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    After a disappointing season (for any team, any sport, not necessarily UB MBB ‘19 but...) I wonder if the team under achieved, or if the fan base under scouted their opponents. This recruit may not have the best offers, but at least one recruiting service thinks highly of him. I think we should be warned that other teams are coming for the crown.
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    Shut it down...we just don't know. No innovation will mitigate the risk of Myocarditis enough.
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    Turns out, none of the teams showed great correlation. Least of all NIU, as 2012 was their best season of the decade, and they didn't have a single player recognized by one of these lists. Instead of showing each team, I just lumped them all in together.
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    I thought I would look into how predictive the 247sports score is for predicting success in the MAC. I focused on recruits with rankings 0.85 or better. Starting with the incoming class of 2011, there were a total of 24 recruits in this bucket. What I observed is that for Guards / Small Forwards there is a fair amount of success, but the PF / C in the group (a small sample size of six) were not that productive during their MAC careers. The lone exception was Seth Dugan / Western Michigan, in particular his senior year. Note that I took the position from 247 profile - I did not attempt to fix.
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    Couple of recent tweets from Chanse - love this young man's attitude.
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    If you can get by without out a refund on your season tickets, I would suggest that you advise Athletics to convert your season ticket money for the year to a donation to help Athletics. Although details on the refund policy have not yet been determined, you can advise UB once the policy is announced to keep your ticket money. I told Athletics yesterday to keep my money and make it an unrestricted donation to the Athletics Department. Also remember that if you have only been buying season tickets, without the extra money for better seats, this would make you a booster and subject to NCAA regulations going forward. https://ubbulls.com/sports/2019/6/17/compliance-index.aspx
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    We are seeing the result of the failure to address a major health crisis in a coordinated, rational fashion. Even now we are chasing our tails.
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    Rob Lanier. I'm curious how well he leads Georgia State in comparison to how well Whitesell keeps us going strong. Plus he grabbed Joe Jones out of The Park School, out-recruiting all the Big 4 for Jones.
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    High certainty, based on opinions. Lunardi has us a 14 seed, other sites have either us or BGSU as the top team. As mentioned in another thread a while back, Akron was gutted. Now just a matter of how high they place us. I'd imagine we will be in the next 5 slots. If we get lower than 85 then the authors have a lot of confidence. I'm curious to see how they slot us compared to Bona, Vermont, and Georgia State.
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    Not sure how many on the board are from Long Island and have had issues with power being restored after the tropical storm last week. I think I figured out the reason for the delay. Driving on LIE Saturday I passed four trucks from a tree cutting company. They were based in Kent, Ohio. Need I say more?
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    My guess would be Bowling Green and UB.
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    By now you have probably seen https://twitter.com/UBRecruiting/status/1288099610670632964 and https://twitter.com/UBFootball/status/1286677524466999296 They both look great! But, I wanted to know how that compares with the rest of the conference. So, I looked back over the past ten tears, and counted all the watch lists the current members of the MAC received. Then, I wanted to see how closely this might translate to on the field performance. So, I added Jeff Saragin's end of season rankings to the picture.
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    He's redshirting this year. I'd have to imagine he may be in line for a scholarship next year if they like what they see in his off year
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    No problem Doc, I can make some changes. By listing the awards in that order I was essentially trying to do what you are asking for. By adding the three colors, I was attempting to provide reference points within the 16 bars to help differentiate between categories, but you are right, it is still much too cluttered. Going back made me realize that I had a filter set incorrectly on the original bar chart though. Here is an update to the original format. And now, the 4 categories, each on their own. And finally these 4 categories, compared with each other. While glancing at the original chart, I though the conference might be getting more defensive, but I wasn't really sure. Since 2017, it is quite clear that overall, the offense and defense are headed in opposite directions.
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    Here is an itemized breakdown of the different award watch lists. It shows the summation of all the current members of the MAC. (Where have all the receivers gone?)
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    Well definitely like what you are thinking!
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    Yes, I hope so. Maybe I jumped the gun a bit. Apologies, he hasn’t actually played yet.
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    Looks like another recruit coming in today. Maybe Isaiah Rodgers our of PA, Makkah jordan our of Florida, or Michael Washington from Syracuse are my guesses!
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    Peace, I wasn’t trying to say UB ended last season as MAC #1. My comment was more about lower level teams not folding, and that every team above them should take notice.
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    I’m friends with Malik on Snapchat and he posted an edit of Lance Erving in a Bulls uniform. It seemed like it was an official edit made by someone in UB’s basketball department. He was originally committed to Louisiana Tech but went Juco to chipola instead, wouldn’t be surprised if he received an offer via Foley
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    https://twitter.com/vickhart_12/status/1283864645590229012?s=21 Offer to a 6’8 JUCO Small Forward 16.6 PPG, 9.3 RPG, 38% from 3
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    Hey guys, Check out the Coaches vs. Cancer 716 Golf Classic! The event is scheduled for August 26th at Harvest Hill Golf Course in Orchard Park. The event is co-chaired by Coaches vs. Cancer National Council Members Jim Whitesell of Buffalo and Mark Schmidt of St. Bonaventure. It will also feature Greg Paulus of Niagara, and Reggie Witherspoon of Canisius. To Register, or for more information http://bit.ly/716GolfClassic
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    My team was Perkins Watt Carruthers Clark Harris Massinburg Jordan Hamilton
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