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  1. No offense taken. Again we all can have a different opinion and perspective. I knew her track record but again there are players all over the landscape that have great success in their previous colleges but it does not always translate in their next team. I am so happy that it did turn out great for us with Fair and our family did not miss any of her home games and games in Cleveland. Just a great and exciting couple years. Go Bulls!!!!
  2. Do agree with the excitement level especially after Coach Jack left and took all our top players. Just have to wait and see how all these new players develop. Who could of forecast how good both Fair and especially Woolley would become. If McEvans did not have injury problems and if Christie would of improved and given solid minutes Woolley might not of seen many minutes at all. That is both the crazy and exciting aspect of college basketball. Go Bulls!!!
  3. Pretty impressive. Can drive to the basket using both hands and looks like can shoot the 3’s. If our coaching staff can get all these new players to play team ball along with some defensive energy it could be very interesting. Go Bulls!!!
  4. I do agree. Both Christie and Wilson probably were not quick and athletic enough for how Coach Burke wants in her players. Again no knock on these former players who have positives in how they play. Good luck to them. Go bulls!!!
  5. Do agree. As the year progresses let’s have the majority of opinions about our UB team with the coaches and players bringing a renewed energy. Go Bulls!!!
  6. The banner was the final straw for her to go back to Syracuse and it is well deserved.
  7. Here’s another player that just wants to go to a school where he can play some meaningful minutes and get his education. It is crazy how there is no mention of an education or degree for any of these players. The sad part is there will probably be a great number of these players that won’t even have a scholarship to fall back on when trying to transfer. Is it going to be a real life learning experience for many of these kids?? Time will tell and will be interesting to see all the facts about how many of these kids in the transfer portal actually find new schools and teams to go to. The big question is are we going to get the honest facts or are things going to be sugar coated to the general public. College sports is now a business just like pro sports.
  8. I do agree. McNabb being recruited by FLJ to UB was the precursor to her then going with FLJ to Syracuse which was probably discussed with FLJ. As soon as FLJ name went up at Syracuse it was a foregone conclusion. On the positive side we got a coach with tremendous upside with great energy and enthusiasm. Go Bulls!!!
  9. Agree. If Mading and Williamson turn out to be good players It could turn out to be a very interesting team. Again we just really do not know how players will turn out to be productive players. When they turn into very good players the coaches are geniuses and when they do not the coaches don’t have a clue about recruits. Go Bulls!!!
  10. Kudos to our coaching stafff. I guess for all the criticism they are continuing to try and get players to come here. Coaches all over the country are in the same mess with the transfer portal. The mess at Bona appears to be worse than at UB. At the minimum their coach is getting a big salary and can laugh all the way to the bank.
  11. I somehow wonder if the NCAA even had a clue that the NIL would turn out to be like this. I guess another case of the NCAA not having a clue of what this is all about. Another case of all the millionaires really only caring about their fortunes. Unless someone comes up with an intelligent and common sense answer college sports will go the way of pro sports. Fortunes to be made and no middle ground when it comes to the fan who does not have the money to attend events or buy merchandise. They will alienate the may fans like our family and will lose younger fans from families that will not follow or support sports teams. We will find better avenues for our money and entertainment. Again there will be many that will continue to follow and support sports but there will be many of us that will be lost for the rest of our lifetimes. Just a sad commentary in the life of what sports have become.
  12. There is only so much we as fans can do but winning does solve some of the exposure. The media is sometimes the biggest problem and the best solution. We have voiced our displeasure with the BN before. There were many instances where they did not even mention a game was scheduled and only on the day of a game ran any kind of story. I know many on this site said this is a Bills and Sabres town and the BN covers high school sports sometimes better than college sports. We will continue to push for better coverage and support our UB teams. Go Bulls!!!
