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  1. I'm definitely excited about the possibility, but this far from a lock.
  2. Am I missing something? I don't see anything about him signing with UB
  3. I saw this on YouTube today and it gave me a good laugh. Figured you'd all like it March Madness in Six Minutes
  4. I'm cool with them saying this, but they've basically thrown us out the window for the way to early top 25 and I haven't heard a peep in how they see us shaking out next season. I'm not worried about all this, because I feel there's some benefit to being a power underdog, just think it's kind of funny.
  5. She just got picked 8th in the second round by Minnesota! I'm so happy for her. I look forward to getting her Jersey
  6. This game is awesome! I'm totally cool with having lost to Tech, they are playing crazy good March ball.
  7. He didn't, but I hope that's a given
  8. I think TT being in the final says a lot about our loss. It shows that we lost to a team that too it all the way. I'm actually really happy to see Tech ho to the finals as it is a huge boost for our loss to them. I for one do not mind at all saying that our loss was to the national champion.
  9. To slightly change topic, who do we think could be a good assistant for recruiting? I was thinking Battle might be a good choice mainly because of his background here and being young, along with bring a former player, might help inspire some kids to come play here.
  10. You know, at this point, between Oats and Hodge, I'm ready for new blood. These 2 left in a really shitty way and I am definitely over them. It's like getting rid of an abusive SO. You can't see how you could do without them until they're gone and then you're like, "Holy crap, we could do so much better!"
  11. Wait... okay... so the only recruit we've lost was Raymond, right?
  12. I don't care what team our guys go to, I'm buying those jerseys
  13. Perkins just got a spot on the NABC game! That's the top talent in the country playing in a game! I hope this increases his draft credit. I'd love to see him, Jeremy, and CJ get drafted!!
  14. I'm definitely going to be drinking tonight...
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