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  2. Be pretty cool if Khalil Mack showed up to watch.
  3. I don't see a way for UB to win this game. Depaul 81 UB 71
  4. This game isn’t looking winnable. But neither was Evansville at Kentucky. Either way the only thing that has ever mattered is Cleveland. Win the MAC bid.
  5. I think ub wins, some games we look great other games bad. We have been consistently inconsistent so far. I also haven't been too impressed with DePaul, too me they're the yearly early over achieving team that will fall back. Think st. Johns last year and arizona State the year before Good ub can win this game, bad ub can't
  6. Florida State closes, Memphis opens up Ole Miss closes, FAU opens up
  7. Yesterday
  8. I’m not going at you. Sorry if I gave you that impression. I agree with your initial post. If we execute better in those areas you pointed out then we should compete.
  9. I agree with you that we can win this game. Sorry if I gave a different impression. I was focused more on the development that I am hoping to see. A win would be nice too
  10. I’m not going to sit here and pretend DePaul is unbeatable. They aren’t. I’m not going to sit and here and pretend DePaul is a national power. They aren’t. Prior to this impressive start they were an underachieving team and their coach was on the hot seat. I’m not going to sit here and pretend DePaul isn’t good either. They are. That said I’m in agreement that this will be our toughest game yet. Maybe they suffer a let down after their big win against Texas Tech. Who knows. But what I know is they present the two biggest challenges that gives us fits. Length and athleticism. If we are in it with 5 minutes to go I will be happy. I don’t expect to win but a better showing and improvement from the Vandy game would be nice.
  11. I guess I will get the ball rolling on this game. This game shapes up to be the toughest game of the out of conference schedule. Looking at rankings (barttorvik, kenpom and massey), DePaul average rank is #48, with a min of #74 and max of #19. Their current record is 8-0 including wins against Iowa, Minnesota and Texas Tech. I see spreads on the three sites of UB +5 to +11. So since this is a tough match-up I will focus on things that I would like to see in this game: Create turnovers / Get steals - DePaul has an average 14 turnovers a game. The Bulls have been averaging 9 steals a game. I look to get higher numbers on both in this game. Shooting -- We need to improve upon performance in Vanderbilt game. Steals could help lead to fast-breaks and higher percentage shots. In addition they should strive to make the extra pass to increase chances of a make. My hope is an eFG% at least 50%. This will be tough as only one team has accomplished that this year against DePaul. I would also like to see some improvement in FT% - push closer to 70%. This may only make difference of 2 points but will be very important in a close game. Offensive rebounds - We have been averaging close to 13 per game, second chance points will help make us competitive. Turnovers - We have average 12.5 per game. We turned the ball over too often in last game. Keeping turnovers below our average should be goal. These would be areas that I will be looking for improvement relative to Vanderbilt game. I will be pulling for the win! Let's go Bulls!
  12. What gutty gritty win. It was a struggle all game but the ladies found a way. Character building win. And of course a win over Bona.
  13. @Buffalobonnie I know both schools pad their attendance numbers, but section 2 and the upper section of 4 is quite empty for a sold out game
  14. Last week
  15. Great young. man. Had the opportunity ot talk ot him at the Eastern game---bright, pleasant, don to earth and truly committed to UB. My son--who punted in high school had a great time with him It will be great to have him back go bulls
  16. If you need help eating enough to burn the card, let me know 🙂
  17. Next summer the women's basketball team is headed to Europe to play in a tournament, They need to raise funds to cover the expense. Hanna Hall and Theresa Onwuka have all the details. If you missed Giving Tuesday or need a year tax deductible contribution please consider making a donation.
  18. Yes....when you actually put some thought into it. its like my sister who gives us Texas Roadhouse gift cards for Christmas knowing full well that my son, her nephew, his deathly allergic to peanuts, if you didn’t know, Texas Roadhouse is one of those places that give you a basket full of peanuts for the table that you shell and just throw on the floor. so yea, the gesture is nice and well intentioned, but there’s no thought in it
  19. Josiah Freeman averaging 14 points per game in first two games of season. Looking forward to him joining the team.
  20. USL requires a soccer specific stadium.
  21. Ummm....I get the nicety of trying to be cool and supportive, but a bison has literally nothing to do with a bull, at least in UB’s sense of a Bull. That could just be a Buffalo Bill (bison) wearing palm sun glasses. I guess what I’m saying is...do better Bills
  22. Will only need a medical red shirt if he is looking for extra years beyond five at UB. He played in 2 games, so this year does not count.
  23. We missed him this year! He was the single-season leader in punt average for UB last year as a Freshman. I assume he would be a good candidate for a medical redshirt?
  24. His own words on senior night “I was a fat kid that could kinda shoot 3s and you all turned me into a beast” I never thought he was all that heavy tbh
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