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    Ranking Prediction

    If you disagree, feel free to email me (gcouch@lsj.com) or tweet at me (@Graham_Couch), but do so only after you email or tweet at your spineless coach, whose fear of the road makes my point. Or whose arrogance deserves to be admonished. Damn... Strong words
  2. Does this make UB the highest ranked MAC team in history?
  3. ubmae86

    Ranking Prediction

    With Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Kansas State going down, we have a good chance to get above 15
  4. ubmae86

    Ranking Prediction

    Just saw this little nugget... Power Rankings: Kentucky takes a fall https://es.pn/2AkN7so via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app Look at number 15 😍
  5. I didn't hate Bona until I read the crap their snot nosed fans throw. Come on guys, you are 4-5 with loses to teams in the bottom of the league and we're returning basically the same team that beat Arizona and West Virginia... I hate to break it to you, but you're hyping up your team too much. It would be really easy for me to look at this match up and say it's going to be a slaughter, but I'm not going to take any game for granted. I bet your anything if they lose, or god forbid lose by a wide margin, they'll be on the wagon of, " well if course they beat us, they're a top 25 team." Jeez... Reading that forum really fired me up. Even their fan board is called bonabandwagon...
  6. I just checked their NET rating and they are 297 right now. If we lose to them, I don't think we've turned any corner.
  7. ubmae86

    Ranking Prediction

    I will never get tired of watching our boys getting ESPN time... Never... Go Bulls!
  8. ubmae86

    Ranking Prediction

    RIGHT!! If it sticks the way he's showing it, we might have a pretty decent way to the elite 8. We would need to beat a good Florida St team and a really good Nevada team. But in the 8 we would play either Kansas or Kentucky, where we would probably hit the struggle bus.
  9. ubmae86

    Ranking Prediction

    http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology Lunardi has us as a number 6 seed in the Tourney right now. This is so amazing to see us doing so well. I know it's still early and it's important to stay in the present, but this is amazing. I love the way this program is going and I hope to see us continue this pedigree of winning. LETS GO BULLS!
  10. I wonder if he'll make it into the NBA. I know he's a bit small, but his work ethic and sitting ability has to help his chances.
  11. ubmae86

    Ranking Prediction

    I'm not sure how much the NET rankings matter right now, especially since they seem to be slightly off, but we're at #14, which would bode well for us
  12. ubmae86

    Ranking Prediction

    I mean, technically it has to, no?
  13. I remember traveling to that 2008 championship game. It was such an amazing trip, especially since Ball State was ranked 22 I think. I wish I could make this one. Have fun guys!! Go Bulls!
  14. ubmae86

    Happy Thanksgiving to

    All my Buffalo alumni friends and current students. I hope you have a happy and fun Thanksgiving with friends, family, or how ever you celebrate. I've been a Bull since 2004 and love our community and our teams. I'm so thankful to see our students doing well at such a high level. Let's go Bulls!!!