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    Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that I've created a new website called UBcourtside.com . Before and after each game, I'll be posting detailed game previews and recaps, among other things. Also, if you're interested, follow @ubcourtside on twitter! I'm going to do some ticket giveaways for women's and men's games, give out interesting stats about the team I come across, and give updates as I scout our upcoming opponents. I just joined this forum and I plan to be very active on here as well! I'm not affiliated with the university at all, just a season ticket holder and a rabid college basketball fan. Go Bulls!
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    I’m sorry but how the hell was ButlerDad on an advisory committee for this university? He seems to only be here to bash any suggestion that UB, the largest and most comprehensive state university in arguably the most powerful state in the country, could possibly do better than playing in a conference with a bunch of 2nd tier Ohio schools and directional Michigan’s. I encourage everyone to always aim higher and ignore outside opinions like this. It may be far fetched and down the road but AAC is certainly not impossible by any stretch of the imagination.
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    Another small error, they accidentally said we would finish in 2nd and then 3rd. Can’t believe they misspelled 1st two separate times.
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    I’ll tell my future children about the day Davonta Jordan went 4/4 from the FT line
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    When a recruit correctly spells the name of the school offering him.
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    Good things were happening with UB Basketball. Cierra Dillard named Honorable Mention All-American C.J. Massinburg also named Honorable Mention All-American Nick Perkins Selected to play in NABC All-Star game I realize these are all seniors that won't be here to help the teams next year, but every honor garnered by our players, makes UB more visable to those outside of our little community, and maybe even to prospective coaches.
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    Spoke with Segu. He is excited about the new coach and seems to be in good spirits. He has enough confidence that he'll work with any coach. For now, we save one of UB's top recruits ever.
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    UB has reached at least 20 wins for the 5th time in 6 years. Hopefully we can appreciate how far we’ve come over the past decade. To get here after losing 5 seniors and the head coach is no small feat. Coming out of Cleveland with the bid would be icing on the cake but it’s been a fun season even with the speed bumps. Horns up 🤟🏽
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    I get nervous every time I see an update in here lol
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    We have all given Grant a lot of grief this year, but he came up huge at the end of the game.
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    People point out positives and negatives throughout the ebbs and flows of games (and seasons). It's a forum, people are going to disagree... and that's fine. There's no reason for it to always turn into a "who is the right kind of fan" discussion here...
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    I'll throw in some commentary here. I'm not a basketball Xs and Os guy and won't pretend to be. Whether Whitesell is "the future", I don't know. I certainly don't think we had any idea of the successes of either Hurley or Oats halfway through their first seasons at UB. For the rest of this post, I'm going to use PORPAGATU! as my metric comparing players - not because it's perfect but because it Torvik's calculations are transparent and the info can be compared year-over-year. It is clear to me through 14 games that all 4 of UB's returning "core" (Graves, Jordan, Williams, Segu) have taken major steps forward. All four are performing considerably better than years past using these metrics. Graves in particular is a top ~200 player in the nation on this metric and would've been far and away the 2nd best player on last year's team with these ratings, while playing more minutes than anyone on last year's team. They're putting a lot on his back right now. Jordan's production this year approximates Harris' from last year (2.7 vs. Harris' 2.8). Segu and Williams are playing at a level that would've firmly put them in the starting lineup in the Hurley/early Oats days. To my untrained eye, the improvements that all 4 have shown demonstrate good coaching, and players buying into Whitesell and his staff. The issue is that you can't replace 5 strong seniors so easily. UB was incredibly deep last year. No one expects these guys to step right in and fill in for the departed seniors, but I think we all - myself included - failed to realize just how much UB was losing (or, to put it differently, how massive of an immediate and unrealistic step-up the returning players would need to take to replace them). Massinburg was the #22 player in the country last year by this metric. The year before that, CJ, Harris, and Clark all scored in the 3.8 - 4.5 range; as well as Graves is playing right now, UB had 3 players playing at or above that level in 2017-18. You've got 2 ways to pick up the pieces - with the previous transfers becoming eligible, and through recruiting. Clearly, any time you have coaching turnover, the program is dealt a blow in terms of recruiting; I find it difficult to put that on the coaches. It's clear they've landed a gem in Mballa, who - as crazy as it may sound - has nearly replaced Perkins (2.6 vs. Perkins' 2.7; Perkins had a 3.0 in 2017-18). They may have another gem in Hardnett, who is already outpacing Perkins' freshman metrics and even Justin Moss' soph metrics (his first year at UB). Gallion and Skogman are both unknown commodities, hopefully they both turn out. The future is bright here, as these players continue to improve. With the returning transfers, Johnson was a 2.3 player in 17-18 at MTSU - that's a solid rating that would put him ahead of a guy like Caruthers from last year. This year, he's playing at a 1.0. He's been consistent game-over-game, and does not turn the ball over, but a simple review of these metrics shows a regression from his junior year at MTSU. Grant, on the other hand, hasn't regressed but hasn't markedly improved since his time at Houston (0.2 this year vs. 0.4 at Houston). Is this coaching? Maybe. Or maybe it's guys still shaking the rust off after not having played for a full year. Maybe it's a scheme fit issue. Maybe it's something else. Or maybe we, the fans, simply had unrealistic expectations. I do know that I see significant improvement in UB's young players, and there are a lot of bright spots on this team. Torvik projects UB to go 8-10 in MAC play. I'd be disappointed in that, but I wouldn't be jumping ship. There are enough pieces in place here to have another special season next year or the year after. We'll know by then if Whitesell is the guy. Otherwise we're all just grasping at straws here.
