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  2. Yes. Our school colors happen to include blue, the community seems to rally around the blue collar ethos, and Whitesell seems to be all about it (maybe it was his idea?) I, for one, don't care what Hodgson does or says in Alabama.
  3. Jim and Co. need to close the deal on both bigs from this weekend
  4. One down. Three of four to go... Go gettem Jim..
  5. Shows how well we attacked the JUCO ranks. We were becoming a haven for JUCOs. I like mixing them in but I prefer a majority of the roster to eventually be HS kids. Let’s say give or take 70-30 split or so. Obviously right now it’s a different story bc we have 4 scholarships to fill this late in the game.
  6. Looking at the JUCOs with ties to Buffalo: Reese, Hamlet ranked well. James Jones was third team all-American. Rojas and Allen top 10 ranking. McKinzie with high major interest. Even Sean Miller Moore with some high major interest. No shortage of talent associated with this program of late.
  7. Good luck getting 5 star recruits with NBA lottery dreams to dive on the floor and take charges like Dontay and Jordan did. I mean seriously tho this numbnut couldn’t think of something that went well with Roll Tide. Very original there Hodgson. And most of you guys still wanna keep that mantra? Not me.
  8. All good news in my eyes
  9. Looks like Utah St. is visiting him rather than him going out there which may be a good sign. I also read that he's only been offered a preferred walk-on spot at Wisconsin.
  10. There’s this other player at Odessa that seems pretty good, James Reese. I feel like he’d be a good fit here
  11. One of the most funded and successful sports programs in the country is super blue collar because they have practice, like every other team right? Can’t wait to see their red mechanic shirts 😂
  12. It shows from 10/8/18 under Hodgson. I dont think further interest happened from there
  13. I have a few thoughts on this... 1. I strongly suspect Alnutt will assume people are leaving (even if it would only be for "stupid money") in the future and prepare accordingly. I mean, if anyone is supposed to be prepared, it is him (not the media, fan base, other coaches, players, etc.) It is what it is at this point. 2. There are posts from people on this board (at that time) that basically still think Oats was leaving even after he signed the extension. Heck...there were also posts on Twitter, but I don't count that as much. So when you say that, basically, no one knew...some people on this board still had that feeling.
  14. Oh lord it’s going to be such a shit show for them in the SEC. Lol.....
  15. Someone buy the man a thesaurus "Blue collar" basketball worked for buffalo on a number of different levels, it just doesn't with bama. They're other words and phrases that can work for Bama that get the message across of hard work
  16. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/jawaun-daniels Jawaun Daniels juco out of Odessa, the bulls have interest but no offer apparently per verbal commits Not ranked in the juco top 100 on the prior pages but was included in the honourable mentions
  17. Interest from Wisc. and Marquette - Haven't heard of official visits to either yet.
  18. Skogman doesn’t seem to be all that active on social media regarding his recruiting process, any idea how many more visits he has?
  19. Looking at their roster it looks like they already have 3 young centers. Hopefully the openness of the position here plays a role.
  20. Skogman is visiting Utah St on Wednesday. Let's hope we're working hard on this one, the interest/competition is definitely there from other teams!
  21. I'd love to see Agee back in the fold. I was really impressed with his reel when we first started to recruit him and was surprised when our recruitment seemed to go cold. As someone else said, land 2 of 3 between Nickleberry/Skogman/White and our post game should be pretty solid immediately. If Agee fills the final spot I'd be real happy. As for Nickleberry, hard not to see comparisons to Jeremy Harris in his game. He looks like a good stretch 4 replacement for Harris.
  22. We need to get this young man. Exactly what we need right now.
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