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    When a recruit correctly spells the name of the school offering him.
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    commitment incoming, not that it’s too much of a shock
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    The class that Oats/Hodgson had coming in was undoubtedly a step above anything we've seen. That being said... if we didn't see that class I think we'd all be raving about the class we DO have coming in. We didn't lose any current players and the staff did a remarkable job recruiting in short time. The turnover rate is the same as it would have been and the talent is still high (likely still a step above what other MAC schools can pull).
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    Now that we have first commitment, I thought I would start a general thread about 2020 recruiting. I was curious on people's opinions regarding how we utilize the two remaining scholarships. I had hoped that either Kedrian Johnson (commit to West Virginia) or Vincent Cole (commit to St. John's), both JUCO SG who had good stats in the freshman campaign might be options. By my account (and verbalcommits.com), here are the current open offers.
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    Checked him out, replays, as well as something I do with all our offers is to look at their twitter to get a sense of what they’re like. He’s completely focused on basketball and shouts out his teammates whenever he can. As far as his offers on 247 go, looking through his tweets, he doesn’t have offers from Alabama, Clemson, Florida or Florida State, but he has taken unofficial visits to them all. His official offers are (in order he received them): James Madison, Presbyterian, North Florida, Seton Hall, Auburn, Georgia, Mississippi State, Georgia Tech, Missouri State, Kennesaw State, University AT Buffalo
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    Noticeable haircut for the team leader in points and rebounds (through 3 games). https://www.albirex.com/roster/players/detail/id=18324?PlayerID=26891
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    Maybe taking the trip up here to commit and do the jersey photo shoot thing that they do for social media
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    We will win some and lose some. Then we will have to win three or four games in the MAC Tournament to go to the NCAA.
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    Yes, he was already in Buffalo.
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    Go Hunter Jenkins, this kid has OFFERS https://247sports.com/Player/KD-Johnson-46057484/
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    Damn, if we could snatch him out of the jaws of the SEC, that would be amazing!
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    Some good information in here https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/10/5/20900225/ub-mbb-recruiting-profile-josiah-jojo-freeman
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    I don't understand why these pre-season predictions sleep on Johnson. He could be our leading scorer and end up either 1st or 2nd team all mac at the end. Also, isn't he a R-Senior not a R-Junior as they listed in the line up?
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    Confirmed he was on campus, he was at practice on Saturday
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    Stopped by practice today, he was doing all the drills and looked fine
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    I saw somewhere that Nickelberry sprained his ankle during that first practice. Hopefully he's okay. If true, it's too bad he'll miss a little time... wasn't he the last player on campus? (already the least acclimated to his new teammates)
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    Unless I missed something, your first article links to the second. Here is the link to the first. https://www.wivb.com/sports/ub-mens-basketball-opens-up-season-with-first-practice/
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    I believe games on SEC Network are always on ESPN+ as well. At least it has been that way for any I have tried to watch on there.
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    Some interesting insight into how the schedule was made with AD Alnutt. https://ubbulls.com/podcasts/9-26-bullseye-podcast-with-mark-alnutt/19
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    I have added the top offers by player per verbalcommits.com. My review of the each recruit based on teams that have offered scholarship, our top recruits left appear to be: Josiah Freeman, Paul Smith, Kobe Elvis, and K.J. Pruitt
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    First, thank you for pointing out that we may have a total of four scholarships available. I had forgotten that Brock RS his freshman year. As for Tyson Acuff, I wonder if he was originally rated higher. 247 shows some big programs looked at him but no offers currently shown from these programs. The offers he does have suggest his ranking on 247 is a bit inflated.. Offers are from Oakland, UMass, UIC, Duquesne, Toledo and Central Michigan to name a few. This underscores importance of UB92 request.
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    Really appreciate you doing this, also had no idea Tyson Acuff was so highly regarded. If we can get more players at or above the caliber of Chanse then I don’t see any drop off despite graduating Davonta, Antwain, and Gabe. Officially we had 3 scholarship spots to fill, 2 once Chanse signs. If Brock decides to call it quits after this season since he’s a senior in the classroom that potentially opens up 1 more spot. Good thread to have to stay up to date and on top of things
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    Need another guard. For a “guard heavy” style we’re going to be a little short handed.
