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  1. Are you crediting Johnson and Grant to Oats whom brought them in and coached them through a year of practices or Whitesell whom has an off-season and an OOC so far (as head coach that is..). I’m confused what point your making.
  2. I think they are probably working on their fts plenty. Jordan may need a hypnotist tho.
  3. Love that fans on this board give attention to the women’s team. Don’t like the name of this thread....
  4. I feel bad for the other players trying to make the big show in that league, Cuse they just got an ant in their pants. Will miss you DC!
  5. Umm... UB has been better than SU for a couple years now. Why are people here acting surprised or even feel the need to post it? Old news.
  6. Well, most student fees makes sense because we’re the biggest school.
  7. Duquesne is one for sure, holdover staff should still know some of Dambrot’s people. St Joes series every year would be nice. I know I’m now leaving the A10 but playing a Manhattan/Iona, Cornell and Siena back and forth every year would be nice. On top of our normal big 4 games, may bring paying MAAC fans to Alumni and give the alums from around the state close games. If this Harvard game turns into an epic battle like I think it will, the ADs should exchange numbers. The MAC isn’t going to provide us rivalries the people of Buffalo will ever care about. Playing schools from Ohio or Michigan is mehhh. But playing in state/region can drum up interest. And as our name grows and we are willing to play on the road too if they come here as well (yeah f u SU), this can be a great built in non conference sched (1/2 home games) on top of whatever neutral tourney and pay away games we can find ourselves in.
  8. Any player you have to tightly guard 10 feet behind the 3pt line and can dribble is almost an impossible guard. Hopefully a strong passer as well. Keep in touch please Coach Whitesell!
  9. I’d prefer our players looking to transfer to a P5 (Because they’re good enough) because the next frosh is taking his job, not the other way around. Then you have arrived. And obviously I’d love being a P5 school but it took us decades to climb to the top of the MAC, imagine the time table to become respectable in the BiG...
  10. I can’t see the Bonnies cutting UB off their non conference slate. UB is willing to go there, they are willing to come to Alumni(unlike those SU sissies), most years that is the best opponent either team can get. What we need to do is start home&home series with the other A10s looking for good home games. And maybe the bottom of the BIG10. Rutgers for sure should come to Alumni if we cum there. That was not a typo. i know the FB side is improving. But that is a zero win prop. UB could go undefeated in football, lose the MAC championship game and end up playing their bowl on a Tuesday in Boise. I hope the AD is trying to negotiate football road games for BB home games and take a little less money. OSU paid 1mill for us to play there. How about only 750k and you play ball at Alumni? How much did PSU pay? We couldn’t get a BBgame back in that negotiation?
  11. My only disagreement is that having former P5 recruits transferring in is actually a sign of a growing or good program. I’d rather have players transferring out to P5s as UB starts getting frosh to pick us over some P5s and playing time is hard to come by.
  12. We couldn’t just let him foul someone in the locker room?
  13. Awesome. But now that I think on it, I can’t remember him dribbling the basketball at all.
  14. I disagree completely. Best site out there. Barttovik is just using an algorithm, and putting out projections based on very limited data in a lot of circumstances for some 300+ d1 programs and some thousands of d1 players for offseason fodder. But is probably one of the best sites for comparing said 300+ programs once the actual games and actual data is around to compare. Wanna win some money come March, visit this site.
  15. I know this list is of current home winning streaks, but in the history of the school, BYU has never lost a single Sunday game. It is literally impossible to win there on a Sunday. Don’t even bother trying to schedule that matchup. Hard to beat that. As a handicapper, I give KU and Duke the biggest home court advantage. Cuse I give a nod to if a team hasn’t played there, tough shooting court being inside a football stadium, similar to our recent advantage of having the most experience shooting in Cleveland. Reason I didn’t bet our beloved Bulls first trip to SU and bet them big last year. love that a national tweeter audience gets to look at a list w/ UB at the top!
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