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  1. Bummer for Fagan. I suspect no problem for medical redshirt. I know he wasn’t a huge name, but he was really productive as a JUCO freshman. For perspective, numbers not dissimilar to JUCO freshman Justin Moss. Assuming he recovers we are still set for some time to come with athletic, skilled and mobile bigs (Skogman, Mballa, Fagan, Hardnett... wow!).
  2. Not sure where TCU has the room- already have 15 signed for next year. But these days you just never know.
  3. UC will reportedly clear him so he can play right away.
  4. Also could be waiting to make sure UB (or other schools) clear him academically- not saying he wouldn’t qualify, but I imagine it can be more difficult for an admissions or compliance department to document coursework when a scholar athlete was home schooled.
  5. I think they see the writing in the wall. You almost never see it made public that a school has pulled a scholarship offer. Seems like a PR move to avoid having to explain to fans that Buffalo beat them out for a player they wanted!
  6. TCU. Tough loss. TCU is overcommitted (15 scholarship players for next year). Arkansas just accepted a verbal for 'ship # 16. Very difficult to compete when the big boys operate like this. I know they'll have to cut some players loose, but will happen late (tying our hands) and probably won't be upper crust talent.
  7. Signing another guard/wing will not preclude picking up another big. One of each works just fine. Especially if the player rebounds his position as well as Grayer seems to. Would be a great get.
  8. Didn’t mean to seem as though I was upset with our staff and recruiting- love the team we have coming back and very happy with our three signees. Nickelberry is more of a 3, though. Still think we need a play now big if we want to repeat in the MAC next year. Skogman will give us some minutes, but he is still a freshman big- will take time to develop.
  9. Where can you get a big at this juncture ready to play now? That is a tall ask. Just unfortunate that we had three stud posts in our class prior to NO departure. At least we have Skogman- I think he will need to bulk up but is a sure fire all conference guy down the road.
  10. Just checking- by Mario do you mean Reeves?
  11. Bummer if staff wanted him. Seems similar to Gallion, though, and I always assumed we would only take one of them. I was surprised we were among his finalists after we took Gallion’s commit. That said, I think we need a big who can contribute immediately and BPA available with our last two scholarships. BPA preferably a proven transfer.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nwahomepage.com/amp/pig-trail-nation/hog-recruiting/hoop-hogs-notebook-kyree-walker-and-jaire-grayer-visit-updates-new-transfer-visitor-more/2002329527 Arkansas would be tough competition, although they already seem over the scholarship limits. But he seems as though he would be a great get.
  13. Just found this while checking up on him- like to follow up any former recruits who are in the portal: https://mobile.twitter.com/AlamoCityHoops1/status/1124402355292790785
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/okonscoutnews/status/1124805741762744321
  15. https://mobile.twitter.com/WisBBYearbook/status/1124103651390369792 Big time get! Two huge pick ups so far from a Whitesell! He may take a while to pack on muscle, but man is he skilled and long!!!
  16. Arizona is already at 14 signed players for next year. Not sure how they have room for him.
  17. Really hope we land him. Think he would start for us all year and really gives us an athletic big who could rebound, defend, run pick and roll sets with and has pretty polished post moves.
  18. https://mobile.twitter.com/scottybscout/status/1121236361636458496
  19. https://mobile.twitter.com/scottybscout/status/1120021817182134272
  20. Looking at the JUCOs with ties to Buffalo: Reese, Hamlet ranked well. James Jones was third team all-American. Rojas and Allen top 10 ranking. McKinzie with high major interest. Even Sean Miller Moore with some high major interest. No shortage of talent associated with this program of late.
  21. Agreed. Would love to land these two to shore up our front court for next year and the future. Combo forward (Agee or Rojas, for example). Athletic wing guard. PG or combo, preferably an incoming freshman to develop behind Jordan/Segu.
  22. Who knows- lots of very strong offers, internet says Marquette getting involved. But I agree- would feel much better about our big man concerns with these two. Think he and White would be great gets.
  23. https://mobile.twitter.com/WisBBYearbook/status/1119652538108739585 https://247sports.com/Player/David-Skogman-46058779/ I guess this staff was hard at work after all.
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