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    Don't start that up again! 😉
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    I agree, Doc. I really don’t care that the reporter said OF, instead of AT, at the end of the interview.
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    Love this signing, our top priority should be PG with Davonta graduating, and this kid looks like a stud! Got a lot of high major offers, and looks like he can light up the scoreboard.
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    Thank you Niagara Falls!
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    GT is not very good....ugly loss to FCS - The Citadel. The Ramblin' Wreck ain't ramblin' much this year. UB a 5 point dog to Miami (OH) is interesting. Take off three for the home team, and I guess the money guys think it is going to be close with wagering on both sides. I'm surprised after UB showing out against Temple that it is a spread of 3 or less...……. Matters not. Just another UB victory straight up as a dog.....#UBhornsUp
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    His offer list on Rivals is very impressive.
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    No. That’s what matters. All else is irrelevant.
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    Kudos to Leipold and his staff. All too often we're quick to jump on him when times are bad, but there weren't many of us (me included) that thought we'd manhandle Temple the way we did. This team might be better than we're giving credit to and an 8 win season isn't far fetched.
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    What a huge W. Great job by the team and Leipold/staff. No one could predict that coming off Liberty. The only bummer was seeing a Bulls player injured on what seemed like every other play the last 3 mins. I think Nuun was hurt too.
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    Ha hahaha I love that UB beating temple is becoming a yearly tradition
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    I hope you are right. I really do. And UB hardly misses a beat from last year. That is the outcome I am rooting for.
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    Obviously Jenkins has been the recruiter here with Robinson and now Pruitt it seems like (Texas and Louisiana connections). Seems like he’s picking up right where Hodgson left off.
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    When you're a program who has won 4 of the last 5 conference tournaments, were regular season champions 3 of those seasons, have the highest rated recruiting classes 4 years running and have a low amount of transfers out of your program comparable to conference foes, you should have every expectation that you're going to be the top program at the end of the year. Sure we graduated a lot but we're bringing in better talent every year. Buffalo has transfers from Houston, Cincinnati, Texas Tech, Middle Tennessee State - all were top 25 caliber programs at the time those transferred players were on their rosters. Our decommitted recruits from last year all went to power conference schools. They're on another level from the rest of the MAC until they prove otherwise or until another MAC school rises to the occasion.
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    That will be tough to do. A lot of good teams.
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    Having first team Jayvon, newcomer of the year Antwain Johnson, and presumptive DPOY favorite Davonta Jordan and finishing behind Kent with 0 award winners would be actually difficult to do
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    IMO the most important game on that schedule is UCONN, making noise in that tournament would be huge for us.
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    Fun to see this duo together regardless if its the Griffs. Would be nice to see them get a hand during the home matchup.
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    Zach Berry a writer for an Ole Miss blog also in with a UB crystal ball. He's 35/37 on his predictions.
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    I mean....seems like we got him??
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    there it is. Lets hope a commitment comes as well. Would be huge.
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    Usually, a good Oline and RBs travel well, but Liberty’s Dline won the battle. Didn’t see that coming. Nor did I see the up-tempo offense by LU dominating what is supposed to be a good Bulls D. Just one of those games. They really wanted it more than the Bulls. I’d consider Liberty the caliber of a mediocre MAC team so this doesn’t bode well.
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    Let’s not forget too with how big the portal is now, JW’s plan might be to leave open spots to get transfer talent in
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    The only team it even remotely makes sense for is Bona because they are in the middle of nowhere and do not have credit card machines or cell phone reception. Until WNY starts caring about Big 4 basketball there’s no reason to give up a home game for a sterile environment.
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    We need to get out of the MAC. Not saying we necessarily even deserve it yet but staying in the conference only allows flash in the pan levels of success. Here’s to hoping something opens up. I’m a firm believer in the AAC being our next step. I don’t care about how financially taxing it would be for a while. Travel would be rough but any AAC team would draw more of a crowd to ub stadium or alumni arena than any MAC team
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