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    I'm not sure that I completely agree with that statement, as it sounds quite dismissive of Nate's basketball mind. Nate & Jim worked extremely well as a unit, along with Jamie & Bryan. They each had their roles and they were excellent together within them. Yes, Jim has superb basketball brains, but Nate does as well. His biggest obstacle at a school like Alabama (or any other "big" school) is going to get the players to buy in to his unselfish system and play for each other, much as UB has done over the past several years. Many of these high profile players have egos, talkers in their ears telling them how good they are and how they need to get theirs, etc. If the talented players buy in to what Nate sells, they will be phenomenal sooner than later. If not, it will be a struggle both individually and as a team for them in my opinion.
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    Is this your way of saying that it is difficult for news to get to Olean?
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    Brock worked a lot on his shooting and actually can hit 3s pretty consistently now as well. Not sure if he’ll have the green light to shoot them like Perkins did but it’s still encouraging. Not even just Brock though. Segu is showing more confidence and actually showing off his shiftiness (hesi move he’s known for) and is making acrobatic contested layups. Davonta looks more explosive and his shooting has improved remarkably. Graves is very quiet personality-wise (think Kawhi Leonard) like usual, but looks ready to lead and his shot looks as spot on as I’ve ever seen it. Savion looks like he was severely underrated because he plays at a freshman Graves level. Grant is being completely overlooked by the media because he has Jeremy Harris scoring potential and shows it on a daily basis. Johnson reminds a lot of Wes Clark. Like a LOT. Hits shots with guys all over him like it’s nothing and is a very athletic rebounder. Williams has improved in every aspect honestly. His shot is falling, and his long arms make him a really difficult matchup to guard. Very athletic dunking on people. Skogman is very talented and has a very smooth 3 point touch but is just a step slow on some plays so he just needs to work on his lateral quickness and he could easily be a frequent double digit scorer. Hardnett is extremely athletic and a very good rim protector as well as showing good slashing sense. Could see a lot of pick and roll alley-oops to him. My biggest surprise along with Brock shining is Mballa. Online, Texas Tech fans said he was a project and needs work but that’s not the case because he looks very impressive. He’s strong, plays excellent perimeter defense (he’s been stealing the ball and poking the ball out even on Jordan and Johnson), and he can hit 3s. Long post I know but all of these players are showing a lot of promise, this is coming from someone who was expecting a severe drop off from last season. Haven’t even seen Nickelberry yet but he figures to also be one of our best players.
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    Ahh yes just what this site needs. Politics
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    Ha. Eat a bag of dicks Kent.
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    You mean the chance to win 12 free medium pizzas isn't enough of a draw to come to the game?
