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  1. If we can get 4,400 for LeMoyne we should be able to sell out for SIU. Only hope there will be more media coverage by radio,tv, and UB can put more pressure on the Buffalo News to run some articles during the week. Go Bulls!!!!!
  2. With all of the negative exposure from Sat’s game from the student section I was glad and impressed with the memo from the UB president. I would hope most of the students and fans understand their is no place with that type of vulgarity and language at sporting events. Also I am sure there are still many who like the one student who used the “It’s a free country and you should be able to say anything you want”, We were raised by our parents with certain rules and were always told that all of life decisions came with responsibility and accountability and to always think before you act and to treat others like you want to be treated. Sadly that has been lost in many instances in today’s world and at sporting events. Here’s hoping at our UB games we have passionate students and fans who treat others with respect and dignity. Go Bulls!!!
  3. I do not understand how any college administration and student association would want the type of behavior from their student section at a game. If they are they should be truly ashamed of themselves. If this is what the supposed support of a team is coming to I don’t want to follow college sports or support a team. Hope that never happens at UB. Go Bulls!!!!
  4. John

    Are UB and St. Bonaventure rivals?!?

    Wonder why Bona administration allows that??? You can shout a lot of things but does it have to be that type of language. I guess I am in the minority on not to use foul language. Go Bulls!!!
  5. Thanks, hope Bona gets their injured players back and has success in the A-10. Go Bulls!!!!
  6. John

    Ranking Prediction

    Well said also Derek. Also being a fan for decades our family is enjoying the moment. I agree it is great to see our UB name on ESPN. As UB85 has said we need to appreciate what we are seeing and experiencing. In the case of Bona you can see what happens from one year to the next. They lose their top two players to graduation and the next year starts out with promise with returning players and the potential of new players. With injuries and players not meshing together right out of the gate the season can go in a different direction. Enjoy the ride and Go Bulls!!!!
  7. John

    Alumni Arena

    At half time with the increased crowds the lines are backed up big time. One suggestion is to have more kiosks and vendors standing in the hallways selling some food/drinks. All that Iam saying is that UB has to react to how the lines are and other crowds and lines of fans. Go Bulls!!!!
  8. A very good road win at a very hostile arena. Great game by Graves shooting 7-9 from the field and 5-6 from the 3 point line which has been where he has been struggling. With not good games from CJ and Perkins and still win by 18 is a testament to our depth and the maturity both mentally and on the physical side. Harris starting to shoot better 7-14 and 3-7 from 3”s. Good to see both Williams and Segu play 19 minutes with 9 points and with no turnovers or fouls between them. I agree UB85 that you play and give 100%, that when you win you show humility and if you lose you show grace and dignity. That should be for both the players and the fans. Go Bulls!!!!
  9. Agree! We have had a chance to talk to him several times and seems like a down to earth guy who was sincerely interested in our opinions. Go Bulls!!!!!
  10. This should be a very exciting game for all involved. This UB team does seem to have a different mental makeup from the last few years. They have been battle tested the last few years and have been in tough games on the road. As long as they keep their composure and play their game we should be successful. Go Bulls!!!!
  11. John

    Are UB and St. Bonaventure rivals?!?

    Do agree that any game against one of the Big 4 has a different feel no matter what the records are of the teams. We have went to most of the Big 4 games over the years and for the most part just the buzz of the crowds are different. It has been just an enjoyable time to be a local college basketball fan in spite of where your allegiance is. Go Bulls!!!!
  12. Also thanks for the post. It good for all of WNY if we have all other teams have successful seasons and are able to see great games. You can still have allegiance and total support for one team and still enjoy quality basketball. We can still all have our opinions without getting into sarcastic comments. As far as our family we are happy that local college basketball is relevant again.Go Bulls!!!!
  13. Again bringing back wonderful memories of great players. Hope years from now fans will be talking about some of the great UB players and share their memories of seeing great basketball. Go Bulls!!!!
  14. I agree that Schmidt has been a godsend for Bona. He seems to always find good players and has been able to develop some players into very good players. I believe Nate is following the same script along with his coaching staff. When talking about the old AUD and the doubleheader’s boy does that being back memories back when we did not have social media etc. Bona, the Griffs and Niagara and now UB can write their own story and can become the talk of WNY. Hoping more pure basketball fans join us for the ride. Go Bulls!!!!
  15. John

    Alumni Arena

    Happy to see some are giving other alternatives to parking and I agree the concessions have to be improved. Long lines and prices. I am hoping someone on the UB staff see they have to make changes. The basketball side has improved now it is time for the concessions and parking to change. Go Bulls!!!!