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  1. Our official new kicker from the Orlando area. Buffalo News says he flipped from Temple to us! Jackson Balter
  2. Great article from Yahoo! finance on the situation Yahoo
  3. It's a downgrade from what the Bisons had with TW/Spectrum Sports. Before Spectrum dropped the network the Bisons had close to 50 home and road games locally. The Pegula's are seemingly only interested in broadcasting their "One Buffalo" properties on MSGWNY. ESPN+ has replaced Spectrum sports, in our case, so our 3rd tier rights can be modified, just as when the Toledo game was broadcast by WGRZ.
  4. Check out @GregVorse’s Tweet: Aside from what UB released it was a typical spring game, D ahead of rebuilding offense. Our best unit is O-line so some good runs, Marks sat out so all RB's got action. Myers and Aapri Washington sat out too. They went deep as they could at WR, as Ruiz's 4 catch performance showed. UB offered another 6'3 JUCO WR today, so it'sclear they want bodies for the fall.
  5. This from the Spectrum: Inside it features over 6,000 square feet of rubber track, a full football field with two goalposts, four motorized suspended softball hitting tunnels and two multi-level indoor filming/viewing towers at 24 and 36-feet high.
  6. Just saw that too...better hope our JC WR's can step right in this fall.
  7. Local ratings over the last 2 seasons: 14.3 - UB vs Kentucky CBS (Peaked at 17.2 by game end) 14.0 UB vs Texas Tech TNT 12.0 UB vs Arizona St TNT 11.7 - UB vs Arizona CBS (Peaked at 14.2 at 11:15PM) 7.9 - Syracuse vs Duke CBS 7.8 - Syracuse vs Michigan St CBS 7.5 - Michigan vs Loyola TBS 7.4 - Villanova vs Michigan Nat'l Champ TBS 6.9 - UB vs BGSU MAC title ESPN2 6.7 - UB women vs South Carolina ESPN 6.2 - Vilanova vs Kansas TBS 5.1 - St Bonaventure vs UCLA TruTV 4.5 - St Bonaventure vs Florida TruTV 4.0 - UB women vs Florida ESPN2 3.7 - UB women vs UConn ESPN 2.8 - UB women vs Rutgers ESPN2 2.7 - St Bonaventure vs St Louis A10 title CBS 2.6 - Notre Dame vs Mississippi St Women's Nat'l Champ ESPN 2.6 - Syracuse vs Baylor TruTV 2.3 - UB women vs South Florida ESPN2
  8. Looking at the flight history, it may be a dud..it had flow from there to Buffalo on the 24th too. No loss as I agree with others, no sexy assistants at UI.
  9. This is the flight from Champaign per Flightaware...Linky Also, a plane landed this morning from Annapolis. Likely too early for an interview, though a Navy assistant Emmett Davis who has Upstate ties is in the staff...who knows Link
  10. A plane landed this evening from Champaign...start your guesses: Illinois staff
  11. UB finally posted the spring football guide. Best: Charlie Jones is still here. So are our veteran transfers who will help our depth, Ashton White, Devon Russell, and Trey Derouen. Worst: Rodney Scott isnt mentioned. James Potts all over again if he is gone, FL speed with many offers but nada production. Reed and Hawkins have moved on, so less RB depth. Surprising: Lefebvre working out at WR!
  12. I'm sitting in the Toronto airport, could not stomach the scores other than reading this thread..I was sure we lost the lead...then I see we are up 9 with :50 left...big relief but I LOVE how much we all care for much better play. We could have won by 20 if we played just a few ticks better and the refs were not duds.
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