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    This is the kind of kid you always hope for in your program. Positive and upbeat in the face of a terrible situation, but comes back strong. Responds to all letters and keeps moving forward. UB should be very proud and I look forward to seeing him on the field soon.
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    Check out the 24/7 link. In the twitter section. Maybe another commit in Florida?
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    Hey guys, I worked with Kevin Marks to make him this highlight tape. Check it out!
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    Looking back, this post is kinda funny. Might not have been the first thing and was not public, but you almost nailed it Nothing will beat Torian Graham. In HS he gets recruited by schools like Kentucky. Some of these links might be dead, but the timeline is still accurate May 17, 2011 Commits to NC StateAugust 8, 2011 Decommits from NC StateDecember 2011 Re-commits to NC State, then Re-Decommits the same dayJanuary 2012 Transfers high school from Arlington Country Day (FL) to Creedmoor (N.C.) Christian FaithOctober 10, 2012 Signs with ChipolaJanuary 20, 2014 Arrested after being pulled over and ate some weed to conceal it from officersApril 20, 2014 Signs with HoustonNovember 17, 2014 Leaves Houston after playing only a few minutes in an exhibition gameDecember 26, 2014 Commits to (and enrolls) at Buffalo June 2, 2015 Signs with ASU He finally played one (1) season of D1 ball at ASU for Hurley in 2016-17.
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    HUGE one again.3 star DE from New York with offers from Michigan State, Miami (Fl), Baylor, WVU, Georgia Tech, Kentucky and many, many others. Staff is doing great work! https://247sports.com/player/chris-king-46084729/
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    Another commitment today.... 3 star safety out of Georgia had offers from UCONN, Iowa State, Rutgers, UCF and some MAC schools as well
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    Found this fun app on barttorvik.com. You can pick a grad transfer and see how they would impact the team. A couple of other items - you will notice that Malik has not been added yet. IMHO - they have a little low even without Malik factored in. Regards, Steve
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    Maybe he’ll choose grambling then transfer after not playing and post about how he’s grateful for his time there and then repeat the process 2-3 more times.
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    Also beat out some military and Ivy League schools
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    I worked with Jaret to make this highlight reel for him! Go check it out.
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    That's about as strange a list of four teams as you could come up with...
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    Just got my favorite magazine, the Athlon College Football Preview. They have Buffalo beating Toledo in the MAC Championship game! In the unit rankings: 4th for QB. Nice, I'll take it. 1st for RB. Yes, indeed. 12th for WR/TE. Ouch. 1st for OL. Nice package for the running game. 1st for DL. Always nice to be strong up front. 1st for LB. DL's and LB's helping each other. 5th for DB. Okay. Now, I'm pumped.
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    I don't know how we will do in the return game (offense or defense), but I like the fact we have Finnegan back and McNulty made 40 of 42 extra points last year. With an experienced QB in Vantrease, I am also excited about the season. Go Bulls!
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    It is a state wide freeze. https://www.budget.ny.gov/guide/bprm/b/b-1223.html
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    Didn't realize UB was in a hiring freeze. I'm sure that is why we haven't seen "ink".
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    My favorite was; “was never a stepping stone”, followed by, “always wanted D1”.
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