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  1. I hope that source would have followed up with a “why would they?”
  2. Right but he never marched towards success like what our boys who stayed did... who knows what he could have accomplished, staying at UB.
  3. Does anyone remember the guys who left with (or because) of the Hurley departure? Nowhere to be found. We all remember the guys who stayed. Graves, Jordan, Segu, Williams would be silly not to think about that outcome, regardless of who becomes coach.
  4. Don't get your response to be honest. I am not saying he shouldn’t go to Alabama. I’m saying that he didn’t have to be so vivid with his buffalo sob story and change his twitter profile before addressing us. You don’t have to lead and entire city and team on to something that was not likely through your picture perfect storytelling and constant push as to why not buffalo...
  5. I’m over Nate to be honest. The guy pretended this was a place he can stay. That was utter bull crap. I’m fine with him leaving, but he did not have to go above and beyond on the fake Gonzaga talk and how is family wants to stay etc.. Especially if he wasn’t even willing to give us the decency to wait until after we were bounced from tourney to interview, and even worse skip town mysteriously, change Twitter, poach recruits all before addressing the school/city/students who gave him the ability to be this successful. Very disheartening and frankly disturbing. Thanks for all that you did with us but enjoy losing in bama Nate!
  6. I think that is clear. I'd be willing to be he DOES NOT have the success he had here. But hey, he cashed in. Now was the time do it with all the seniors going. I just wish he didn't make it look like he would stay. But it is what it is.
  7. This one hurts. He really made it sound like there was a good shot of us keeping him. Interviewing and taking a job within 2-3 days of our tourney game. That seems a bit dirty. Don't get me wrong, he's gotta do what he's gotta do. I just think he backhanded Buffalo with all that future glory talk and gunning within seconds of our loss.
  8. With Oats out, no person transferring would shock me now... Still has nothing to do with Segu's minutes in the last few gms lol
  9. HAHA. I would have said the same as you minutes before the Oats news came out. Ouch this one stings...
  10. Why are you telling me to take it easy? You posted an entire thread on speculation. I am responding with facts and you are telling me to take it easy. Makes no sense. How about you just launch threads in an empty forum so you can speculate to yourself, cause you obviously don't like when people respond.
  11. Yup, certainly new evidence with Oats gone. B
  12. I have no issue with speculation and am happy to entertain it. I clearly acknowledged that in my first response. I am just telling you why I disagree. Rather than explaining why I am wrong, you moved to personal attacks on the stats I put up and asked me why I was mad (when I am certainly not). Judging from your last spat (that I was not involved with), its obvious that this is your MO. Good to know. Btw, speculation is fine but saying "definite possibility" makes no sense. Anyhow, I will patiently wait for you to actually debunk my reasoning for why your rationale doesn't hold up. Sunday Games - How many players did the team play? Duke - 7 players with one of them only getting 9 minutes UCF - 8 players with one of them only getting 6 minutes OK - 8 players with one of them only getting 2 minutes Virginia - 8 players with one of them only getting 2 minutes TENN - 9 players with 2 of them getting 3 and 5 minutes Iowa - 9 players with 1 of them getting 4 minutes Need I go on?? Or do you dislike when people give you reasons against your speculation?
  13. Confused as to why you are a tool. Now I see why you were fighting with people in the other thread. I guess you don't like talking about the facts, instead you like to contemplate and guess. Sort of like how you are jumping to the conclusion that this is a "definite possibility" which btw, makes zero sense itself. Forget about the fact that you have 0 evidence and only speculation.
  14. TT Game: Caruthers played 18 minutes because he was in foul trouble. Jordan was arguably the best player on the court vs. TT and he got 35 minutes. Your point doesn't even hold up because Graves got 18 minutes, so if anyone would have got additional minutes it would have been him. However, he wasn't playing well so Nate clearly stuck with what he perceived would work, Jordan/CJ. Harris got 36 minutes and he was pretty bad but again we have no depth at his size. That plus Perkins actually getting tired due to his size and experience with minutes and Mcrae being bad overall, that is why Williams got 9 minutes. It's pretty obvious. ASU Game: Crauthers has a pretty good game and Graves had an amazing game and they each get 19 and 31 respectively. Jordan has a meh game and he is down to 31 minutes. Again it is clear that they have too much depth at G position. Crathuers would have gotten every last additional minute if needed for this game. Further TT and ASU both only did 7/8 man rotations themselves.. essentially the same thing we did. I think you need to learn more about what teams do in the playoffs. They shorten their bench and go with who they think is the best players on the court. They do not play around with freshman who is the 9th best player on your team.
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