  13. Agree. I have met Fair and talked to her on a couple of occasions and she was very quiet and really did not show much emotion. We seen her down at the MAC in Cleveland with her family and was really just the same. Everyone has so different type of personalities but that is what makes the world go around. Good luck to her and will be interesting to see if she gets the same kind of freedom as she had at UB. She should come up against more athletic and quick players in the ACC.
  14. The whole transfer portal can be a total rap shoot for all involved. It still comes down to who a player is listening to and in the final analysis I think a player has to be honest with theirselves. With all those top P5 teams I would think Fair was not going to get 30 plus minutes of playing time and be able to get 20 plus shots a game. Does the player want to risk sitting on the bench and playing minimal minutes just like a DeBerry at UCONN or try to find a team that you can contribute but still play some positive minutes. Who are you going to believe?? Friends,family, coaches?? Bottom line a player has to perform and help a team succeed.
  15. I see there are quite a few of foreign players on the tam and even the coach played in Sweden. She will fit in nicely.
  16. That is very possible especially when watching their practice. Only my opinion but Christie was a good role player but really lacked any quickness or court sense. What she lacked in athletic quickness she was able to compensate because of her overall size. I was not sure she fit the type of player Coach Burke needs in her uptempo style play. Good luck to Christie at her new venue. Go Bulls!!!
  17. Thanks. So if they do leave that leaves us with even less front line players. On the positive side with the 100’s or 1,000’s in the portal there should be some good players that would want to play with one of the better MAC teams with a new and energetic coaching staff. Still crazy to think that all these players are going to find a school to not only get an education but to get a scholarship and continue to play basketball. Still confused with the transfer processs. After this transfer free period if a player wants to transfer do they have to sit out a year before playing?? It will probably take years to see how this crazy process turns out for not only the players but how fans feel about this. Go Bulls!!!
  18. Was thinking the same thing. The three additions appear athletic,quick and can shoot along with having some intensity attitude. We only have five left over front line players and all with very little experience and with limited minutes. I would think Coach Burke and staff are looking for some good front line players that can play defense and can rebound. An exciting start something to really look forward to when all appeared lost when Coach Jack left. Go Bullls!!!
  19. Agree.Coaches coming from winning programs like Louisville and South Carolina and some with recruiting experience and also Erin from our area with local contacts. Also singing another recruit who was Div 2 player of the year averaging 17 per game with good assist totals. Exciting to see a new chapter in Women’s basketball. Go Bulls!!!!
  20. Thanks for the update. Still no rumors or any information on who Coach Burke is considering for her assistant coaches?? Go Bulls!!!
  21. Sort of surprised we have not heard about McNabb going to Syracuse with Coach Jack instead of staying at UB!! I I think Coach Jack only had seven players left from the Syracuse team. Still will be interesting how these former MAC coaches and players can adapt to a better overall ACC conference.
  22. Do agree. Each and every coach has their own personality and temperament and has to be judged on their own merits. Coach Burke has her own passion and looks different than the Coach Jack passion and am looking forward to this new chapter of UB basketball. Any word on any potential coaching hires by Coach Burke?? Go Bulls!!!
  23. You can have all the 4/5 star recruits but if a coach can’t get them to play some kind of team mentality it will be tough to win at a high level as evidenced as to what happened at Alabama last year. As far as Sears, yes he was a very good player in the MAC but when he came up against the better quick and athletic players he struggled. The SEC has more of those type players so it will be interesting how he will fit in.
  24. That is the fun and also frustrating aspect of college basketball. With the transfer portal it can make it even more crazy. The Hurley and Nate years we hit on some big time Juco’s and transfers and under Whitesell not so much as evidenced by the Grant, Brewton and Jack performances just to name a few. You just never know how the individuals and the team will come together and perform. With this crazy environment there are many teams that will be starting over and how all these players will contribute is the big unknown but of course we will all have our opinions. Hope springs eternal. Go Bulls!!!
  25. Thanks for the updates. It looks like Coach Burke is full go on recruiting both freshman and looking at the portal. Go Bulls!!!
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