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  2. The performance of the new QB's is a huge question mark. I'd say anything north of 6-6 would be solid.
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  4. The chargers left because there wasn’t a big market of support there. The same thing they’ve found in LA. California isn’t really great at supporting teams unless they are winning.
  5. See what happens this year. Of course UB is recognizable. We were one of the top stories in college basketball last year week in and week out. We were a top 25 team all year long. We beat P5 schools like it was our job. No way this year will be as successful. IMO it won’t take long to revert to the old days if our recent success isn’t maintained by being the top team or two in the Mac with regular NCAA trips.
  6. More people care now than ever before. I get comments all the time wearing my UB gear and I see way more people wearing merch around town. I’m not sure that people are serious enough to know all the players, get excited for the schedule release, etc but it’s definitely headed in the right direction
  7. Winning the MAC - a decade to get close to sell out numbers in AA consistently. String together a few seasons like last year and it gets done faster. Women's hoops I don't know what it will take. I would love to sell out AA even for just a game in women's hoops. It's getting a lot better than it used to be though.
  8. SDSU's attendance barely moved when the Chargers left. I think we'd pick up some fans, but I think winning often and winning big would do more than the Bills leaving would do. Unfortunately we can't beat Big Ten teams every year and get home games against non-directional schools.
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  10. and he's good at cartwheels too!
  11. Best thing that could happen to UB football is if the Bills left town. It is a hard sell to get people to show up for UB games when they have the Bills playing the same weekend. Even if the Bills are away people dedicate their Sundays to football. There are a lot of college basketball fans in the Buffalo area and they don't seem to care too much about our team. That is the head scratcher.
  12. I don’t think it’s necessarily converting we need to do. I don’t think bills and bulls fans need to be mutually exclusive. Last season opened up the eyes of a lot of people in the community which is fantastic. We need consistent success and more and more people will start supporting the college sports. Overall our success is recent. The first steps are done. Now we need to keep the ball rolling.
  13. The AAC decided to stay at 11 teams for this year. They prob didn’t have much of a choice as there wouldn’t have been enough time to make big changes this close to the season. UBAD was quoted somewhere saying he was happy with being in the MAC but it kinda sounded like just a general answer as to not stir up the pot right now. AAC commissioner said something along the lines of them not looking for anyone right now but if schools want to pitch to them they’ll listen. It all just sounds like formalities while I bet there’s a lot of talk going on behind the scenes. If I was an AD at a school hoping to get in to the AAC you know I’d be working like hell to try and sell the program. While travel would definitely be tough it’s just a major step up (while not too big to hope for like Big10. Nobody will ever move from the MAC to a P5 school). It’s the logical next step if you really want to be a reputable program and really build a brand. It makes this year especially important for football and both MBB and WBB. If we can have more success with other Olympic sports that also helps. But our biggest downfall is the success is recent and nowhere near consistent. I don’t think we need a 10 win season again in football but just having a winning record would be huge. Give us the opportunity to have a bowl game victory on our resume. We need consistency. As for basketball I think both men and women need to be competitive. This athletic year is almost upon us. LETS GO BULLS
  14. How long do you think we have to be winning the MAC until people in the area will care?
  15. After a big 2 games where Tom went 5/7 3HR 6RBI he now has a season stat line of: .284 - 13 HR - 29 RBI Still has poor K:BB ratio at 65:7 but I think that'll always just be one of his flaws. Otherwise everything has looked good offensively this season. Like I said way back before the season, I thought he had fantasy potential and hes the most added catcher on Yahoo today. Ive actually started him a few times throughout the year
  16. In addition to this, my son had me re-up to watch the LLWS qualifiers earlier in August, I also for some strange reason enjoy watching the Cricket matches available on +
  17. Any updates on a depth chart or a projected depth chart? Almost a week away from the opening game and I haven’t seen much yet.
  18. Been saying it since before last season even began, and I’ll say it again, UB has only maintained consistent success for only the past 6 years. That’s nothing. It’ll take time and constant winning for folks around here to really take notice. Especially to fills seats at KBC. KBC games in theory are actually quite exciting and can generate WNY coming together to support local college basketball (sigh, even the Bonnie’s). But, all 4 schools are not consistent enough yearly to make it a true event and a fun spectacle. Big 4 basketball is fun when all 4 play each other at their own respected courts. I even prefer to go to Olean and watch UB play just because of a better crowd atmosphere.
  19. There’s not really a way to “convert” people, either they are interested in college athletics or they’re not. And it just sounds like he’s not too interested. Or he watches from afar. If he’s stayed up on top of how well the staff has maintained the roster and has recruited a great batch of players, and has a relatively fun schedule, he’d have some better insight to share other than “well to me, he doesn’t have the image or persona.” This irks me a tad because I’ve heard it already from a bunch of people who really don’t quite get it. But I’m always in for a good ol’ “I told you so” come March. *sorry for the rant*
  20. Any list should focus heavily on the team’s success. While Javon was a beast and great player he never got his team to the dance and in fact he was a huge reason why we lost in 2014 in the quarters to Eastern. Thus Harris, CJ, Perk merit best of the best status.
  21. Having games at the arena is a joke. Perhaps if Jim is able to maintain the level of play, ie tourney appearances in consecutive years and perception in community that we’re building something big, then playing in the arena would make some sense. But there has been very little interest among the general public for Big 4 double headers the last few times they’ve been held. The atmosphere was terrible for those games. I much prefer games at AA, KAC, Reilly and Niagara to those poorly attended affairs at KBC.
  22. No date yet, but it will be a home game. https://buffalonews.com/2019/08/20/big-4-athletic-directors-ncaa-basketball-ub-buffalo-niagara-canisius-st-bonaventure-basketball-transfer-portal-news-2019/?utm_campaign=single&utm_source=home&utm_medium=
  23. While that might be true that’s not how we turn Bills fans into Bulls fans. I’m guilty of going off on how much the Bills suck but I try to limit it.
  24. So your neighbor is a long time Bills season ticket holder, but he’s not sure about Whitesell’s persona and how that may or may not have an effect on the season. That, about sums up WNY’s knowledge and interest in college basketball. College sports for that matter. You could have just said well, with all due respect, Bulls basketball has done more in the last 6 years than the Bills have done in 25 years. But, people wanna waste their money on what they please.
  25. Yup. Right now that's true but are we close? The last Big Four was back before we were really known as a real basketball program. We have now arrived and people buy tickets and want to see the team play. The Buffalo news says that Bonas sold out of their ticket allotment for the last Big Four. Wouldn't we do that now? If we can pack Alumni then can't we get 6k to show up at KeyBank? If Bonas sells 3k and NU/CC sell 1k then that's 10k total tickets sold which would be more than the Toronto event with three games is expecting to sell. I have to think that it would be a big selling point for recruiting to show that we move games to the arena because demand is so high. https://buffalonews.com/2016/12/19/big-4-review-golden-griffins-serve-notice-maac-foes/
  26. I have to assume more MAC games will be put on espn+. I think they move things around once they see how teams are doing and adjust tv channels and broadcasts accordingly. We got a lot of tv time last year because of the success
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