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  1. RecoveringHillbilly

    Buffalo over West Virginia

  2. RecoveringHillbilly

    Unbelievably bad shooting

    Top 25 win and payback for the Tourny loss, Go Bulls!
  3. RecoveringHillbilly

    Unbelievably bad shooting

    Looking good now up 9!
  4. RecoveringHillbilly

    UB Athletics applied for liquor license

    From the Spectrum In my opinion, good.
  5. RecoveringHillbilly

    Kent @ Buffalo - 11/6 - Gamethread

    Per the Buffalo News it had a 2.3 rating locally. Lower than the 6.3 vs Miami which went up against the Sabres. But fewer people have ESPNU, plus Election Night coverage had a combined 23.1 locally. I was just happy to see our depth guys play and getting our stars out without injury.
  6. RecoveringHillbilly

    Miami at Buffalo ESPN2

    Ratings per Alan Pergament on the Buffalo news: Sabres 8.2 on MSG "strong for this time of the year and indicative of increased fan interest as the team has gotten off to a decent start." UB 6.3 on ESPN2 "That’s a very strong rating, especially considering the first half competed with the Sabres game."
  7. RecoveringHillbilly

    Class of 2019 - Malik Brooks

    Verbal commit this week from Lockport HS, 6' 3" with decent speed. Broke Neutz's single season mark for receiving yards. 13 TD on 47 grabs. Good to see another recruit with size to go with Foster and Cuff.
  8. RecoveringHillbilly

    Local Buffalo TV - Toledo Game

    The story posted by UB today cites 75,000 households as the max number. By comparison, 'Red vs Blue' had a 5.1 locally, and for ESPN2 on an Election Tuesday night that was great. 640k watched nationwide and hard to believe that was our first national broadcast from UB Stadium.
  9. RecoveringHillbilly

    Pre-Season Power Rankings

    Linky Another site projecting our 1st place finish.
  10. RecoveringHillbilly

    2018 Mens Basketball Schedule

    'Secret' home scrimmage vs Albany on October 20th, as well.
  11. RecoveringHillbilly

    EMU @ UB - Sept. 15 - 6:00pm (ESPN+)

    4 hours to go! So far in interesting scores, Temple up on Maryland 28-7, Kansas running over Rutgers 31-14 at half.
  12. RecoveringHillbilly

    Khalil Hodge pro scouting evaluation cbs sports

    Read Kiper is high on him too, 2nd day pick. Sounds about right.
  13. RecoveringHillbilly

    UB @ Temple - Sept. 8 - 3:30pm (ESPN3)

    I had a busy day but was lucky to listen on the radio for most of it. When Temple evened it up late I was oddly calm. At that point with surprising Jones, Marks, and Nunn providing the scoring, I felt one or more veterans would step up in the end. Sure enough our leaders provided the explosive plays to win it!
  14. RecoveringHillbilly

    Season Opener - Delaware State Hornets 6PM

    Game notes are posted, holy cow James Patterson starting at OLB, great for him! Del St Notes