abbreviation - effective FG percentage. Effective field goal percentage (eFG%) is a basketball statistic that complements field goal percentage by putting a player’s number of 3 point field goals into perspective. As you can see, the formula does not include FT% - so it is missing the entire picture, but gives you a measure as to how the team is shooting. Effective field goal percentage (eFG%) is calculated as: (2pt Fields Goals Made + 1.5 * 3pt Fields Goals Made) / (Total Field Goal Attempts) I actually prefer points per shot - which is eFG% * 2 - as I feel it is a little more intuitive. Here is how the Bulls did the last few years: Year Points from 2&3 Point Shots 2&3 Point Shots Points per Shot eFG% 19-20 1,013 1,000 1.013 50.7% 18-19 2,510 2,344 1.071 53.5% 17-18 2,561 2,334 1.097 54.9% 16-17 1,994 1,945 1.025 51.3% 15-16 2,093 2,096 0.999 49.9% You can see from this, that at this point, the team is shooting comparably to Nate Oats first two years. This is why the offensive rebounds, keeping turnovers low is important on offense as it helps increase number of shot attempts. You can also see why defense is a priority this year.
  13. I looked at some stats this morning - they will likely show the obvious - but here goes: Offense - Our eFG% is less than 50% in 8 out of 14 DIV I games. In those games we are 3-5. In the three wins, what was crucial was our offensive rebounding and / or opponent's low eFG%/turnovers. Miami of Ohio is an average / slightly above average defensive rebounding team. We need a strong performance again tonight on the offensive glass. An added bonus will be if we are able to have eFG% above 50% - I am not an x/o guy as much as others on here, but I recall seeing suggestions to make one or more additional pass; share the ball and trust your teammates. A good development in the last two games is that we took care of the ball better. One final key will be shooting better from the free throw line. Miami of Ohio has sent opponents to FT line at an above average rate. Defense - Our opponents eFG% is above 50% in six games and our record is 2-4 in those games. Note the other two losses, our opponents eFG% was just below 50%. Again borrowing from others - play with defensive intensity / help each other out. Also, we need to improve upon forced turnover rate - last game against Ball St was lowest of season. This may be tough as Miami of Ohio has generally kept their turnovers low this year. As I said, stating obvious here, but hoping that the team can return to winning basketball with this game.
  14. Jeremy Harris was the #2 JUCO recruit. Not an extensive sample, but looking at the the 2019 rankings, the Top 10 JUCO recruits in 2019 have generally been productive. After that, there are successes in next 15, but there are some who didn't pan out. Looks like us losing out on Rojas to Alabama will prove to be a loss , but can't tell since he got hurt. Andre Allen has played very little this year (has not played since Nov 23rd - does anyone know if he is hurt or just on the bench).
  15. I thought the panic button had already been hit! We are all pulling for this team to turn things around. They have shown they have the talent to beat MAC caliber opponents - let's hope they come together as a team and put those skills to work and build some positive momentum starting with a win in this one.
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