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  1. Looks like I have to get up to date on my ub bulls history!
  2. If mballa learns to shoot a three or even just a jumper, he will become the first ub player drafted in the nba. Too hot of a take?
  3. Yeah, doesn't seem right to the other teams in the league/ kinda sucks for that 7th seed that played them in round 1 ha It does sound like he enrolled earlier and even played a game before they had to forfeit the game due to him having played to many regular season games
  4. This is a strange situation but could really be as much as he is more of a spare part on his current team and wants to finish high school playing with his friends. Potentially giving himself and his friends a memory that will last forever Hopefully its something like this rather something serious
  5. If its mental illness, bowling green university has failed dylan Frye in many ways and it is much more troubling than what a handful of fans/students/players will say to him
  6. Play team defense and share the basketball on the offense, we should win Each game seems like we see less and less bad ub, so I'd like to see that trend continue Should be a good game in prime time on tv in a usual tough atmosphere
  7. Guy is about to get heckled brutally for the next few weeks by players and fans I get everyone goes through things and needs time to settle and re coup but if its gonna be a couple weeks and you're back. Get the coach to cover for you, fake an injury do something to get out of playing. Don't leave the team, create a big news story and come back 2 weeks later
  8. Agree a 3 or 4 seems within reach. The talk of the top seed is because with a 2-0 record this week, we have games against the top 2 seeded teams. Which does give us a benefit of taking it over. Then you combine that with Frye no longer with bowling green. The talk will be there and could be done. Reasonable or likely? Probably not
  9. Just want to say the defense has come a long way since the beginning of the season
  10. The next 2 games will be huge for ub, 2-0 we can start talk of the 1 seed. 1-1 we are fighting for a bye, and 0-2 hoping to get to cleveland
  11. When it happened and first announced they seemed to leave that door open However I wouldn't take what those announcers were saying with any credibility. They didn't seem to know anything about either team or the mac in general. Called mballa a junior a few times as well as calling graves a senior. And calling toledo one of the better teams when they are 4 and 8 was among the more noticeable
  12. Ive been wanting to see segu run the offense with the starters, kind of push Jordan into a defender role. Let Jordan pick his spots like he has the past few years but let segu do his thing. I think it would help this year as well as help develop segu
  13. First half ub makes it to the championship in Cleveland, 2nd half ub doesnt even get to Cleveland Solid win, like the last time lets up this is the start of a run
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