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  1. Agreed Perk should have a home. I can see him being a 10 min bench guy on a nba roster in the coming years.
  2. Not a great few days for CJ. Looks streaky on shooting and needs to be more aggressive when he gets the ball in his hands. This nets squad don’t seem to want to pass a lot... Hopefully he can get in a groove, which we all know he is capable of.
  3. She should be signed somewhere, no?
  4. The truth is, Tyree didn’t perform well last year even with a lot of talent around him. He really was mediocre, particularly in second half of season. We should have at least won the MAC championship. If you can’t hack against middle tier talent, you must wow at combine and it looks like they saw him for what he was lacking... Tyree should have stayed and worked harder one more go. I know the team has a lot less talent, particularly at wr without aj, but maybe Osborne would have stayed. Oh well..
  5. Derek - Missed that for some reason. Rma - Uhm okay dude... jeez
  6. Didn’t she resign? No discussion on this one?
  7. Really would love this guy... imagine getting a recruit that has an offer from Texas Tech, Nebraska and Marquette? Seems like a new level for us, which is something I didn’t think I was going to be able to say after this past years success...
  8. Glad to see us get 1 in so soon after black our period. Looks like we are still desirable, as we should be. In fact he even mentioned in his post that we are the ny powerhouse... seems like the pitch? As it should be.
  9. I hope that source would have followed up with a “why would they?”
  10. Right but he never marched towards success like what our boys who stayed did... who knows what he could have accomplished, staying at UB.
  11. Does anyone remember the guys who left with (or because) of the Hurley departure? Nowhere to be found. We all remember the guys who stayed. Graves, Jordan, Segu, Williams would be silly not to think about that outcome, regardless of who becomes coach.
  12. Don't get your response to be honest. I am not saying he shouldn’t go to Alabama. I’m saying that he didn’t have to be so vivid with his buffalo sob story and change his twitter profile before addressing us. You don’t have to lead and entire city and team on to something that was not likely through your picture perfect storytelling and constant push as to why not buffalo...
  13. I’m over Nate to be honest. The guy pretended this was a place he can stay. That was utter bull crap. I’m fine with him leaving, but he did not have to go above and beyond on the fake Gonzaga talk and how is family wants to stay etc.. Especially if he wasn’t even willing to give us the decency to wait until after we were bounced from tourney to interview, and even worse skip town mysteriously, change Twitter, poach recruits all before addressing the school/city/students who gave him the ability to be this successful. Very disheartening and frankly disturbing. Thanks for all that you did with us but enjoy losing in bama Nate!
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