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  1. 3rd is a bit surprising. Can't really fault them having bowling green 1, they will be a tough team this season
  2. Being positive, at least we know we are still targeting power conference level players
  3. Hopefully him tweeting about jenkins then hinting at a commitment means it's us. But speaking about lack of signings, I think if ub comes out in the beginning of the season wins some games and plays a style they have played the past few years, it will go a long way in getting commits. Players may be a little hesitant in committing with out seeing the new coaching staff in action
  4. Definitely check it out, a few times throughout the season writers will do live chats. I asked a couple questions to Seth davis about ub last season and answered each one If you enjoy reading sports articles well worth the few bucks a month
  5. Was this always the case? Or did I never look at my tuition bills close enough, I just remember student fee x dollars ha Thats good to know. 22.15 so about 350 per full time student a semester. 15 years ago the revenue was 18 million, now it's 40 million, trending in the right direction.
  6. Remember the student fee isn't just athletics, it includes other student activities that the school provides for all undergrads like the speaker series, and fall fest spring fest concerts I would assume that the student fees allocated here as revenue are based off a percentage of "free" student tickets given out to athletic events
  7. Good catch, seems at least the expectation is he will be playing
  8. At my freshman orientation, one of the orientation leaders caught me saying "of", he then corrected me and said "it probably doesn't bother you right now , but it will"...... He was right I generally don't like when I see "of" With that said its not a big deal that a potential student/recuit uses "of" instead of "at", I'm sure a lot of future graduates made the same mistake at the same age. I did and I'm sure someone else reading this message did too
  9. Not to mention those "units" (money) from appearances in the tournament start to add up going every year and winning a game or two
  10. Also wanted to reiterate that the barttovik site is great once it gets actual data. It is goes very conservative on projections with an unknown history. It hates not having data
  11. Maybe its me being way too optimistic but I can see this team cracking the top 25 this year again. Especially if both mballa and hardnett are eligible
  12. I believe we have 3 spots open (Grant Johnson and Jordan graduate) With the heavy front court additions this season id expect next years incoming class to be a bunch of guards
  13. I'm assuming a lot of these guys are players about to take off, like zed key did right after we offered Something I noticed with recruits is that early stages its more telling the number of offers, seems to correlate to majors offering down the line
  14. Schedule is shaping up nicely. Each of those games could and should be quad one or quad two games
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