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  1. I haven't seen any updates on Myers. As it is now, with some injured players possibly back next week, it may not matter who starts, because Akron hit the 0-6 record today with only 3 points scored vs the Flashes. We should come out fired up after last week and ready to pount the Zips. Also today of note: Temple wins again, Ohio was edged by NIU, Miami lost to WMU, BGSU surprised Toledo, Ball St beats EMU.
  2. Great post, and don't forget Nickelberry was originally at Memphis, too! I wouldnt be shocked if he steps right in and makes a bigger impact than Johnson or Hardnett, maybe a top 3 scorer and rebounder, with even better passing and stronger finishing at the hoop than Harris had.
  3. I think this game showed there would be little drop off if Vantrease gets more playing time. He was 10 for 10 to start, and would have finished 18-23 for over 200, if not for 2 very bad third down drops by Lefebvre. Myers may become like Rourke, but the last few games with him the passing game was truly lacking, and his turnovers killed us.
  4. I sat there thinking if it goes to OT there is no way we win when we dont have a quality kicker vs their All MAC specialist. Bingo. I don't fault the time out on the 4th and 1 since the clock was running down, but how can you trust a true frosh there for over 40 yards? Just because he made a prayer from 52, that is 1 kick vs the sample size and percentages. I prefered to go for it and if you come up short, then fine. But we were so good on short yardage today.
  5. Myers sat out practice today so if he is not ready we may see Jackson Baltar take full time duties. I agree, we should not let our starting QB also punt.
  6. Thanks to Alan Pergament for a nice write up on Saturday's College Football ratings. UB drew a 7.6 average, peaking at 10.2 when we we playing our best. Similar to the 7.8 (11.3) on WGRZ for Toledo last season.
  7. I'll post ongoing tv ratings I find in this this thread. UB @ Penn St - 2.17Mil viewers, local rating TBD
  8. Our D played well for so long, even missing 1 starter in Kodafi Wright. Our DT rotation with Onwuka, Wilson, Foxworth, and McGee, have the size to clog up the middle. Agreed on Hill having a bad game, he got lost too often and ran some bad angles. OTOH, Banks is our next All-MAC safety. All over the field. I didnt even notice that Dom Johnson started the game. His 3 grabs were nice, so maybe he grows the next few weeks to be the big posession receiver with Lefebvre out. IMO the staff have to work in practice to get our backs more involved in the pasing game too. Our screen plays were blown up too regularly last night. I gotta think Jackson Baltar will be the replacement punter. Vantrease is ok in short field/possible fake-punt option kicks, but he's too valuable to lose to another special teams blocking breakdown.
  9. Robert Morris lost to D-2 Kentucky State yesterday 13-7. They had a rough day much like our UAlbany loss, with key turnovers when on the verge of scoring.
  10. Dislike the Grey unis...once a year at most please then retire and burn them 🤮
  11. Yeah, 4th game limit, but I doubt they'd sit him if he starting 1st game. Skrabukes is spot on.
  12. If we have to burn Marlyn Johnson's potential redshirt season, he's gotta be our future star. Otherwise OL, RB, TE, and whole D set up as most projected.
  13. Bronstein dropping a huge bomb! But not toally surprised. Lance has been talking up young players when pressed for specifics. Yesterday he named 5 players possible at Center, then said Novitsky is getting the 1st team reps. So a R-FR, snapping to a R-FR, handing off to stud Soph. RB's. *Fingers crossed*
  14. I can hear it now, "Bycznski fakes the handoff to Cook, lobes it to Marlyn Johnson...Bullseye!" Seriously, so many small private FCS schools lined up. CAA or MVC schools once in while, please.
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