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  1. John

    UB/Ball State women’s game

    A great all around game by UB. They took a page out of the men’s game. Destroyed Ball State. They got back to their defensive intensity that was missing for quite a few games. No reason why Hemphill can’t average double doubles in the remaining games but she has to stay out of foul trouble. The loss to Bowling Green who was 0-10 was hopefully a big wake up call. They need to win at Akron on Sat and then will have a tough matchup against Ohio. Go Bulls!!!!!
  2. I would think we are going to have standing room sold out games for the remaining games!!!! Go Bulls!!!!
  3. John

    Who's going to Cleveland?

    Our family will be there. We started out as a group of two back in 2005/06. Now that some of the family is retired our group has been expanded since the Bobby Hurley/Nate Oats coaching hires. We are now up to a group of six and counting with brothers, brother-in-laws and my sons who are UB alumni. We are booked from Wed-Sat at the Radisson and looking forward to the Harry Buffalo UB party. Go Bulls!!!!
  4. John

    Future of Alumni Arena

    Again a good topic with many varied opinions. Did anyone see the article on the 25 worst college footballs stadiums?? I know it is just subjective and an article by one person but there were many of the MAC schools along with UB that were on this list. Just interesting to read the reasons and some of the history behind why they were on this list. Go Bulls!!!!
  5. Graves has really been our silent contributor all year. The one thing our family have noticed is how he along with Caruthers have improved their shooting. The freshman years they both were out of control at times and their shooting and free throws were very inconsistent. Shows if you have the proper mindset and put the work in during off season along with having a good group of players success can become a reality. Graves is shooting 46% from the field, 38% from 3’s and 71% from the foul line, averaging 9.5 points. Not too shabby at all. Go Bulls!!!!
  6. Are you talking about the officials?? Thank God the officials did not try to take the game over which happens in way to many games. Unfortunately they could not contain themselves because the last five minutes or so they started calling all the ticky tacky fouls and fouls that were not even there. Still do not understand that there are no checks and balances for all these officials. I have seen it on the women’s side all year and because we had such a good and deep team the last few years we were able to overcome it. As a former official for many years it is hard for me to look the other way but I know I have to try. Just have to continue to enjoy this ride and Go Bulls!!!!
  7. it does say a lot about your team and about your depth when one of your top players (Harris) from last year has really struggled all year from the 3 point line but still contributes in other parts of his game. Harris was not really even close with his 3 point misses and can tell it really is mental now. As long as he keeps contributing in other ways and with the other players of the team that can keep doing what they are doing success will continue. Go Bulls!!!!
  8. Ohio really struggling. After their two main scorers they have a R-Fr VanderPlas who is 6’8and is a decent shooter and rebounder. They have some length with two seniors Taylor and Block both 6’8 and are physical underneath. They are only shooting 29% from 3’s and 55% from the free throw line. As long as we keep the peddle to the metal we should have a big win. Go Bulls!!!
  9. Agree. Everyone needs a break along the way as they progress thru life. But it is what you do with that break on what determines your fate. Go Bulls!!!!
  10. John

    Big 4 Update: UB solidifies "lock" status

    Agree. All the metrics and criteria in the world does not matter. Their is peer pressure on committe members who are all in the same elite club. The bottom line is they look at strength of schedule and the conferences teams are in when making selections. How can high mid majors have a good strength of schedule when teams won’t play them. At any rate all a team like UB can do is control it’s own destiny and just win their games and let the chips fall where they will . Just very exciting to be part of the discussion in March. Go Bulls!!!!
  11. John

    CMU/UB women’s game

    The first half was like a lot of their games lately. UB comes out cold and no real defensive intensity and with Dillard only in single digits in the first half. This late in the year FLJ still does not have an cohesive 7/8 players she can depend on except for Dillard and Hemphill. UB did not have anyone with the quickness and strength to match up to Hudson and Frost. when UB went to the full court press defense in the 2nd half that took CMU out of their offensive rhythm and enabled them to get back into the game. I have said before that the coaching strategy has to change with this group for them to have a chance in Cleveland. They need two wins on the road this week to still have a shot at the top four in conference. Go Bulls!!!!
  12. Did the same thing. Be careful and have to scroll down on the far right side. you can’t have an itchy trigger finger. Go Bulls!!!!
  13. John

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Do agree. The Ap voters are really only looking at the bigger conferences and the bigger named teams. The high mid majors like UB to a large degree will be an after thought. All we can control is how we play and just keep winning and worry about March and seedings when the time comes. Go Bulls!!!!!
  14. John

    CMU/UB women’s game

    Agree that there are many of these officials that have no business officiating college games and do they even have to look at their games to see how inconsistent they are???? Dillard was hammered going to the basket the whole game with so many missed calls and did you see the Dickson foul when she was hammered and laying on the floor and a foul was called on her, The woman referee was atrocious and right after that called a makeup call on CMU. FLJ seems to reached her boiling point and not sure this team can overcome the officials incompetence. Go Bulls!!!!
  15. John

    Big 4 Update: UB solidifies "lock" status

    I do agree but we have to win out the rest of the way. We can not stumble in any of our remaining conference games. Go Bulls!!!!