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  1. Having covid has nothing to do with it. I don’t know why he fancies himself a guard. He jacked up 4 threes bc Kent was leaving him wide open out there, for good reason. He also had some easy scoring opportunities after he established himself down low but instead passed out of them. He’s a big part of our team and I totally understand if he was sick/recovering. But his decision making this year seems to have regressed for whatever reason.
  2. What the heck is up with Mballa? He was at the 3 point line all game - on offense and defense. Yo man, there’s a reason they leave you all by yourself. STOP SHOOTING! Also, he had several easy layup/potential dunks and he chose to pass it back outside. Head scratcher.
  3. Think Peck said we were like 56-0 when that happens? Not sure if I got that number right, but it’s a huge number and it’s crazy!
  4. This was a whoopin! Good team wins 76-59. Double digit lead much of the game.
  5. Eastern and NIU got rescheduled already for later in the year, if that is what you’re referencing.
  6. Pretty sure Kent State was already in town, so my guess is they play regardless.
  7. Honestly nobody knows what their team will look like, given the transfer portal and all. Also, while there are varying degrees of likeliness, technically Mballa, Williams and Segu have another year if they so choose. Brock has to be done, right? Lol
  8. Totally realistic. Especially in the G5 level.
  9. If it makes anyone feel better, I believe Alabama already has 7 in the portal after last night.
  10. So many guys in the portal and I believe the stat I saw was less than 40% have found a new home. Sh*t gets real, real quick.
  11. Incorrect. Second half is definitely more important. That doesn’t mean the first isn’t.
  12. Loved the game from DS. But he can’t be our option down low defensively next year. He got thrown around like a rag doll.
  13. Heard McEvans done for the year. Doesn’t sound promising with whatever is going on with Young either. So that spot will be thin.
  14. I think he gets a shot somewhere but last I heard almost none of our portal guys had received any legitimate interest elsewhere. Will be interesting to see who, if anyone, ends up coming back.
  15. Honestly the last few games showed me all I needed to see from Myers. He’s not the answer IMO.
  16. Ticket office said Sections 116 & 117 are UB fan sections
  17. I believe Jeenathan declared and came back as well. Hasn’t seem to hurt him any.
  18. Count toward our record? Yes. Toward our NET? No
  19. Who would you rather have - Gabe Grant or Brewton? Turnover machines who think they can bomb bc they occasionally hit shots 😂
  20. Not in the slightest. He just got promoted a few months ago.
  21. This easily explains why you’re not employed as a college basketball coach.
  22. I just don’t understand the obsession to hire a guy who hasn’t done any actual coaching. Jim has recruited well and our team has improved each year. BH can recruit better but can’t coach a lick. Think about it. In all of his years with Nate, he hasn’t even run a practice. If you can’t win, recruiting will then suffer as well.
  23. Actually the defense seemed to play fairly well the last few games, especially considering injuries. The Offense let them down vs NIU and BSU.
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