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  1. Watched about the last 10 minutes of the DePaul game and if DePaul plays like they did against TT it will be a tall order for us to stay with or even beat DePaul. They are long, athletic and play with defensive tenacity. Rebounding and taking care of the ball are two keys for us to be competitive in this game. Go Bulls!!!!
  2. Shooting 3’s sadly is what basketball has morphed into and no matter what our family and fans say will not change the game. The game of taking jump shots, driving inside or around the foul line and taking pull up jumpers are gone. How many times do you see players taking a shot and following their shot to try and get the rebound? The saying we hear is no matter how badly the player is shooting from 3 point line he has to keep shooting. If a player is having a bad shooting night how about getting the other players involved. I thought the game was suppose to be team and ball movement. We still enjoy the game and will continue to support our UB teams. Go Bulls!!!!
  3. Stats can tell how a game plays out. UB at 39% shooting, 21% from 3’s, 63% from free throw line, 17 turnovers, only 7 assists, 20 fouls, very little defensive tenacity, poor shot selection and very sloppy ball handling. Usually stat line like or similar to this spells defeat. Looking forward to improvement and the home games. Go Bulls!!!!!
  4. I think this team is still working on the identity issue and do agree it is more of an execution issue with all the newer players. It is truly up to the coaching staff to get these players to buy in to the scheme and/or change based on the players abilities. We don’t have any true identity yet. We had an identity the last few years because of the players we had in Caruthers, CJ and Perkins. Still have faith in this group and hope we see improvement in many areas of play. Go Bulls!!!!
  5. Do agree. With our success the last few years the expectations for this year were that they would continue but the hope was that the new players and the returning ones would turn into a cohesive unit. The expectations were hopeful. Johnson and Grant were not very good players at their previous schools and Jordan and Graves would have to take on the star roles whereas they were good supporting players on the previous teams. Hardnett and Nickleberry do not look comfortable at all and both Williams and Segu are both receiving minutes and playing time for the first time. Winning games is the only thing the will help these players gain confidence. Again on paper these players have the potential to be good but as many of us have seen that does not translate to the play on the court. So far this team lacks defensive tenacity, poor rebounding,turnover tendency and poor free throw shooting and team awareness. In many cases it is the result of new and different makeups of players. As basketball fans we have seen teams and had years like this in the past. It is the job of this coaching staff to make the hard decisions on playing time and have the right team chemistry. Time will tell and here’s hoping that the team will improve. Our support has not wavered and looking forward to our upcoming home games. Go Bulls!!!!
  6. The two players are Nickelberry and Gallion and is another reason to support these young men who care about more than just playing basketball. Go Bulls!!!!
  7. Seen a report from one of the Bama beat reporters that some fans are already restless and most of the enthusiasm of Nate’s hiring has dissipated!!!!If Alabama is not at least competitive in the SEC who knows how Nate and the Alabama AD will handle the scene. It probably is not fair to Nate but such is life in the big city.
  8. Another very good win. Who would of thought 6-2 without Summer with a group of freshmen and others who did not really play a lot of minutes last year. Onwuka had another very efficient game. Fair only had 12 points with her first tough shooting game. Every game seems to have different players step up in supporting roles. Gaba had 12 points and 11 rebounds,Schaffer had 9 points and hit 3-5 from 3 point line, Hamilton had 8 points with 8 rebounds. Hope the fans come out to support this team and Go Bulls!!!
  9. You must have been reading my mind. I was thinking of red-shirt for Summer if she is hurt more than we are told.Go Bulls!!!!
  10. Agree that he is starting to play a lot smarter and he has the athletic talent to continue to get better. But he has been working on his shooting since last year and that is what was stated since last year that both he and Segu were always in the gym shooting. Hope he continues to improve but don’t take shots that can hurt the team. I did not suggest Segu should be starting but do think his minutes will probably go up as the season progresses. Looking forward to the next two games and see the overall team chemistry continue. Go Bulls!!!!
  11. Becoming concerned about Summer’s status?? Very happy and somewhat surprising how well UB has done so far with all the new players. I think it is a testament to how good Coach Jack and the entire coaching staff has adapted and can change their coaching philosophy based on the player’s abilities. Christie and Elba have a long way to go before becoming good players.Christie just shoots 3 pointers and has to learn to play inside with her 6’3’ frame. It looks like as Fair and Onwuka go so goes our success.If Coach Jack can get the other players to gain confidence in their abilities we can have a successful year. Can only hope Summer can get healthy. Go Bulls!!!!!
  12. Agree. Looks like the players are becoming comfortable with their roles. It looks like they now understand they have to play with defensive tenacity. Do agree Segu should be getting more minutes and Williams has shown some better IQ basketball but do not like his 3PT shooting at all along with his free throw shooting. For a 3/4 star recruit he has a long way to go and only time will tell if he shows he can be a good D1 player. Both the coaches and players look to be more comfortable with each other and hope for more success in the upcoming games. Go Bulls!!!!
  13. The problem with that is he might have developed and improved in the off season but with his early injury he never really had a chance to show it in any games. It is probably a better chance of him leaving next year after he graduates and goes and tries to find a school/team where he could play extensive minutes in his last year of college ball. If that happens UB needs to find a big, athletic big man for next year. Hope somehow Brock can get healthy and play some productive minutes for UB. Go Bulls!!!!!
  14. No problem about being critical and we will always see plays and players that should perform or make plays that can be more successful. What I was trying to say is we are still going to be critical but we are trying to enjoy the games and stay in the moment. We all have to enjoy the success and hope the players appreciate all the support from us diehard fans that have been True Blue fans for the last 40-50 years. Go Bulls!!!!
  15. Another good summary DooleyBull. My brothers and I keep saying to each other to just enjoy the games and try not to be so critical. This is just a really different type of team and hope to see steps of improvement. We were laughing the other day that wee were critical at times of the play last year and they were 32-4!!!! Looking forward to the upcoming games for both the men and women. Go Bulls!!!!
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