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  3. BB23, any chance you were reading about the High School transfer and thought it was regarding his UB commit? I don't mean that to sound condescending. Sorry if it does.
  4. I can guarantee that I'd be all over any news I saw posted from Freeman. Although there doesn't seem to be a story, I don't want to discredit the fact that maybe he put something up quick? Why would that account come in here and lie about that? I hope we don't lose the guy. The whole switching schools and stuff thing is all too weird right now. That being send all he has to do is request a release, which always gets granted and the signature doesn't really mean any more than a verbal
  5. We don’t have near the team we had the last 4/5 years with no true go to player that has excelled. Fair looks like she could be that player both her overall size could be her downfall. I really can’t see any team defeating CM this year with Ohio being the only team with some good players with experience. With CMU’s size and experience with Kelly and Bussell downlow along with their very good freshman Molly Davis who killed us in our game at UB along with their other returning players unless someone gets hot at the right time CMU should win. Remember last year Hanna Hall had great shooting games against both CMU and Ohio and really was one of the main reasons we won. Unfortunately Hall has not come close to playing at that level which is one of the reasons for our record. A lot of CMU’s games have been decided in the 4th quarters where we have not been able to close out games that resulted in losses. As Coach Jack said that this is a new experience for this coaching staff and the results have been humbling for us fans also. Go Bulls!!!!
  6. I follow him and Chanse, I didn't see anything on his story yesterday or today
  7. What did his Instagram story say since he doesn’t have a story right now
  8. This. It would be news alone for him to ask for his release since he’s signed already
  9. I am pretty sure you are right. If there was any threshold, we would have seen a couple of minutes here and there to get him some live game action. I think Mballa only got like 50-60 minutes total minutes last year and because of that he is now a sophomore.
  10. The threshold for college basketball is 1 second. Football allows 4 games but BB is much more strict.
  11. I agree, if he wants to make it in the NBA he will need a jumper. Doesn't need to be great at it, but comfortable enough where teams have to respect it. That being said, he is big enough to play center for the Houston Rockets.
  12. He can play in games too. There’s a threshold though where if he crosses it he’d be at risk of not receiving the redshirt. I have no idea what that threshold is.
  13. If he decided to drop his commitment or signing it would definitely be news on Twitter, through him, his team and other UB sources. I haven’t seen anything about him transferring other than his HS
  14. Mballa has been great. A beast on the boards. And he has much more room for growth in his overall game. For example his footwork in the post needs improvement. If he could develop a jumper, I’d say a post or mid range type jumper but that’s a lost art in today’s game. There were a few examples during the Kent state game where he had the ball just below the free throw line wide open and looked to pass bc he was uncomfy. It happened in the 2nd half. If over the next two years he can grow and develop that he will be unstoppable in the MAC. He’s a classic tweener for the next level and would really need to develop an outside shot to be a 3&D type player.
  15. I can't find his IG anywhere. What's his @ ?
  16. I don't see anything on his IG story.
  17. Looks like I have to get up to date on my ub bulls history!
  18. To trust or not to trust the guy who only posts random things in recruiting threads and has never posted in a game thread...
  19. He has signed a National Letter of Intent. Would need to be released to go elsewhere. https://ubbulls.com/news/2019/11/15/mens-basketball-bulls-sign-josiah-freeman-to-national-letter-of-intent.aspx
  20. Can he really have a 41 inch vertical? Based on a quick Google search that would be top 15 or so in NBA history which seems crazy given that he is 6'10 and in college. I hope its right though!
  21. I heard Freeman is no longer going to UB next year. Can anyone else confirm?
  22. There are guys here who post on this board that also watch practice. I assume that guys like Skogman can practice with the team, but just can't play in games (as a redshirt). Thus, can someone provide insights as to how they see Skogman progressing in practice and potential usage/compliment to what our team will look like next year?
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