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    After being at the game and coming home to read what was written, you'd think we lost by 20. Some of you have such little faith in the players, coaches and team as a whole. Some of you critique the hell out of the coaching decisions and condemn the players relentlessly so frequently. From being at the game, I saw a lot of effort from every player at all times. Were there defensive breakdowns over 40 minutes? Absolutely. Were there bad shots taken? Yes, but fewer than some of the earlier games this season. Did UB take care of the ball? Most definitely. Did UB turn the other team over often, transitioning into instant offense? Yep. Did the officials over-officiate, causing chaos to the normal rotation in the first half? Yes, it was foul city out there, and inconsistently done. You'd have no idea this team has won 4 straight league games, with the last two in double figures and now face a Kent State team that has lost 3 straight, including a loss to NIU at home, one of which UB was flamed for big time on this board. It's hard to win games in this league. I know that some people have come to expect to win every night after last year's performance, but come on, winning isn't easy and these teams are relatively close in talent, at least to the point where any team can win on a given night, even if some teams are invariably more likely to win versus others. Overall, this team's energy has been much more positive, both on the floor and on the bench. The hanging heads are not shown outwardly. The support for each other appears better. The ball movement and extra pass that we've come to know and love was seen this evening, and I can't say that I've seen it much prior to tonight this season. The defense to offense that we've been able to enjoy in the past few years was also seen tonight. Hopefully this team has turned a corner and can continue to build upon these last 4 wins. All I know is that this team does have talent and is absolutely capable of winning the MAC. Are they a lock to do so? Nope, but they definitely have the roster to do it, and at a much better rate than the other MAC teams.
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    I think any expectations that this team would be as good as last years was wishful thinking at best, so I don't think it's reasonable or useful to compare production loss from last years' team to this years team. We don't need to be last years team beating MAC opponents 15 points a night to win the MAC. The talent level on this roster is good enough to be the best in the MAC - I mean look around the league: would you really want to swap out our roster for any other roster? As for CJ and Perk being ready immediately, as freshmen when UB won the MAC with Nate Oats for the first time Perk contributed 7.6 PPG and 4.3 RPG on 19.1 MPG; CJ was 11.3 points and 4.1 rebounds in 25 minutes. Both excellent contributions but not dissimilar from Williams and Segu this year - sure they're doing it a year later than Perk and CJ but that's comparing 2 of the best players in UB history. Hell you could even argue Mballa as a sophomore is ahead of where Perk was as a sophomore. As a team in 15-16 we averaged 77.6 points, 39.1 rebounds, 12.7 assists, 6.9 steals, 3.6 blocks, and 13.7 turnovers on 43.8% shooting (33.7% from deep). This year we are at 77.9 points, 41.2 rebounds, 16.4 assists, 8.7 steals, 4.4 blocks, 14.1 turnovers on 44.3% shooting (33.4% from deep). Pretty on pace to match that years squad for better or worse. What I don't recall about that years squad was their defensive intensity, something this year seems to sorely be lacking. We have players contributing very similarly to how they contributed in 15-16. We stole a championship that year - it was Akron's to lose and it may be again this year. 15-16 wasn't about having enough bodies to make clutch shots down the stretch, it was about THE clutch shot that Hamilton made to win it all. To achieve what Oats did that year all we really have to do is get hot at the right time. We were sitting at 9-8 in MAC play and 2 games over .500 overall in March of that year and I don't think the MAC as a whole was any better that year than this. It just feels different because of some really dud games against teams we know we should be better than and the fact that we just don't know how this season will end yet.
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    No kid is worthless. I want to see Nickleberry because he’s got another year here. It’s hard to believe that the roster that so recently was touted as the most athletically gifted MAC team, is now viewed as a squad of duds.
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    I've heard this type of talk so much, sorry to reply to you about it...but. Is all we care about making the NCAA tournament now? Because what we're going to win the National Championship or something?? Can we lose every game, win the MAC tourny and it's all good? I'm so tired of this warped attitude that success is only based on how far we get postseason. I sure as hell hope that attitude hasn't infected the team and they think these games don't matter. I don't think it has, but if so why even watch these games then? See you in Cleveland eh? Stringing together high quality seasons, showing pride game in game out, is what this program should be about. Defending Alumni and putting a hurting on every team that walks in the door. Following our players because they're interesting kids who we hope will grow and eventually succeed. Next up is a three game set for local bragging rights. Are we the dominant program in WNY that we all think we are? Time to focus on the now and forget about Cleveland.
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    Anyone see Texas Tech beat the #1 ranked team Louisville tonight? So you know what that means...If DePaul beat Texas Tech and Buffalo beat DePaul, then Buffalo is better than Texas Tech which beat the #1 team in the nation. Basically UB has a case to be the #1 team in the nation.
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    Graves just retweeted someone saying “the grass aint always greener on the other side” ☠️
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    Meh, honestly if he’s not considering us I’m glad he made a list. our coaching staff can move on to someone who is interested in playing at UB, rather than tying up resources on someone who isn’t coming
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    This will be a very hard adjustment for him. When ever he would drive right to the basket he will now have to drive left to the basket.
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    Hey fellas, how about make a new sub thread where you guys can complain about stupid shit elsewhere. This a thread for news about next years schedule. Enough already. Please.
