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    In calendar year 2018 the Bulls were 31-5. Miami gave the Bulls one of those losses (84-81). Time for payback.
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    I’m a firm believer in athletics and academic success being intertwined. The entire university keeps rising and it’s amazing
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    While we may not be bringing in 3/4 star freshmen, the Juco route is proving to be prosperous. Interesting to also see some of the other players who were either on our roster or verbal commits ranked too (Miller-Moore, James Reese and Javion Hamlet).
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    Maybe your are right. I think about this in a holistic sense, though. In that not too distant past, many of our players were guys who got one FBS offer -- Buffalo. Imagine you are KJ. You've played three years at UB and have a degree. You have a desire to play in the NFL. This last year is important for you to attract the attention of the scouts (AJ got the bulk of that last year...even when he didn't play). The best QB on the team, Jackson, is leaving...and there will be an unproven and inexperienced QB on the team (barring some sort of grad transfer, which would be unlikely). The likelihood of KJ attracting the NFL in Buffalo is likely less than at Miami (maybe even a lot less). That's my thought on KJ. It isn't like he is going to Kansas...he's going to Miami. I hope AJ and Tyree are fantastic at the combine/pro day and are drafted in an early round. It keeps emphasizing the point that you can get to the NFL from UB. If it was more than one player transferring and those in different situations, I'd think differently.
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    Anyone pay attention to the fact Troy's coach Neal Brown is the new head coach of West Virginia? He makes the jump from a G5 program to the big time. I was impressed with the job he did in the DGB. Halftime adjustments, coming out with the on-sides kick and controlling the entire 3rd Qtr. That won em the game. I thought they out-coached the UB staff in that game.
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    Kent Miami NIU Kentucky Marquette Quite the list, lol.
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    If I could quickly weigh in here... coming from a Hokie Bull perspective this is like watching one of your dear but impressionable younger siblings join a gang. I hope he doesn't die, but I can no longer call him my brother. PS: I tend to agree with skrabukes vitriol
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    Williams and Segu are going to get alot of minutes this year...in the second half. That can only be of benefit later this year and in the future. I agree about Fagan. Perhaps he will get some more minutes in the first half as the season progresses.
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    I hope he falls flat on his face. I love how he "thanks" UB and the coaches, while essentially saying that he's better than the school, coaches and his teammates. Maybe he can drop some more TD passes (2 gimmes), like he did in the MAC championship.
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    Also 3 players we still have offers out on: 10. Tajzmel Sherman 24. Quenton Jackson 32. AJ Bramah
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    He was also a student at Joe Licata's football clinics.
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    I had to coach against Matt Myers at two different schools during his high school career, once as an 8th grader (at which time he may have already been the best qb in buffalo) and then as a senior. He is without a doubt one of the best QB prospects I've seen in a long time. I'm really looking forward to watching him at UB. Good arm, savy kid, and I've seen him just truck a number of players while running his RPO packages....I really think he is going to be something special
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    I'm with you man, the article sounded back handed, but really, it's a positive article. Let's not forget that the only reason that we are 14 is because we had beaten WV at home and we are undefeated. I wish I could say there was more to it than that, but there really isn't. We're getting respect because we are looking good right now, but we haven't really had anything to put us down as a top flight team. I love to dream of a long time run and look into a crystal ball to see us hoist a national title, but I would say that with the way we're shooting right now, regardless of how good our defense is, we could not stare down a Michigan or Duke right now. We might hang tough with Tennessee or Texas Tech, but we would probably still drop it due to our shooting. I'm not trying to take wind out of sails here, especially since I would make a deal with the devil to see us hoist, but we really need to have a complete game before we can really have any idea of what kind of team we'll be in March. Playing the defense we have been, with the turnovers, and shooting above 50% for the game with about a 40% from 3 and I think we could handle any team in the league. I also believe those numbers are possible, albeit lofty
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