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  1. RecoveringHillbilly

    Feb 2019 signing day

    Scott Wilson retweeted a post for a commit tonight, Mark Davis, Braden River HS (FL), Class of 2019. 6'2 170 CB/ATH
  2. RecoveringHillbilly

    Starting QB for 2019

    Hurts picks Oklahoma.
  3. RecoveringHillbilly

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    Never thought I'd ever cheer so hard for 'cuse like I did tonight.
  4. RecoveringHillbilly

    Starting QB for 2019

    Reports are that Hurts has visied The U, Oklahoma, Maryland, and USF. Wimbush is mostly likely going to Penn St, also visited UCF. Vegas betting odds have us at 20/1 to grab him. Looking at our returners: Vantrease 5 GP/1 Start 29-66 375 yds 2TD/2Int. ~150 offensive plays. Sacked 6 times last year, better in 2018. Not a runner. Led scoring drives in all games but NIU last season. His best passes were: 11 yd TD to Mabry (Mabry's 1st career TD) 8 yd TD to A.J. 47 yd to A.J. 43 yd to Nunn 37 yd to Holsey Johnson played 4 games. 1-2, 1 Int. Under 25 offensive plays. Myers played less than 10 plays. Had his awesome read option TD run called back.
  5. RecoveringHillbilly

    Feb 2019 signing day

    We have a committment from an ECC transfer player, Ahmad Holloway. 6'4" 300 lb DT from Clarence HS.
  6. RecoveringHillbilly

    Starting QB for 2019

    Paul Peck's thoughts on Tyree and the next man up here. Peck mentions grad transfer as an option, but unless it is a Jalen Hurts or Brandon Wimbush from ND, meh, I say stick with our players. 2019 will look stable compared to other questionable QB years. Licata and Tyree had to play above their heads as R-Fr. Licata had to play under 4 different offensive coordinators. Willy was thrown to the wolves as a true Fr. Vantrease will be in his 3rd sping practice, a true Jr, with the same offense. I think it's his job to lose unless Myers just wows moving the offense.
  7. RecoveringHillbilly

    Reggie appeared offended by Oats "Super Bowl" comment

    Still here. Yes I enjoyed our debates years ago! Reggie fan but I was there at Alumni clapping Hurley's introdution as head coach by Danny White..and I had deep hate for Hurley (Duke-hater since I can remember). I was wrong to think he deserved more time after 2012. The time was right, he got us as far as he could. I see he runs that same weave-hand off offense..meh.
  8. RecoveringHillbilly

    Are UB and St. Bonaventure rivals?!?

    If it's the media's "Big 4 rivalry" label, then, sure. I choose 'in time' because it's not any further than that. If both schools clearly set themselves apart from the MAAC Big 4's and play huge matchups yearly, then sure. It's not like it is an Albany-Siena, Cincy-Xavier, Seton Hall-Rutgers type of close proximity game. The Little 3 schools have each played themselves hundreds of times. We have played NU the most, and Bona the least. Any history is newly developing. Canisius is the top local rival for us with the Main street proximity and some tough, chippy games.
  9. RecoveringHillbilly

    UB's Peers

    UB's stated academic peers are Rutgers, Iowa, and UC Irvine. So The State University of New Jersey should be it. Maybe one day. Miami is our closest in the MAC, but they have their rivalry with Bobcats and Bearcats. Stony Brook would be it if they were FBS or MAC. If we got into the ACC with UMass, UConn, and Temple, UConn would cry but we'd have some untra fun divisional rivalries.
  10. RecoveringHillbilly

    UB vs. NIU - MAC Championship Game (11/30 - 7pm)

    WIVB Championship Special
  11. RecoveringHillbilly

    CJ out tonight

    Pre-game show says they aren't overly concerned on CJ's knee, most likely will miss tonight and Marist.
  12. RecoveringHillbilly

    Buffalo over West Virginia

  13. RecoveringHillbilly

    Unbelievably bad shooting

    Top 25 win and payback for the Tourny loss, Go Bulls!
  14. RecoveringHillbilly

    Unbelievably bad shooting

    Looking good now up 9!
  15. RecoveringHillbilly

    UB Athletics applied for liquor license

    From the Spectrum In my opinion, good.