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    It would be great if somehow we were able to schedule a tournament up there next year.....
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    Good morning everyone. I think a commit is on the way, Jenkins tweeted this out just now.
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    RIP the hype 4/23/19-4/23/19
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    If the UB men’s basketball team wins the MAC tournament again next year, I will get Jim Whitesell’s face tattoo’d on my chest to constantly remind me that I was wrong about this hire I fully believe in his coaching ability, I just have my doubts that we will be able to recruit as aggressively as we did with Hodgson
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    Overall this roster is in good shape for next year. Which reiterates my position that Whitesell has some runway. Aka a win now window. Mballa - Was great. Simple said. Beast on the boards. The more he rebounded the more it led to us winning. Going forward would love to see him improve his free throws. And develop a few low post moves. I want to see him in more screen and role. Wlilliams - Made a big time jump from year 1 to 2. Now I want to see more. I want to see him continue to improve his outside shot and work on his right hand dribble. The combination will make him deadly bc defenders wouldn’t be able to sit on his left or play off him. And work on his defense. With his length he could be a better defender. Graves - Graves was Graves this year. We learned who he isn’t. He isn’t Batman. But he’s still a scorer and a leader. Maybe not a vocal one but still will be our senior leader. The more he can refine his all around game the better. Segu - Started off strong and closed out strong. Struggled in the middle. He is likely to be the starting PG and will have big shoes to fill. So we need him to take a big time leap. He needs to get better defensively and if he can refine his pull up game he will be deadly bc of his dribble skills. But more importantly he’s gotta be ready to be our floor general. Gallion - Was an after thought until the final weeks of the season. But he surely impressed. Wasn’t afraid to shoot and could shoot. Maybe just maybe we have a future diamond in the rough. Maybe he can be that vocal floor presence and outside scorer. Hope he makes a solid leap like Williams and Segu did. I wanna see him guard and rebound also. When we win our guards contribute in all stat categories. Hardnett - Started off slow. Was played out of position. But then found his niche before completely disappearing. I need to see more from him. And I realize he’s just a freshman. I don’t know what his game is though. When he was successful he just scored around the basket off second chance opportunities. I wanna see more. He will only be a sophomore. Nickleberry - Perhaps we expected too much from him. Hopefully he’s healed from his concussion. He’s going to be a senior so he needs to grow rapidly. I saw someone who could use both hands to dribble. Hopefully he refines that and just finds a role and becomes a useful contributor. I don’t need him to be a star. But I need more than what we got this season. Bertram - Is what he is. I think he’s been here long enough for us to know his game by now. I won’t be heartbroken if he grad transferred. Otherwise he’s a 10th man off the bench. Big bodied big man if you need to spell 5 minutes. Freeman/Robinson - I will just temper expectations so that we don’t fall into a trap like we did with Nickleberry. My only hope is that they come to UB for 4 years and are the future for this team. I would love for them to contribute next season but can’t depend on it. But hopefully they are backcourt mates for a long time here. Skogram - Really excited about him. Big men take longer to develop and he will be just a freshman but have high hopes for him long term. Hopefully he is good both inside and outside. Will add a nice pick and role or pop dimension to the offense. Could be a good stretch 4. Did I miss anyone? On paper we have a solid team. Great young nucleus. And tons of room for growth and improvement. We could reclaim the MAC in the next year or two. But a lot of that will depend on our PG play and willingness to play defense. Hopefully we get better shooting as well. Better shot selection. I feel that without Grant and Johnson that will be the case. Hopefully the coaching staff learns from their miscalculations this season and gets the best out of this team going forward. We have an open coaching spot let’s fill it. And an open scholarship...let’s get hard at work on that. Sorry for the looong post.
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    This is my first post. I’ve been following this board for a long time, but finally created an account. I’ve been going to games since Coach Weatherspoon took over the program when we hosted NC. I just finished listening to Coach Whitesell on the UB basketball radio show. I like Jim. He seems to be authentic and that’s certainly important quality in life. However passion is just as important IMO and that seems lacking at times with Coach. I was frustrated how satisfied he sounded by just beating Miami on Saturday. Coach Oats set a new standard for our program last year and we seem to have gone back to the old days. We should be blowing these MAC teams out. We probably have the best roster of talent, but not the best team. That’s on Coach. I certainly believe it’s possible to win the MAC tournament, but probably equally possible to lose the first game. Hopefully Coach and his staff can inspire these players to get it done in Cleveland. A little more passion wouldn’t hurt. Go Bulls!
