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  1. The fact that our student section is non-existent during break seems to indicate that the only students that give a $hit about this program are from outside of WNY. One Buffalo!
  2. Here is a Bonafan quote from after the game that just makes you feel sooooooooooooooooo good about this win! 😆 There is no point in the existence of UB. You would get the exact same education from listening to lectures on youtube. They print out 50,000 diplomas a year and frequently win their high school level league and still can't get anyone to care unless it's free t-shirt night It's a soulless commuter state school that no one on Earth cares about. The only people that wind up there are international applicants that don't realize they're not going to NYC who become shitty pediatricians and local pizza shop employees/bar backs who have to sign up for 6 credits a semester so they can continue to live rent free in the house their mom kept in the divorce. UB is inherently transactional and irrelevant even to its own alumni. An embarrassment to what higher education should be. Free Lester.
  3. Cmon Kevin, Did Gabe Grant steal your girlfriend or something? Your petty attacks of one of our own guys is getting embarrassing.
  4. This was the worst defensive showing by a UB team I’ve ever seen at Alumni Arena and I’ve been following the team adamantly since 2003.
  5. What the hell is wrong with this team? Beat Harvard and DePaul in Chicago, lose at home to Army and Dartmouth?
  6. I'd have no problem if someone took this D3 squad away from us. I was done with them the day they lost to Albany. They'd need a national championship for me to forget that debacle.
  7. Can anyone explain to me how a team can be ranked #97 after starting the season 5-1 with wins over #42 and #85 and their only loss coming on the road against #34? Kenpom's calculations are garbage to midmajors.
  8. I saw glimpses in the first half of Buffalo basketball. Persistent defense & turnovers that turned into fast break points. They seemed to tire out in the second half but overall it was encouraging to know the talent is there - they just have to keep up the tenacity. It's hard to accept that last year is over and we're coming back to earth but overall this is still a talented team that could EASILY win the MAC and make for a very exciting March.
  9. I want our team to prove they don't suck ass before we go out talking $hit to Bama.
  10. Disagree. Reggie already got us to that illustrious height of "blow a 19pt lead late in the game in a conference championship".
  11. If he started the QB he thought would best help us win games then he has terrible judgment.
  12. We were pretty 3-ball happy the past few seasons as well when we were in the half court set but we coupled it with a ton of transition layups off turnovers. I didn't see the defensive intensity and pressure that is necessary to create those transition baskets. It didn't look like Buffalo out there.
  13. Defense, defense, defense... that’s how we won the last few years. Turnovers and fast breaks. Where the hell was that tonight?? We looked like an NBA team on defense.
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