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  1. After talking to my family one and only one more comment. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our life. When my wife died of cancer 4 years ago our family became passionate outgoing basketball fans at UB. For 20+ years before that we were always at games but more in the silent majority type. For your information some of my family were in counseling and these last five years have been the most exciting and compelling of all. We have met and talked to many at UB in administration and made many friends that will last a lifetime. Our entire family and some friends have been to Cleveland the last five years and were on the floor celebrating with both teams when they won the MAC. We have sent more notes of thanks to coach’s and administrators alike and will have these as memories that will last for the rest of our lives. A large number of our family are UB graduates and alumni and will continue to voice their opinions on what is right and wrong at UB and in our community . Our family want to thank many on the site for their insight and different perspectives on a variety of sports related subjects. As we know there are always ups and downs in sports and in life in general we hope there will still be good times at UB.
  2. How dare you criticize me and bring my wife into this display. Because I do not agree with opinions on the site you think I should be in counseling.All that was stated is we have lost our enthusiasm for UB and college and pro sports because of the outrageous money and the way fans get treated. We can’t do anything about the world being out of control but we can control our own lives with honesty, integrity, responsibility and accountability. As I sign off hope there are many of you that can still enjoy sports and put all the emotion and personal feelings aside.
  3. I am not endorsing anything. How did signing that extension work out for you???? It is how Oats went about it. Be honest with fans, don’t sign an extension if you don’t plan on being here. If you read my comments in its entirety you will see where we are coming from. I guess being honest and upfront with people only applies if not in sports.
  4. Don’t worry and I am sorry. Our family had a summit and decided that our opinions ar out there and there is nothing else really to say. Besides we are not planning on visiting Alabama any time soon.
  5. AS always all you fickle people don’t get my point of anger and disappointment. I have been told that sports is now a business and how everybody can’t see how Oats sold us a line of bullcan’t See the forest for the trees. Our family have followed local sports with all the ups and downs than you have probably experienced in your lifetime. Cancelling season tickets and not going to games has been going on forever for a variety of reasons. DWho do you think you are to say good riddance. Our family have been local college and especially UB for over 50 years and had our children go to UB. We can all have our opinions and we got screwed when we had as good ting going. Life is unfair and we will survive without following sports that is now a business.
  6. What the hell happened????? Did not you hear sports is no longer sports it is a business and you go wherever the money is as long as you get your dream job .
  7. Don’t agree. He would be a homer for St. Bona. He failed miserably at Siena. If he can/t make it in the week MAAC he should stay in the SEC. Maybe Oats can sign him and they can talk about their accolades when they were local. You know how the good old boys club works.
  8. You might be right on that topic. If we hire a coach other than Hodgson that has no clue on recruiting for the MAC he can do what Reggie did. Bring in walkons and players no one else wants and the coach can use the excuse - it is hard to recruit players to UB!!!!!!
  9. Agreed it is what it is. I wonder if all the coaches that left their programs after they had success did what Oats did???? Building up everyone’s hopes with all his talk about UB and knowing he was leaving as soon as he got his dream job. It will be interesting how Oats handles any adversity when the team sticks up the joint. When he was a Romulus I believe he had nothing but success and when he was here he had nothing but success. What’s his sales job going to be if they are losing and getting slaughtered in the SEC???? We seen what happened against TT. He got out coached and could not make adjustments. Oh, wait a minute his thoughts were on his dream job!!!!!
  10. I am sure told him how nice the weather is in Alabama and how cold it is in Buffalolike he said when he got off the private jet. Really don’t know exactly what kind of player he is but maybe he will be like O’Field who left with Hurley. He did not play for two years and left for JUCO ball I believe.I usually end my comment with Go Bulls!!! Not anymore. What is the war cry or chant they do at Alabama. Oats said in his press conference He loved the students and their war cry or student chant??????
  11. Al the attributes from others about his coaching in a good analysis. But as a person many of us have lost all respect for him because of his words and actions during this affair. I am sure he can talk to Saban and learn how to be sarcastic and belittle anyone who tries to ask a question. But then again why would you want to hire anyone with honesty and integrity but as so many have tried to explain this is just a business so let’s not get personal and emotional. I am sure the Alabama sports scene is alive and well and in 4/5 years you can start over again with the same rhetoric.our family have no agenda and we not follow or promote behavior from people who think they are god’s gift to mankind!!!!!
  12. Alnutt is in the same boat as Oats. If he fails here and he is on his way he will take the next job offer with more money and trample over tha fans like Oats.
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