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    Can we just play Segu/Jordan/Graves/Williams/Mballa 40 mins per game?
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    I saw this, and wanted to leave it alone, but now that it's here... Find me one place where Bonaventure is ranked higher or more selective than UB. One. It's okay to admit that you paid more for a less prestigious degree. How many people have we put in space? How many Nobel Laureates have we had teach here? How many Fortune 500 CEOs are part of our alumni base?
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    Am I the only one who doesn’t have any ill will towards Hurley? I know our marriage with him didn’t last long and ended horribly but his hiring got this whole thing rolling. And we trounced them in the tournament last year. To me that was the whole thing coming full circle.
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    These bullfan-on-bullfan attacks are useless. Sure...call him out for saying things like "He's terrible at basketball" if you want (it was over the top), but you are naive if you don't think he meant for you to infer that it was in relation to some standard. I know there are some fans that tend to exaggerate in their frustration. I view it as passionate. We need as many passionate people on the bandwagon as we can get. There are always room for passionate bulls fans.
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    Someone’s beating Bona at their place? That settles it, Ohio must be paying their recruits
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    It takes a while for the next shipment of AOL CDs to make their way to Olean. 500 free hours!
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    I’m currently an undergraduate student at UB and was able to attend 2-3 practices a week during the winter and into the spring sessions. From what I’ve seen, Gabe is definitely one of the most intriguing pieces on this team. He’s able to knock down the 3 consistently, use his frame to score around the basket, and is a much better defender than he gets credit for. There were times during the winter when he was the most competitive guy on the floor, which says a lot for a guy who knows he wasn’t seeing action in a game anytime soon. He may only be 6’6 but he plays much bigger and his physicallity is going to give MAC opponents problems.
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    David Nickelberry 6’7 3 Star Josh Mballa 6’8 3 Star David Skogman 6’10 3 Star LaQuil Hardnett 6’8 3 Star Savion Gallion 6’4 2 Star Wow what a recruiting class the staff has put together. I’m a Whitesell believer now. With the players returning and this recruiting class, the future still looks bright. I had my doubts about whitesell, but it looks like he put together a great staff that’s helping him get it done on the recruiting trail. I’m anxious to see what Whitesell, Jenkins, and the crew can do with the 2020 class...
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    Committed. Good scoop @trueblue32 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwh35s0BjT_
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    Our search wasn't the disaster that St. John's is in the midst of, but I would argue it was poorly executed. We hired an internal candidate after a significant delay. Our recruiting class bailed during this transition- aside from Andre Allen, the decisions were announced deliberately, well into the search. A more decisive move to ensure continuity (Whitesell or He Who Won't Be Named) may have prevented some of the defections. Our coaching hire was announced on the Saturday of the Final Four. The press conference was Monday. This prevented any appreciable networking/interviewing of assistant coaches at the prime event for such wheeling and dealing each year. As such, we are still down an assistant coach, and just hired our second. It also prevented us from regaining any recruiting momentum (hired during a dead period). Lastly, we wasted resources hiring a search firm only to select an internal candidate. This, alone, is damning. IMO, the decision (internal vs. external) needed to have been made months prior. Oats was walking- we all listened to "Gonzaga of the East" but he always added "leave for stupid money." Stupid money was surely coming this off-season. ADMA was not prepared. Love that Whitesell has the support of our returning players. I will accept the supposition that he is a superior basketball mind to Hodgson. Time will tell if he was the right selection. But the coaching search was poorly executed and cost us precious momentum, even if he ultimately proves to be the right man for the job.
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    Segu posted to his Instagram today a thank you to Hodgson. In it he says “rooting for y’all unless y’all play us”. I like the sound of that
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    This is nonsense. We aren’t Kennesaw State or Stetson. We’ve made the tournament 4 out of 5 years, have a great current roster, and are a launching pad for coaches into 7 figure salaries. I’m sorry if I’m being an ass but this “no one wanted the job” narrative is garbage
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    However it went down this statement is a week too late.
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    Ok buddy, maybe your world is all about dollars. I know that is the way that most people look at it. Maybe that is why she is leaving. Maybe she is upset that more wasn't done to promote her program. I don't know what it is, but additionally I can't say for certain that we have done enough to try to keep these coaches here either. We gave them a raise, yippee. They earned it. They won games. They put more asses in seats than in year's past also. No matter what raise UB offered them, a "big program" easily can afford more, and has snatched them away. Could there have been more done for them, beyond a raise here that isn't comparable to another place? Could 500-1000 more people at each of the women's games made her feel that it was worthwhile to be here, versus go for more money and have less support? As for the "MAC IS A STEPPING STONE", I hear you. If I could sign up for a new coach every 3 years who will have the success of the past 2, making the NCAA tourney 2/3 years, winning a game or two along the way, I'd sign up for it. Surely, I'd rather have someone long term who could continue that pattern, but okay, I'll buy in to the stepping stone for a moment. How many "good" coaches do you think we can hit on? Can we hit a home run each time like we did the past two? Everyone hires who they feel is the best. Some are great like Nate/FLJ. Some are mediocre, like Reggie. Some are less than that. If we don't hit a home run with the next men's and women's coach that walks in the door, every single bit of the momentum is lost and we are back to the "Reggie days" or the "Dozier days". Our women's program had several misses prior to FLJ. I don't wish to sit in the stands among a couple hundred people anymore. I enjoyed the 2k-3k people at many games this year. I support UB athletics (basketball especially as I greatly enjoy it and have for 20+ years) and get quite tired of the same rhetoric spewed by UB fans saying "we can't" and "we won't" because of one reason or the next. We no kidding we can't or won't if we don't even try. I don't consider giving raises with buyouts that equal 15% of the term of the contract "trying". I don't consider 0 promotions for students during the MAC season for women's basketball "trying". I don't work for UB. I am not a millionaire who can donate 7 figures annually. I'm a "regular person" with a "regular job" who loves his school and teams, and in turn, loves those who are a part of it. I'm happy to donate annually. If everyone who played sports at the school and/or graduated from the school donated even $100 annually, we wouldn't have to worry about low-balling a contract offer, because we'd have more than enough to pay anything. When they leave, a piece of me leaves too. It's why I got tired of hearing about "metrics" all season long. Why haven't I heard that word in the last week? Because it didn't matter. It never did. 31 wins in the regular season mattered, and we were still a 6 seed. Maybe that's why he left. How much better can a team do than 31 freaking wins, yet still get slighted with a 6 seed. Maybe getting only 2 MAC teams in, and getting set up against UCONN and ND in the 2nd round for those teams, not getting a 100% deserving Ohio team into the tournament, maybe that's why FLJ says that it can't be done here. Maybe it's all about the Benjamins. Regardless, I wish to support these teams. Ok, rant over. I'm just sad to see 2 people who have been here for 6 years and made many hours of my life better, leave. We're better off having had them here, but I will absolutely miss them and their families. I simply hope that we can hit those home runs and build/maintain recent success. If not, it will become a very dark set of days for UB athletics. I'm hopeful, always the optimist, but also the realist.
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    And hiring someone with head coaching experience is more valuable than someone who has never lead a program. And yes, I would say being a head coach of a national level high school program, qualifies someone as having head coach experience. Nate had the experience. Hodgson doesn't. He is a huge gamble. That's what Hodgson did when he got on the private Jet with Nate. He wasn't focused on the Buffalo job or the Buffalo team. He was looking at the assistant coaching job. He wasn't pathologic in his desire to lead Buffalo. A coach that walks away from Fort Wayne to compete for National Titles at Michigan State is someone who wants to one day win their own National Championships. Otherwise, we would only be talking about coaches like John Beilein--who has neve been an assistant coach. If being a head coach is so great, Hodgson would have put his name in for Niagara or somewhere else that was still a reach for him. That's what someone with a pathological focus on a title would do. He has not shown he wants to be at Buffalo. He would have never went to Alabama if he did. He deserted the team when they were in crisis. He leaked to the media that he wants the job and that the team will be decimated if they don't hire him. He has shown a lack of character. He hasn't been working for UB--who is paying him--since Nate left. You call it a power play but I see it as much more. It is unscrupulous. And I believe that his recruiting and coaching is likely the same. I don't want someone like that in the program. I want people with class who can win the right way. Fife would be a great hire. So would Lanier. And many others. I am over Hodgson.
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    Because it's UB's lot in life, to be a stepping stone program. And as long as we're all being honest about it that's fine. But Oats was really spinning yarns about staying until that "dream job" opened up. And I assumed "dream job" meant a blue blood program or UW or Marquette, someplace near his home. And even then, I understand. You don't sneeze at $2.4MM/yr and the chance to run a P5 program. But is ghosting the school, fans and players the way to go about it? Like ButlerAlumDad said, you can leave with class or you can leave like you are escaping a hostage situation. I thought better of him.
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